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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Surrender | Endota Spa

With the wedding this week I decided I need a last minute pamper and that my skin needed a last little boost, so I went and visited Endota Spa for a lovely facial and massage for full relaxation.
Endota Spa opened up a treatment centre in the Canberra Centre late last year and while I had eyed off the beautiful store and their treatments for a long time, I was yet to actually try a treatment.
Following my make up trial my skin was dry, I had quite the break out, and it was feeling sensitive and tender. I need a slight hydration boost and an all round relaxation. I was eyeing off different hydrating facials around Canberra but decided I wanted to try one at Endota Spa. 

Surrender |

After reading through all the different treatments I decided on the Surrender Spa Treatment which includes both a facial (what I was wanting) and a relaxing massage (what I was needing).

Bring balance to your body and mind with this 75-minute nurturing, aromatic experience.

This treatment combines elements of both our Organic Infusion Facial and Organic Relax Massage, giving you the opportunity to experience two endota spa Organics™ signature treatments in the same visit.

Thoroughly awaken your senses and deliver active botanicals and antioxidants to the skin while warm jade stones centre, heal and ground the body, leaving you feeling recharged and empowered. Stress and tension subside with a facial, scalp and foot massage.
The treatment started with me relaxing in their waiting room, with a glass of strawberry and lime water (um delicious!) while eyeing off their beautiful Ceramic Mood Lamp which scattered a beautiful light pattern all through the room. I filled out a quick survey to share a little bit about myself, my concerns and how much talking I wanted through my treatment (I love that that question was on the list, because while some people love talking, I prefer to relax with my mouth shut listening to the calming music that plays). 
My therapist then came in and read through my answers before doing a quick hydration test. Remember when I thought that my skin was dry? Well it came back with a reading of 41, meaning I was above average (35) in hydration, which was a surprise to me. The optimum hydration is about 50, so I am well on the way to my skin reaching it's full potential. I also had a 'skin examination' where I sat in front of this little screen and my therapist looked closely at my skin under these terrifying blue lights. It was a little scary. 
We then went down to the room and I got ready while she went through my skin results. Once I was sitting cosy in my robe she came back in and talked through my results and my concerns so that she could tailor my treatment to my needs. The scary blue light showed that my skin was looking pretty good, but that I did have blackheads and a little bit of pigmentation (validating the concerns I shared with her). She would be targeting these through my treatment. 
We then began with my massage. The Organic Relax Massage was first up and before we started I took four deep breaths to choose the essential oil that resonated most with me. I picked the Spirit essential oil, which is a blend of cedarwood, lavender and frankincense, designed to soothe and calm the senses. She then placed a small amount under the bed and on my chest for me to breathe in throughout the treatment. The massage included
warm jade stones to centre, heal and ground the body, leaving you feeling recharged and empowered. It was so relaxing and left me feeling very calm and balanced. If you are after a massage to target pains and tightness, this probably wouldn't be the treatment for you as it is more of a relaxing experience, though you can target areas and increase the firmness if you want.
Then we moved on to my facial. The Organic Infusion Facial treatment uses the Endota spa Organics™ skin care range to thoroughly awaken your senses and deliver active botanicals and antioxidants to the skin. Ingredients are infused using jade facial rollers, luxury anti-ageing tools that promote smooth, youthful skin and restore calm to the body. It started with a full cleanse, followed by a gentle exfoliation that left my skin feeling amazing. Then she applied a hydrating mask, before giving me the most relaxing food massage I've ever had (aside from Dave's!) After removing the mask she applied a serum and a moisturiser to finish the treatment. 

Post treatment? My skin felt and looked AMAZING! It looked clear, aside from a couple of spots. It felt so soft and hydrated. I was so surprised by the immediate results in my skin. as the Endota Spa experience focuses on relaxing the body and mind, I also felt so stress free and relaxed after my treatment. 

I would highly recommend this treatment and I am 110% going back after the wedding. My therapist recommend that I try the Intense New Age Facial next, which uses Glycolic Acid and Light Therapy to help encourage cell renewal, leaving your skin looking clearer and helping with pigmentation concerns as well. I love Glycolic Acid, so it sounds like a winner for me.

Have you been to Endota Spa before? I would love to hear your experiences. Let me know in the comments below xx


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