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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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The Ultimate Pantry Make Over

The time has come for one of my most anticipated and exciting blog posts so far (I think...), the pantry reveal!!! If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that we have recently moved and as part of the move, I decided to re-do my pantry. Well it's now time for show it off!

I have had a lot of questions regarding my make over, so I am hoping that I will address them all in this post, but please feel free to leave me any questions in the comments if I miss anything at all.

I have to start by crediting the AMAZING The Violet Collective who basically set this in motion for me. A simple message on Instagram telling me she'd love to help with some labels and I finally had the pantry of my dreams coming to reality.

The biggest question about all of this was the cost, because as I am sure anyone who has looked into it would know, it's not a cheap process. I researched and looked at all sorts of different containers from IKEA and Kmart to online stores in order to find something I wanted that was practical and give me the 'aesthetic' look I was also hoping for. I ended up finding almost all of my jars on eBay from a store that sold them in bulk. I bought a total of 82 jars, which cost me around $400 total (though I managed some discount codes to make it cheaper and used ShopBack to help as well, meaning I will get some additional money back that way). The Violet Collective has pantry label packs starting from $20 as well, though you can also do custom labels.

Let's start by talking jars. I really wanted glass jars with bamboo lids. While I know these aren't practical for everyone, I love the aesthetic of them for my pantry (and let's be real, I am making it over for aesthetic first and foremost). You can get plastic containers as well if you look for them. I bought all of my jars from an eBay store called Dollars Warehouse, which stocks all sorts of home wares. Before starting the process, I went through my pantry as it was and worked out all the products I needed jars for and what sizes I was wanting for. I ended up going for seven different sizes (six of which I got from eBay) - 1800ml, 1000ml, 750ml, 610ml, 345ml and 200ml. Their shipping time was amazing. I had all 50 something jars from them within two days of ordering, a feat I was quite impressed with.

For my spice jars, I really struggled to find the exact size and shape I wanted. I ended up ordering a set of 24 jars from Little Label Co. While they were exactly what I wanted, I honestly wouldn't purchase from them again. The shipping cost me $30 and took about a week to be posted (without any personalisation on them). While I know that a lot people wouldn't bat an eyelid at this, I just found the massive shipping cost and slow shipping times didn't add up to me. I do love the jars though, so it worked out in the end. I stored all of the spice jars, and some of the 200ml jars, on two 3 tier Bamboo shelves from Kmart, which makes it easy to see everything.

Then it was the fun bit, the labels! I emailed The Violet Collective a massive list of labels to fit my jars and she was amazing about it all. I chose the font as well from the selection on her website, which has something for every style. Then everything was customised for me and had them in my hot little hands within 2 weeks. When the arrived they were easy to apply - I just used a card from my wallet (thanks Medicare!) to rub over the label, before peeling off the backing and applying it to the jar. Then I used the card to rub over the label again before removing the clear adhesive. I had some slight problems with my first couple, but after a quick Instagram chat, I was reassured and off on my way (amazing customer service!!) They were all done within the hour and ready to pack into the pantry. When I worked out which jars I was missing, she was also super quick in doing the last couple and sending them through.

Now, the next big question was - what about all the excess product? I am not about waste, so I absolutely kept any little bit of excess to add to the jars as they start to empty. All of these packets are now kept in one of my white Kmart boxes on the top shelf. The other box contains any other cooking stuff we need - sachets, taco shells, pasta or noodles for example. Then we keep liquid stock and other bits we use for cooking in the white basket on the end. All the other baking bits and bobs goes in the smaller box, next to the chocolate box (yes we have a box dedicated for chocolate). I have two more medium baskets that contain all the excess tea and the snacks (biscuits, chips, nuts etc.). The other useful thing I picked up were a couple of the Bamboo Drawer's from Kmart. These hold all of our oils and salts.

The last part, which is not connected to the pantry in anyway, but I do love as well, was in the laundry. I picked up the Dual Drink Dispenser from Kmart, which now houses our softener and detergent. The Violet Collective also helped out with the labels on these as well.

I am SO happy with the final result of the pantry, it brings me so much joy to open and use, and has been way more practical than our small pokey pantry with bits scattered everywhere. While it is pricey to set up, I think it will pay off for us in the long run and hopefully help us to reduce on some of our waste. I am planning on looking into our local whole food store, where you can take your jars in to refill, in the hope to aid this as well.

If you do have any other questions on the make over, please let me know. And make sure you head over and check out The Violet Collective, who do all sorts of personalised items, from pantry labels, to gifts, signs, baby items and weddings. I cannot recommend them enough!!



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