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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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If Money Was No Issue Wishlist : Sephora Edition

In an effort to save more, I am currently doing a no/low buy. It doesn’t mean I can’t window shop! So, naturally, I am going to share my wishlist with you (so if you want to buy me a present you know what to choose of course!)

The Book Wrap Up : Vol VIII

Yes! Your favourite post is back! It’s time for another Book Wrap Up. It’s going to be a shorter one (I think) than the last couple because you’ve been pestering, probably because you want some recommendations for isolation (understandably). So here they are!

If Money Was No Issue Wishlist : Mecca Edition

In a recent Instagram live, a few of you requested that I do a wish list for all my favourite beauty stores, with the mindset of money being no issue. So that’s exactly what I’ve done! This week I went for a window shop of three of my favourite online beauty stores so that I could share with you my ultimate beauty wishlist. Today we are focussing in on Mecca!

Wash Away The Day : Good Molecules Clarify and Cleanse Bar

Looking for something different to wash away the day? Something easy and non-stripping that also doesn’t add lots of bottles to your bathroom? This Good Molcules product might be the one for you.

Current Skincare Routine : Evening Edition

Welcome back to another skincare routine post! You all wanted to know about my current skincare routine, so here it is! Today we are talking all about my evening skincare routine.

Current Skincare Routine : Morning Edition

I recently asked on my Instagram what you wanted to see on my blog and got almost radio silence (thanks guys...), but the one post that WAS requested was for my current skincare routine, so here is part one - my morning edition.

I have found the secret to smooth skin!

Did the title catch you? Well it’s true. I’ve found the secret and I’m ready to share it and the full review now. If you are finding that your skin is dull, lacklustre and in need of a bit of a boost, then this product is going to be the one for you.

Eleven Australia : Affordable Salon Haircare

Hello! It’s me! Did you forget that I existed? Probably, but I am back now. I should probably start my blog posts with more engaging comments that draw you in, but here I am just rambling aimlessly. But let’s get into it - today we are chatting all things Eleven Australia!

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