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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Busting Yoga Myths with Kayla

Welcome back beautiful people!

Today's post is a little bit different. One of my the loveliest ladies in my life has recently just started teaching yoga and to celebrate I did a cheeky little interview with her. Kayla is the most beautiful and down to earth person I have ever met and I am super excited for you guys to get to know her a little bit better!

Ever thought to yourself that you can't do Yoga? Well Kayla share some of the reasons why she got into yoga and how/why you can too!

Yoga With Kayla, Handstand on beach

When and why did you get into yoga?

I remember my first ever yoga class was at the local gym when I was 16 and I really disliked it!! I was really put off that I couldn’t do some of the postures and no easier options were provided to adjust it to my level. So I didn’t go back for a long time. I got back into it after I stopped dance training and wanted to keep up my leg strength and flexibility without the commitment to dance.  I found a yoga class that was more suited to my level and got addicted to the calm and refreshed feeling you feel after the class and have never looked back! I think it was easy keeping it up as it was helpful in keeping my stress levels under control, helps me be more present and have a better outlook on circumstances in my life. 

What made you want to become a yoga teacher?

The basis of me wanting to be a teacher was that I wanted to share my passion with others and help others experience all the positive things yoga has to offer. I wanted the ability to know the sequences and be able to run through them in my own practice as well as guiding others through. Part of my teaching course was also about the philosophy of being a ‘yogi’ and the history behind it; something that I have tried to incorporate into my classes and everyday life. I think yoga has truly changed my life, developed me as a person and I wanted other people to have the chance to do the same. 

Yoga With Kayla, Yoga training

Yoga With Kayla, Lightbox sign

What’s your mission as a yoga instructor? Who are you trying to reach and why?

I was inspired by a really good teacher I had for my classes as a student that sadly moved interstate! She was so humble and always provided individual adjustments to every person in the room. She made you feel so welcome and that she loved doing what she was doing- something I want to come across in my classes. I don’t have a specific target group and am really open to everyone coming along to my classes! I love when I have beginners or someone who has tried other classes that they didn’t enjoy, come along and say I have inspired them start their yoga journey or changed their perspective on it. 

Has yoga changed your relationship and perspective of your body?

Absolutely. Of course there are still days that I dislike parts of my body and want to change but yoga has taught me so much more about individuality and acceptance. I think it’s so important to learn to love yourself first but also to not care what others think. I am so guilty of comparing myself to other people (especially in a yoga class) and putting myself down. Yoga has definitely taught me that it doesn’t matter what anyone else can do and that the focus should be more on you. Yoga teaches you to be comfortable in your own skin and not worry about the number on the scales. Every single person on this planet has a purpose and I’m so passionate about trying to inspire people to go out there, find it and live it.

I think a lot of people feel that they need to be able to touch their toes or stand on their head- something that is not true. This influence is probably due to the media and always seeing these fancy ‘yogis’ in incredible postures. Yoga isn’t all about these postures; just siting and breathing for a few moments is a form of yoga. 

Yoga With Kayla, Yoga Pose

What advice would you give someone who feels they can’t practice yoga because they don’t have the right kind of body?

I think a lot of people feel that they need to be able to touch their toes or stand on their head- something that is not true. This influence is probably due to the media and always seeing these fancy ‘yogis’ in incredible postures. Yoga isn’t all about these postures; just siting and breathing for a few moments is a form of yoga.

Yoga to me, is for everyone. Every posture can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate to every body type. Every person is anatomically different and our joints are all different. This is due to genetics, history of physical activity and

What are some other common, incorrect assumptions about yoga?

Another invaluable thing I learnt at my training was about the use of yoga props (eg. Mats, bolsters, blocks and straps). I think most people assume that if you use props, it means that you can’t do the posture and are too inflexible. I always try and remind my classes that these props are used to change the posture for your body type- something that is different for everyone.

Yoga With Kayla, Yoga pose

How can we find out more information about your classes?

I am slowly building up my little yoga community in and around Canberra and the best way to find out about my classes are on my Facebook and Instagram pages! I post up my events on these pages and any new class information, as well as the option to message me any questions.

Facebook: Yoga with Kayla
Instagram: @yogawithkayla_

A huge thank you to Kayla for her insightful answers! I attended one of her first classes and loved it. I am so not flexible, but she made it easy for me, adjusting poses to suit what I was capable of, and in all honesty it was probably one of the most relaxing and meditative things I have done all year (besides the deep stretching of course..). So if you are looking for a Yoga class that works for beginners through to advance, I highly recommend attending one of Kayla's classes!

P.S Any Canberra people who are interested in attending a class, Kayla runs a class every Thursday for just $10. Check out her Facebook page for more information xx

Yoga With Kayla, Pinterest



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