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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Award Winning Natural Deodorant

Schmidt Geranium Dedorant

I don't know about you, but I have never used a natural deodorant that has worked. Usually they smell kind of ok and are easy to apply, but don't really last all day. If you do any form of exercise or it's just a hot day, you wind up smelling awful by the end of the day. Well I wound up trying another deodorant, which I picked up a month or so ago and thought I'd let you know whether this 'award winning' deodorant really works!

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts with Lush

Lush Superhero Dad Bath Bomb
Image courtesy of Lush Aus

Did you realise that next weekend is Father's Day? I may have conveniently forgotten as I do every year (sorry Dad...). Lush is coming to the rescue with some last minute Father's Day gift ideas. Move over socks and jocks, get dad something a bit different this Father's Day. They have options for the dad who has a keen interest in beauty, all the way through to those who probably have no idea what a moisturiser does.

Bella Box x Benefit

Bellabox x Benefit

Bellabox has been absolutely killing it with their limited edition boxes lately. Collaborating with Vogue, a Skincare for Tweens Box, and most recently a Limited Edition Nourished Life box! Well, I think their latest box takes the cake. Introducing the Bella x Benefit* Limited Edition box.

New From Rimmel London

New Releases From Rimmel

Rimmel London has had lots of exciting new releases recently. I've been a little slack in keeping up with them, but thought it was about time I did a little post about some of the latest, and some of my favourites!!

Relax, Revive and Recover with Scrubba Body

You know how much I love having a relaxing bath and if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know how much I love Scrubba Body. Now two of my favourite things have come together, with Scrubba Body releasing Soaking Salts.

The Secret To Glowing, Luminous Skin!

Designer Brands Luminous Foundation

It's what we all want at the moment - glowing, luminous skin. It's all the rage right now and I don't know about you, but I am all for this trend! However, my dry and flaky skin has been holding me back from getting that natural glow. That is, until now...

Do you want my secret? I'm sure the picture has given it away, but keep reading for more details ;)

Sigma Dimensional Brushes Vol. 1

Sigma Dimensional Brushes Vol. 1

Sigma knows how to do unique, but good quality brushes. With a number of cult classic brushes, the ones that we cannot live without. Now, they are starting to branch out with brushes you would never have expected to see. Today I want to talk about two of those unique brushes.

Wedding Hair and Make Up Inspiration

Wedding Hair Inspiration

Simple, understated beauty. That is my current motto for wedding hair and make up. After all my recent beauty master classes, I want to enhance my own natural beauty. Gone are the days of bouncy up-do's, mountains of curls and shimmery pink cheeks. Now it's about relaxed, textured hair with contouring and lashes. Keep reading to see some of my inspiration for both hair and make up for my wedding.


JORD Watch

Needing a stylish way to tell the time? Well I have found the watch for you! 

Despite all the growing technology I am still a sucker for a analogue watches. Probably because I don't need all those flashy extra things when my phone already has all of those.

Buddha and The Drag Queen

By David

There’s an ancient story of the Buddha and his disciples sitting under a giant willow. To begin the day’s teaching, the Buddha gazed at his disciples, he noticed they were eager to learn, hungry to catch his wisdom. The Buddha sighed, looked to the ground, and pulled a flower from the ground. Holding up the flower to his disciples, the Buddha remained silent…
the disciples were confused… except one…

My Top Picks From Sigma Beauty

I have been newly introduced to Sigma Beauty. I have heard nothing but good reviews on the Sigma Brushes, but didn't even realise that they did more than brushes! I have been using a few different bits and pieces and wanted to share some of my favourites with you!

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