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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Making Time For Me with Arbonne

Arbonne Rescue and Renew

I talk about 'me time' all the time and how important it is in my life. Taking some time for yourself each week is a great way to help relieve stress as well as keeping you feeling fresh and revitalised. It helps you not only be better company with others, but also get in touch with yourself, by learning how to put yourself first. I wanted to share with you what my typical pamper session consists of, to inspire you to take some me-time for yourself this week!

Arbonne has just released a new range of Rescue & Renew range, designed to take your pamper session from a quick at home pamper to a luxurious day spa pamper session. So naturally, this range has been my go-to for pamper sessions lately. 

But enough chit chat, let's get into the pampering! 

Have a soak...

My pamper sessions usually happen in the bath. I am a bath addict and love taking some time out in the bath tub to just relax. I know some people hate baths, they feel like they are just bathing in their own filth, which I completely get. However, taking a bath has a lot of benefits. Baths can help reduce pain and inflammation, as well as helping with stress and anxiety. It helps your blood flow easier and actually allows you to breathe deeper and slower, amongst many other things.

Arbonne Rescue and Renew Detox Soak

I have recently taken to bath salts for my pamper session. Move over big bubbles, and give me a good, relaxing scented bath soak or salts any day. The Rescue & Renew Detox Soak* is perfect for when you just need some time to relax, unwind and de-stress. Pure, aromatic essential oils from grapefruit, tangerine, lavender, juniper berry, ginger, orange, rosemary are known to create a sense of overall well-being. It also contains a number of botanicals, including dandelion to detoxify, tumeric extract to promote radiant looking skin and ginger root extract which helps counteract the look of dull, lackluster skin by enhancing the appearance of skin radiance. 

Step one in my pamper session is to run a hot bath and throw about a handful of these salts in, letting them dissolve while helping me relax and give me radiant skin. 

Don't forget the face mask...

You know I love my face masks, so this next step won't come as a surprise. While soaking in the bath, I like to pop a face mask on, letting it soak and cleanse deep into my pores. I never have a shortage of choice, but if I am bathing with my Detox Salts, I like to use the face mask to match, often opting for the Rescue & Renew Detox Mask*. Much like the bath salts, it uses dandelion, tumeric extract and ginger root to helps detoxify and make your skin look radiant. It also contains French Pink Clay, which acts like a magnet to attract surface dirt and impurities, cleansing and gently exfoliating skin. As well as rosemary oil to help hydrate and 5 self-neutralising acids — mandelic acid, phytic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and azelaic acids — help clarify, refine and brighten the appearance of skin tone. 

Arbonne Rescue and Renew Detox Mask

Step two just involves covering your face in this mask. Twist the cap, so you can squeeze some of the mask out the end (it's not like a screw cap, it's very clever packaging!!), and then apply a generous layer to the face. I like to leave it on for 10-15 minutes before washing it off. Once I have removed the mask, I take another 10 minutes or so to just soak in the bath, before putting anything else on my face. Just enjoying the clean feeling of my skin, and the warmth of the bath.

Scrub away your worries...

After I have soaked for a little while once removing my mask I pull a scrub out. This is the last step in the bath and will be the last thing I do before getting out. I take the Rescue & Renew Detox Scrub* and just massage that into my skin - legs, arms, everywhere. I go for a scrub like this rather than a coffee scrub, or a drier alternative because I usually want something a little more hydrating when I get out of the bath. While I love bathing, I do tend to find my skin feels a little dry afterwards. This scrub contains Vitamin E and Avocado Oil to ensure that your skin is left feeling hydrated and soft.

Arbonne Rescue and Renew Detox Scrub

Step three - I take about a teaspoon amount for each limb and really focus on taking time to massage it into my skin. It contains a number of citrus oils as well, so I find using this at the end of my bath helps to refresh and wake up my senses, giving me that little boost I need to get up and going.

Re-hydrate your skin...

Like I said, I like to make sure my skin is completely re-hydrated after a bath. So this brings me to the final step of my pamper session, and the one I usually take the most time doing - moisturising. Using the Rescue & Renew Detox Body Lotion* I gently massage it into the skin. Just like the scrub, I really take the time to massage the lotion into my arms and my legs, enjoying the last moment of calm. It contains orange and lavender essential oils to keep that sense of calm and relaxation going, but also leaving you feel refreshed, but also shea butter to ensure your skin is completely hydrated. 

Arbonne Rescue and Renew Detox Body Lotion

There it is, a little bit of an insight into my weekly pamper session. If I am having a particularly stressful week, then I might do more than one of these pamper sessions, it just depends. I would love to hear what your pamper session or 'me-time' consists of, and if nothing else I would like to encourage you to take a moment of calm for yourself this week.

Arbonne Rescue and Renew Pinterest

*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


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