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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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I got married!!

As most of you will know by now, I got married! Two months ago exactly. I was wanting to share all the details about my wedding, but wanted to wait until I'd let it sink in (and of course until we got the professional photos!) However, it is now time to share. So keep reading to find out all the details about my wedding day.
We got married on one of the coldest days in May. The week leading up to the big day was beautiful, until the Friday...when it was so damn windy and FREEZING! Luckily, the rain held off on Saturday and it was just cold. In saying that, it was still one of the best days of my life! So grab a snack, it's going to be a long one!

We visited a few different venue options when we were deciding where to get married, but our heart was kind of decided after the first option. We visited the Parlour Wine Room shortly after getting engaged and loved it! Full disclosure, the owner of the Parlour is family, but it did not sway our decision at all. The Parlour had the perfect character that we wanted - relaxed, fun and quirky. Everything that Dave and I are. We decided on having the ceremony out the front of Parlour, in front of the Nishi Gallery, under the most gorgeous tree. This was followed by the reception inside the Parlour. We didn't do the traditional sit down dinner, instead opting for a more casual cocktail style dinner. Meaning people could sit where they liked and dance to their hearts content. 

Parlour: 16 Kendall Lane, New Acton ACT

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I am going to jump in next with our photographer, who is behind all of the beautiful photos you are going to see in this post. Choosing the photographer was so important for me. The photos are what we will have forever and I wanted to love them. The photographer(s) was also the person who we would spend the most amount of time with on the day, so we had to get along with them. The photographers we had on our wedding day were Dan and Maria from Keepsakephoto by the Keeffes. We met Dan and Maria at a wedding fair early last year and Dave got along with Dan like a house on fire that I knew it had to be them. Their photos are gorgeous and they are two of the loveliest people. They kept us relaxed and smiling all day long. Also, when I complained about having cold toes after the ceremony (I literally couldn't feel my toes), Dan pulled out TOE WARMERS that you stick in your shoes to keep your toes warm. I mean, how much better can they get?! I love how they capture real, raw moments rather than posed shots. Out of all the photos, there are very few 'posed' photos. Almost all of them were real moments of laughter and love. Exactly what we wanted.

Keepsakephoto by the Keeffes 

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Now for what you are all waiting for - the dress! I picked my dress from the first place I visited. Actually, lets be honest - my mum picked my dress. I picked a few to try on and she passed me this one to try. I fell in love and had to have it. My dress is from Annabel's Bridal Studio in Canberra, and was a design collaboration between Misty (from Annabel's and Wendy Makin Bridal Design. It was a unique design that had just been released in the shade 'Latte', not Ivory as most wedding dresses are. I think that is what made me love it even more. I had a crystal belt attached to the waist and had a veil made in the same colour of the dress. It is my princess dress, everything a girl could dream of. 

I borrowed a fur shawl from a friend to keep me warm through the day as well.

Annabel's Bridal Studio

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I didn't wear too many other bits on the day. I kept my jewellery minimal as I wanted my rings to be the focus and because I didn't think my dress needed any other details. I wore a simple Pearl Hanging Earring set from Pandora to match the pearls down the back of my dress. I wore a simple pair of comfortable nude heels from FSW, because 1) no one was going to see them and 2) I just wanted something comfortable that I could wear all day and you better believe I wore them ALL day. I had a beautiful comb in my hair that was my something 'borrowed' from one of my bridesmaids as well.

Dave went and picked out his suit all by himself. I knew the kind of colour that he wanted, but aside from that, he kept the rest a secret. I think he looked pretty handsome, if I do say so myself. His suit was a custom designed suit from Braddon Tailors. A little review/quote from Dave: 'The team really knows their stuff and gave amazing advice to make my dream suit a reality. They stepped through the process with a scotch in hand and created a unique design that reflected my vision and style. I got to choose the cut and design before choosing fabrics and other details including buttons, embroidery and the inside lining'.

Braddon Tailors

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The boys were fairly straight forward with their suits. They went off to Institchu and designed their suits. While Dave decided on the colour, the boys could customise their suits by choosing different linings and embroidery. They all got matching knit burgundy ties from OTAA and then had mismatching socks from Happy Socks (Dave's fun addition!)

The ladies were a little harder to organise. After realising that the dress we'd chosen online was going to take 90 days to arrive (leaving only 10 days for any alterations to be made...or to find a new dress if things went wrong), Laura panicked and decided we needed to choose another. After a mad dash to the store we found the most beautiful burgundy dresses from Review. I loved that they were simple, but had similar lace design to match my dress. I am still also so in love with the colour, it was exactly what I wanted! 

Hair was probably the hardest thing to choose. Before the wedding I didn't have a regular hairdresser, so I had no idea who to choose. My florist (who we will talk about in a second) actually suggested Kate from Kate Lily Dressing Hair and after stalking her Instagram, I fell in love with her style. I went in with a rough idea of what I want and in my trial she turned it into the most beautiful reality. It was gorgeous and I loved what she created so much. She has since cut and coloured my hair and I don't think I will be seeing anyone else ever again, because she is one of those hair dressers that you can say 'I kind of want something like this' and she will make it look even better than you imagined.

Kate Lily Dressing Hair

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Make up was another thing I was unsure of. Canberra has so many amazing make up artists, but I am always kind of picky when I get my make up done. I didn't want a full, cake face. I wanted someone who would make me look like myself, just more beautiful. I had been a fan of Tara Florence's work for a long time. She made all her clients look flawless and gorgeous. After my trial, I knew it was meant to be. She helped me sort out some skin concerns I was having pre-wedding, which meant that my skin was looking good by the time the day came around. Then she did her magic and made my face look so damn beautiful! I loved that she enhanced all my natural features and kept it minimal and gorgeous. Plus she was there to crack a joke and make me relax as I started to get stressed. She is such a gem!!

Tara Florence Artistry

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I couldn't get married and not get fancy nails! It was an easy decision for me. I had admired Jessica Peris's work for so long that I knew she had to be the one to do my nails! When I asked her to create something that was classy and simple, but also different and she produced what I like to term the 'grunge French manicure' I was in love. She nailed it!

The Beautique

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Flowers were an easy choice! After discovering Saint Valentine on Instagram just as she was about to open, I knew that I wanted her to create our wedding flowers and I was not let down. What I loved was that she was just as excited about my flowers as I was. She took every detail that I wanted and then made it into something beautiful. We wanted natives, but I wanted something that was still green and vibrant. I wanted it slightly structured, but not a defined shape. Essentially, I wanted something that was her exact style and I absolutely loved what she created. She added cotton into our final bouquets and they were so beautiful. I have let them dry out and they are now sitting on the bench at home and I still love them. 

Saint Valentine

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Cake was definitely the thing I was most excited to organise. I mean, getting to test caked flavours?! How does that not sound amazing! We met with only one cake baker and it was an easy decision! Lavender and Lace created the most beautiful and delicious cake! A two tier cake with caramel on one tier and chocolate hazelnut on the other, topped off with a 'naked' buttercream finish and beautiful flowers from Saint Valentine. It was so delicious and I am so happy that our freezer is still full of cake!

Lavender and Lace

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The last little detail was signage. We looked into getting someone to do our invites and signage, but we couldn't justify the $500+ to have someone do it for us, so I created them. I designed our invites and all the signage and we printed them ourselves. I am still so happy with them!

We had a Polaroid guest book, where guests would snap a polaroid and stick it in the book (or the basket next to it) and leave us a short message. It was a great way to capture the candid and fun moments of the night. Going through the polaroids the following morning is one of my favourite memories of the night.

We also had a donation box for Ronald McDonald House, which has had a huge impact on David. We wanted to give something back on a day that was 'all about us'. Charity is important to us, so it seemed fitting to start the charity on the day we became husband and wife.

As for favours, we also did these ourselves (well Dave's parents did them). We had herbs in test tubes for our guests to take hope and plant in their garden. There was a mix of mint, rosemary, dill and chives, so it was almost like a 'surprise' herb gift.

. . . 

So that is our whole day. I don't think I have missed any details, but I am sure that I will share more if I think of anything. It was still one of my favourite days ever and it's a little surreal that it is all over, but it is nice being able to look back fondly.

To finish, I just want to thank all of our vendors. You guys are amazing and made our day so amazing. We couldn't have had this day without you and it is because of you that it was so special. Thank you all for the effort you put in and the care that you took to make sure everything was perfect. You guys are the real MVP's!



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