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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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The Book Wrap Up : 2019 Vol II

It's always in my book posts that I seem to talk about how fast the year is going. It's probably because I used to do these every month. So it still seems appropriate to make a comment about the fact that we are a third of the way through 2019. Yes....a whole third. But enough about that, let's talk about books.

As I mentioned in my first book post this year, I haven't been reading quite as much this year, which is why my book posts aren't as frequent any more. HOWEVER, March and April have picked up a little bit. I read some really good books during this time and just kind of smashed them out. Let's have a look.

Since the 28th of February I have read 10 books, which is pretty good if you ask me!

Not Bad People : Brandy Scott*

On New Year’s Eve three friends - Melinda, Aimee and Lou - let three lanterns filled with resolutions for the year to come. After they float off, there’s a bright flare in the distance. Fireworks are happening, so the ladies think nothing of it. The next day, newspapers report a plane crash with two victims, a father and his young son. Were their lanterns responsible for the tragic accident? Or was something more sinister happening? Aimee thinks they are, Melinda won’t accept it, and Lou has problems of her own. As the women battle with the truth, their lives with unfurl before them.

An absolutely brilliant book! It was a release I was very excited about and I was not left disappointed. Usually the endings of these sorts of books are easy to pick up from early on. This one, however, was not. The best part about the book was how the tension seemed to build throughout. There was no point where I wanted to put it down because I was sick of the waffle in the middle. It constantly kept you on your toes, adding more drama into the mix - but real life drama, not the over the top drama you get sick off. You get sucked into each of the ladies lives, not wanting their story to end, all while hearing snippet’s of what the father is going through post crash. So well written! Would highly recommend!

Book Depository | Dymocks | QBD

The Escape Room : Megan Goldin*

“Welcome to the Escape Room. Your goal is simple - get out alive”.

Vincent, Jules, Sam and Sylvie are high flyers in the Wall Street finance industry. They’re ruthless, ambitious and won’t let anyone stand in the way of their billion dollar deals. When they get drawn into the elevator escape room, tempers fly and the darkest secrets come out. Will they make it out alive?

One of the best thrillers I have read in a long time! I have cut back on reading thrillers recently, but I was enticed by this one and was not disappointed. The Escape Room was written brilliantly. It constantly keeps you guessing, adding in new facts and things that will shock you in each chapter. While you think you know the whole story, you will been kept on your toes and guessing the whole time. I love that it jumps from the elevator to events that happen in the past to feed you different pieces of information. Basically it was so good and I couldn’t put it down and I finished it in two days. Absolutely loved it. 

Book Depository | Dymocks | QBD

The Marble Collector : Cecelia Ahern

When Sabrina stumbles upon a mysterious collection of her fathers possessions, she discovers a whole world she didn’t know existed. The familiar man she grew up with, suddenly a stranger. She sets out to find all the answers she can as to who her father really was.

Such a beautiful book! I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up, but I’m so glad I did because it’s beautiful! Tells the story of childhood fun, lies, deception and learning to be true to yourself. It’s so well written, bouncing from different stories and times to give you ever insight you need into the lives of Sabrina, her father and his family. It breaks your heart and then puts back together again. One of my favourites for 2019!

Book Depository | Dymocks | QBD

Sleeping Together : Kitty Cook*

Ness isn’t sleeping. She’s having nightmares. About babies. Her husband Pete is wanting to talk about starting a family. And how’s she’s having nightmares. When she catches her coworker, Altan, stealing pills from their drug trials he decides that she should try some to see if she can get a good nights sleep. The side effects of Morpheum include headaches and nausea. Oh and possibly mind melding, as Altan and Ness quickly discover. While she is getting great sleep, and having AMAZING dreams, the stress of having two men in her life, trying to decide if she wants a baby, oh and her terrible boss, are starting to weight on her. Is Morpheum really all it’s cracked up to be?

Ok let me start by saying this - I FLIPPING LOVED THIS BOOK! I couldn’t put it down (I actually fell asleep reading it one night because I didn’t want to stop). It is so well written, flipping from Ness to Altan’s journal and back, and always leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen next. It draws you in to Ness’s story, to the point where you are rooting for her to make particular decisions and you are also getting confused about what really is reality. Malcolm will make you angry, you’ll want to learn more about Altan and have your heart broken for Sam. It is fantastic and I honestly cannot recommend this book enough!

Book Depository

The Nowhere : Chris Gill* (coming June 2019)

Two boys. Two farms. One deadly secret.

When Seb moves to The Nowhere with his father and brother, he didn’t imagine his life would turn out the way it did. Each day, exactly the same. Work on the farm, in the blistering sun, dream of a different life. A better life.

Until one day a new family moves in next door. Seb thinks his luck might have just changed. Could Jake, the enigmatic boy with a dangerous glint in his eye, be his ticket out of The Nowhere?

An absolutely brilliant novel! I was already won over by the beautiful, minimalist cover, but it was a book that I could just not put down. The story jumps from present day to past, as Seb battles with his demons and who he is. With Jake coming to visit him again, all these dark demons and the big secret he has been suppressing come bubbling back up. Such a beautiful, coming of age novel, that highlights the challenges of growing up LGBT+ in a place that suppresses freedom.

As for the secret, well I had no idea that was coming. Looking back, I should’ve picked up on it, but I had no idea this story would play out in the way that it did, leaving the impact that it did on all involved. It was just written in such a creative way that you never saw it coming until it was too late.

Cannot recommend this book enough, make sure you grab one when it comes out!!

Book Depository 

Lost Without You : Rachael Johns*

Four women, one dress, and a secret that will bind them all.

Paige is getting married, though her joy quickly falls away as her mother, Rebecca, collapses during the speeches of her book launch. From this, Paige comes up with a plan to hunt down and wear her mother’s dress when she walks down the aisle, to show her mother how much she means to her.

Another absolutely brilliant book from Rachael Jones. while it didn’t leave me with the heartbreak that The Greatest Gift did, it left full of all the warm fuzzies. As the story unfolds and the secrets come out, you can help but fall in love with all four women, wanting to know all the stories and hoping they will all end up ok in the end.

Would highly highly highly recommend this if you’re after a lovely, light hearted read that reminds you of the important things in life.

Book Depository | Dymocks | QBD

I Invited Her In : Adele Parks*

A gripping tale of friendship and betrayal. When Mel hears from her long lost friend, Abi, following her divorce, she immediately invited her to stay with them. The two girls were best friends at uni, until Mel’s unplanned pregnancy mean that she had to drop out. Now, seventeen years later, Mel is happily married with two more kids, while Abi has just had a bitter divorce. As Abi comes to stay, Mel’s dreams of being young again come back. But there’s a secret. A secret big enough to tear everyone apart.

A really good book! Once I hit about the half way mark I couldn’t put it down, I stayed up until to almost 2am finishing it off - I just had to know what happened. I will admit, I was really angry for most of the second half, at most of the characters. I don’t know if this was intended or not, but Adele’s writing just manipulates your thoughts on the characters brilliantly. It leaves you wanting to throw things, scream and yell, but also feeling heartbroken and sad. Would highly recommend!

Book Depository | Dymocks | QBD 

How Do You Like Me Now? : Holly Bourne

Who the f*** is Tori Bailey?! There is no doubt that she is winning the game of life. A best selling author, she has inspired millions of women to live their best life, all while living in the perfect relationship. Only it’s not. Her long-term boyfriend won’t even talk about marriage, let alone kids. And when her best friend falls in love and becomes pregnant, she starts to realise how bad things really are. It’s time for Tori to practice what she preached. But is she brave enough to do it?

An honest and real book that I absolutely loved. There are so many romance books out there that just talk about finding the perfect guy and falling in love with them. But what happens after?! What happens when you get stuck in a shitty relationship going nowhere?! This book explores all those challenges - the challenges of not wanting to leave, of working out what you want from life and from yourself. It’s raw and honest and I think perfect for the modern woman. So well written - it makes you laugh and cry in all the best ways. Part of me hopes there’s a sequel so we can find out what happens next to Tori Bailey. 

Book Depository | Dymocks | QBD 

Two Can Keep a Secret : Karen M McManus

Ellery has never been to Echo Ridge, but she’s heard all about it. Heard of the two girls who went missing, one of whom was her aunt. Where the other, five years ago, resulted in an unsolved murder of a homecoming queen. When Ellery and her twin brother have to move to Echo Ridge to live with her grandmother, she puts on her investigative hat.

Malcolm grew up in the shadow of the Homecoming Queen’s death, where his brother was suspect number 1. No one has forgotten his brother and no one trusts him now.

When another homecoming queen disappears, it seems history is repeating itself and the answers may be closer to home than expected.

Another brilliantly written book by Karen M McManus. It keeps you guessing until the last second, where even I didn’t expect it to Unfold the way it did. I will admit, I found it a bit slow at times, particularly in the middle third of the book. But the beginning and the end hooked me in enough that I was right there with Ellery trying to find all the answers, while she discovers more about who she is.

Book Depository | Dymocks | QBD

Meat Market : Juno Dawson (coming May 2019)

The heroine of the novel, Jana Novak, is a girl from a south London estate. Despite being uncomfortable with her looks she is unexpectedly scouted and catapulted to fashion superstardom. The industry is, however, as grimy as it is glamorous and there are unexpected predators at every turn.

I was so bloody impressed with this book. I smashed through it in one day, which for me at the moment is super quick. Once I started, I just couldn't put it down. It explores the world of modelling through the eyes of a young, sixteen year old girl. She gets scouted and then is thrust into the world of fashion and glamour. What seems super exciting and glamorous actually as a dark side. With comments made about her appearance and changes having to be made if she wants to continue to book shows and shoots. Then there is the actual stress of being part of fashion week and all the other shoots and shows she books. It's raw, it's honest and it's a little bit heartbreaking. So well written, Juno Dawson just smashes it yet again. I cannot recommend this book enough!!

Book Depository | Dymocks 

So there ends another Book Wrap up. I have to say there were some really good books in this months wrap up. Meat Market is absolutely phenomenal and while it's aimed at teens, I would honestly recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

What bookd have you read recently? I'd love to hear any of your recommendations! Let me know in the comments below xx

*DISCLAIMER – Products with * have been sent for trial/review purposes. Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.
**This post contains affiliated links.


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