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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Benefit Cosmetics New Brow Range

I was super excited to receive an email this week to say I had been chosen as a part of the Benefit Brow Squad, which meant I got to receive some of the new brow products as an early release. Only disappointing thing...I am overseas, so I had to get my boyfriend to pick them up and I won't get …

Time to fly away

It's finally that time! Six months of organising, waiting and anticipating I'm finally sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to be called so I can sit for another 16 hours. I promise you I'm excited (even with the prospect of having to stay awake for another 3 hours...)!!!

With th…

Bitchin Skin

I love body scrubs...there is something so relaxing about scrubbing away life and just getting rid of those impurities (taking your anger out on your skin in a weekly exfoliation, 2 birds with one stone!!!) I've tried them all - coffee, salt and sugar - but matcha? I had not tried that...not be…

In-Flight Essentials

The worst thing about flights is how awful your skin can look and feel when you arrive at your destination. With my long-haul flight coming up, I decided it was important to plan how I would look after my skin this time around. After much research (talking to my beauty friends!) and experimentation…

Go-To Skincare

Ever since it launched I have been fascinated by Go-To Skincare and intrigued by the quick witted slogans and website. I loved ZoĆ« Foster Blake's books so I was pumped when she released her own skincare line. Recently a friend gifted my a few Go-To Skincare products to try to help fix my dry, i…

The Body Shop At Home

I am a Body Shop lover, and have been for a long time! Last year a friend of mine convinced me to run a Body Shop at Home Party. You can party with Body Shop at Home?! That was my initial thoughts too! I've just had my second party, last Friday, and wanted to share the fun that I had with you g…

Feelunique Haul!!

Ever since she first started her youtube channel, I have been a hugeeee fan of Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg), and when I heard she was releasing her new 'Sweet Inspirations' beauty range I had to have it! The packaging was so cute and all the bath products!!! (*drooool*) So that's exactly what …

May Favourites

It's that time of the month again! Favouritesssss! I have some make up and skincare and haircare, plus a little extra favourites section at the bottom!! So lets get to it!

Make Up
Sleek Make Up Face Form Contouring Kit$22 - So I won this as a prize from Sleek Make Up Australia earlier on in May a…

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