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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Never Have A Less Than Perfect Hair Day | Living Proof

All I want is to have a perfect hair day every day. The kind of perfect hair day that you have when you walk out of the hair dresser, with the softest and shiniest hair possible. I am on a bit of a haircare kick at the moment, and loving it. It led me to picking up some Living Proof haircare from Mecca recently (the first of what seems like a lot of beauty purchases and pick ups related to haircare recently)...

 I have only picked up two products from the range, the Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Perfect Hair Day Conditioner, and after using them for a decent amount of time, I thought it was time to share my thoughts.

Perfect Hair Day Shampoo | from $18

Improve the health of your locks with this sulfate and silicone free shampoo formula that works both instantly and over time. A repairative shampooing formula that promotes healthy-looking hair both instantly and over time. With continued use, the Perfect Hair Day Shampoo allows you to wash your hair less often.

I have quite oily hair, and finding shampoo that helps to keep my hair feeling and looking clean can be a challenge. I am trying to wash my hair less to try and train my hair to produce less oil, but it is hard with working out most days. So many shampoos end up just making my hair look more oily. Not this one though. I am so bloody impressed with it.

I am a lather, rinse and repeat kind of girl - as I read Zoe Foster Blake say once, the first shampoo is to help remove dirt and grime from the day, the second is to actually clean your hair. I find I only need a small amount to get a good lather going, and my hair is left feeling so damn clean. Clean, but not stripped at all. Using it in conjunction with the conditioner also helps to keep shine and hydration going. I have also found that it helps my hair feel cleaner for longer, meaning that I am also feeling like I have to wash my hair less. It definitely is the 'Perfect Hair Day' shampoo!

Perfect Hair Day Conditioner | from $18

Say hello to perfect hair - everyday, with this super lightweight and nourishing conditioner infused with Living Proof's signature Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) for hydrated, shiny and healthy locks. This game changer in the world of conditioner provides healthy and hydrated hair with a weightless feel.

Much like the shampoo, I am absolutely loving this conditioner. I am not super fussy when it comes to conditioners, as long as it leaves my hair feeling hydrated and soft, then it is a win for me. This does that and more! A small amount (20 cent coin size) massaged through the mid lengths and ends (I avoid my roots because of the oiliness in my hair) and left in for a couple of minutes is all you need. I Once I have left it my hair for a few minutes, I comb it through before rinsing out. It instantly leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. It rehydrates my ends, while also helping increase shine. It is so lightweight as well, which means my extremely thick hair does not feel heavy at all. 

I have been very impressed with both of these hair products. Together they are a might team that leave my hair looking and feeling amazing. If you are the type of person who doesn't love strongly scent hair care, then these would work perfectly for you. They have a slight scent, but nothing strong that lasts in your hair for ages. It does leave your hair feeling so clean and soft, my hair has been shinier since I started using these, but not oilier. It is a fail safe duo that I know will make my hair look and feel amazing no matter what, and I think we all need haircare like that in my life. I have noticed that my hair is lasting longer between washes as well. It's basically the perfect duo. I haven't found anything negative to say about these, and that is huge!  I have also discovered that you can get them in a 710mL size and I will definitely be repurchasing those when I run out.

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