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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Beach Rd

Beach Road Naturals Coffee Scrub

If you've been reading my blog since at least the beginning of the year, you will probably remember my love affair with Beach Road Naturals Body Bars. (In not, head back to my original post and you can start there!!) They have just released some new products and I am so excited to have some to share with you now!!

For those of you that have never heard of Beach Road Naturals before, they are a small, family owned boutique bath and body company created in Sydney's picturesque Northern Beaches, inspired by a love for the ocean and travel. To create the highest quality products, they carefully select ingredients which will enhance the look and feel of your skin. I absolutely fell in love with their body bars almost a year ago. Since then they have grown to include hand and body wash, body oils and now they have even more goodies!

Their formulas are all original Beach Road Naturals creations and are tested on family and friends, never on animals. They have a strong emphasis on Australian, organic and sustainable ingredients and only ever add high quality oils, most of which are sourced directly from Australian Farmers. Their products have a strong basis in organic coconut oil, with no nasties, parabens or synthetic ingredients. 

They have four very exciting products coming out at the moment, which I am so excited to share with you!

Organic Rose Water Hydrating Mist

Facial mists are huge at the moment, especially rosewater mists. Face mists are a fantastic way to rehydrate, reinvigorate and refresh your skin. Rosewater mists can be used in so many different ways. As a toner, after cleansing your skin, to refresh, hydrate and prepare your skin for the rest of your skincare.You can use it after apply make up to set your make up, or through the day to rehydrate your skin. It is just the perfect all rounder mist.

Beach Road Naturals 100% natural rose water Hydrating Mist combines the hydrating benefits of coconut water with the luxurious scent and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers of rose water. 

Beach Road Face Mists

You just shake the bottle well, spray liberally on your face or body, depending where you need some more hydration. It's as easy as that. I have found it so calming and refreshing. I think the combination of coconut oil and rosewater makes this mist just the perfect calming and hydrating mist. Most rosewater mists just have rosewater, but this one has coconut oil and aloe vera as well. The perfect calming combination. Also, the bottle is huge!!! This is going to last me FOREVER! All 250mls of it is going to be in my draw forever!

Organic Coconut Water Revitalising Mist*

Coming back to their basics, Beach Road has also released a Coconut Water mist.
Beach Road Naturals luxurious and fast-absorbing Revitalising Mist provides the long-lasting hydration and restorative benefits of Organic Coconut Water. Its concentrated formula refreshes and invigorates the skin with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for an improved, radiant appearance.

Beach Road Face Mists

While you can use this one on your face or skin, I have actually been really enjoying this as a hair mist to add some texture and waves - essentially as a sea salt spray (well it also has sea salt in it too, so it makes sense). It just reminds me of summer and I love that so much! Again, the bottle is huge too - 250mls, so will last you ages. 

I have been loving both the mists so much lately, and they are only $18 each, so are both very affordable. Plus you can get free express shipping at the moment as well - perfect time to grab one for you and one for a friend for Christmas!

Also coming out soon (they are just not on the website yet!) are two BRAND NEW body scrubs. 

Beach Road Naturals Body Scrubs

Organic Coffee Body Scrub*

Yes, another Coffee Scrub for you to have! However it is a little bit different and I love it! With 100% organic coffee, it is highly moisturising and gentle on the skin, but is a fantastic scrub. It also contains coconut, sea salt and sweet almond oil. It is such a hydrating scrub, which I love. I think there is nothing worse than a really grainy, dry scrub that leaves your skin feeling stripped. This one is grainy, but with the coconut oil and sweet almond oil it is also super hydrating! It almost feels like you don't need to put any moisturiser on afterwards (just spritz some body oil on and you'll be all good!)

Organic Coconut Oil and Kaffir Lime Body Scrub*

The other scrub that is coming soon is their Organic Coconut Oil and Kaffir Lime Body Scrub. Beach Road's Kaffir Lime scent is probably my favourite scent from all their scents and products, so I am so excited to have this in a scrub as well!! I have found this scrub to be a little bit drier then the coffee scrub, but it is still really hydrating. I have found that I get a deeper scrub with this one. The coconut oil still makes it really hydrating though, so your skin is left feeling like it is hydrating. I have found this is perfect pre-tan though!! (which yes, I have started to do this spring!!!)

I am so excited about these four products, and thank you again Beach Road Naturals for letting me share about these once again, I am so in love with all four of them. If you haven't tried Beach Road before I cannot recommend them enough. You can also get free express shipping on all orders at the moment, so it's the time to shop (perfect for Christmas!) 

*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


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