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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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What I've Been Reading: April Edition

Welcome back! Another month has gone by, which means it's time for another wrap up of all the books I have read. Can't believe April is now over and it's May (wedding month yay!)

It hasn't been a particularly busy month in the reading realm, I was a bit slow, but I have been crazy busy at work, then was doing lots of wedding stuff during the school holidays so I haven't had as much time to read. In saying that all the books I have read, I really enjoyed. So here are the four books I read in April and loved!

I'll Be Gone In The Dark // Michelle McNamara

Chilling, terrifying and so damn good. Michelle's efforts to collate all this information on the brutal attacks by the Golden State Killer have all come together in one chilling novel that is amazing. The book is broken down into three sections, the first section recounts the brutal rapes and murders, the second section takes you through them with a detective's eye, looking at the set up and efforts the GSK went to plan his attacks, and then final section is a simple ode to Michelle and the work she put together.

Now that they have caught this vicious man, it is even more chilling to read. It definitely kept me up a few nights, mostly because it's all true, but it was so well written and kept me constantly on the edge of my seat - I could not and did not want to put it down. 

Book Depository // Amazon // Booktopia

Air Kisses // Zoƫ Foster Blake

If you’re after a good girly book that will make you laugh (and potentially cry) this is it. Meet Hannah - she is the new Beauty editor at Gloss, dating a wonderful TV presenter. Basically she’s living the life (lip glosses arriving on the daily who could hate that?!). But when her boyfriend dumps her out of the blue, she’s sent into a spiralling journey of finding love again. With whirlwind romances, heartbreak and a lot of beauty products, this book won me over instantly (I mean it’s basically all of my favourite things...minus the heartbreak of course). Zoe Foster Blake is one of my favourite authors and this is another brilliant book by her!

Book Depository // Amazon // Booktopia

The Girl in 6E // A.R. Torre

I talked about this briefly in my last 'What I've Been Reading' but I hadn't finished the book then, and I have now, so here is a full recount/review. 

Deanna Madden moved and locked herself in apartment 6E because of her murderous tendencies. She didn’t feel safe to be living out in the world with other people. Each night her neighbour comes and locks her in so she won’t sneak out when her temptations get the better of her.

Deanna spends her time working as a sex can worker, giving her enough income to live comfortably in her little apartment. After meeting an interesting character and hearing about the disappearance of Annie, Deanna wants to leave. But how do these two things connect?

An interesting, dark read that keeps you hooked until the end. I loved being drawn into her love life and what is happening with Annie. Loved it!

Book Depository // Amazon // Booktopia

Hopeless // Colleen Hoover

Absolutely loved this book! Colleen just continues to win me over with her writing!

Sky got adopted when she was five and has no memories of her life beforehand. When she meets the mysterious Dean Holder and falls head over heels, memories will start to come back to her. As her dark past starts to come back to her, is her good life really as good as it seems?

Love love LOVED this book! The quickest book I’ve read in a while because I couldn’t put it down. Cannot recommend enough!


 Book Depository // Amazon // Booktopia


What books did you read during April? Any top picks that I need to check out? I am always looking for more book recommendations, so let me know in the comments xx

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