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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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The Wedding Files: The Bridal Shower

Welcome to 'The Wedding Files', a brand new series all about my wedding! Because I am planning on sharing a few different posts after the wedding I thought it was only right that I did it as a series. So welcome to the first post in my wedding series, all about my Bridal Shower (with a couple of ideas of what you could do for your bridal shower)!

The other weekend I had my Bridal Shower and I had the best time. I had no say or no input into the Bridal Shower, my bridesmaids organised it all for me. I had no idea what to expect (besides that it was a high tea). Safe to say they did a wonderful job.

My bridal shower was a high tea at the beautiful Hyatt hotel. I love a good high tea - champagne, tea, little delicious treats and good company. What is not to love? I had a fairly small high tea with 15 lovely ladies (both family and friends), and we just sat around eating, drinking and catching up. It was just a wonderful afternoon. My beautiful bridesmaids did also plan a couple of things for the afternoon to keep things interesting and it was so sweet.

We were set up on a couple of tables towards the back of the high tea room (right next to the desserts, hell yaaaaas!) and the girls had a lovely sign to say that it was my bridal shower, they tied balloons to my chair, put some flowers on the table and then had an adorable little bars of soap at each chair as a little favour for all the ladies to take home. It was such a sweet idea and they smell AMAZING! I have had a couple of my friends tell me how much they (and their partners) have been loving the soap. 

As for little 'activities' for the day there were two little activities for everyone to get involved in on the day. The first one was a 'How well do you know Laura and Dave?' questionnaire. There were questions about our birthdays, when we met, how he proposed, what my shoe size is, and other things like that. It was very interesting to see who knew the most about us (surprise, no one got 100% haha). The other little activity was a 'Date Jar'. Essentially it is exactly what it is says it is. It was a jar with a paddle pop sticks and everyone wrote down a date idea on the paddle pop stick for us. So, on those days where we want to go on a bit of a date but have no idea what to do, we can just pull one of the paddle pop sticks out. It's just such a cute little idea!

The last thing to talk about was the gifts! My sister texted me a month or so before the bridal shower asking me what I wanted my 'gift theme' to be. Gift theme?! I had no idea what I wanted my gift theme to be. First off, we'd just finished our wedding gift registry so we didn't really need anything else. Also, everyone coming also had to pay for their high tea, so I didn't want them spending much more on me (or anything really). I had a bit of a search through Pinterest on bridal shower gift ideas. I found a few different ideas (which you can find later) but the idea I loved the most was a plant theme. Dave is a big green thumb. While I am not a big green thumb (I kill succulents and cactuses...) I have been loving plants lately and I am getting better! After cleaning out our massive mint bush from the garden we wanted to fill it with some new plants. Hence why the plant gift idea seemed like a good idea (plus it didn't have to be too expensive for the guests either). I also liked the idea of people sharing a favourite recipe with us as well, as we both love to cook. So came the theme 'From Garden to Plate'. Some of the lovely gifts:

All in all, it was an amazing day and our garden is now looking glorious and happy! If you are planning your bridal shower and want some ideas of what to do, here are some:

Bridal Shower Ideas:

1. A delicious high tea (or tea party!)
2. A picnic high tea (or just a plain afternoon tea picnic)
3. A floral party - create bouquets or flower crowns and a table centre piece. Either way, it's a fun afternoon with friends!
4. A classy backyard BBQ.
5. Walk down memory lane - set up a spot with photos of the couple (or just the bride). Have family and friends share memories or photos to have set up at the bridal shower. 
6. A vintage pool party (that actually sounds amazing...)
7. Baking party - go for a cooking lesson or hold one at your house where you all get together and cook.
8. Yoga! (Fitness followed by breakfast?)
9. Slumber party - enough said. Think face masks, girly movies and wine.
10. A glamping trip - camping for the girls that don't want to really be out in nature!  

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas:

1. Recipes - people bring along their favourite recipe to share with the bride.
2. Plants - for the bride that loves to garden!
3. Stock the Bar - bring along your favourite bottle of wine (or spirit) to stock the happy couples bar!
4. Travel voucher - if they have the travel bug why not start a voucher for their honeymoon or just their next trip. 
5. Cooking essentials - do they love to cook? Why not stock their kitchen with some cooking essentials (measuring spoons, mixer, baking bowls etc.) and even some cookbooks.


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