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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Beauty Redefined | Sip and Scent Masterclass

Pairing together to of your favourite things, indulge in an evening of fragrances and cocktails at our exclusive, Sip & Scent event. Canberra’s ‘Martini Whisperer’, Phillip Jones joins forces with fragrance expert, Dimitri Weber to pair custom fragrances with bespoke martinis.  It’s the perfect way to finish your Friday.

To celebrate the opening of the Monaro Mall at Canberra Centre there were a series of master classes run in the beautiful new precinct. I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Sip and Scent master class with Phillip Jones and Dimitri Weber.

We were treated to a night of delicious cocktails and beautiful scents, as we deconstructed a martini to understand how it relates to perfume construction. This has never been done before, so we were in for a real treat! I dragged Dave, Mr TLOL, along with me as well. 

First, let's start with the martini. Phillip had constructed a brand new, never to be tried in public before, martini for us to experience. My lord, it was beautiful! Inspired by Bastille Day, it was a simple martini, with a gold flake floating right there in the middle! Dave's first question of the evening - "can I eat it?" Yes Dave, you can. Now I have never had a martini before, this was my very first experience, I also didn't know that a martini is literally just alcohol. Two whole standard drinks in one tiny glass. But it was delicious and so much fun! So what was in the Martini?

  • Some Generous Gin - a spicy and smooth, yet musk flavour. Rich of multiple essences: Citrus, pink berries, blood oranges,grey pepper, elderberries, lime and juniper.
  • Next was the Vermouth, Dolin Dry Vermouth - Phillip noted the vermouth as the most underrated ingredient of a Martini, yet the most essential component.
  • St Germain Liqueur - a light, but not sickly sweet flavour, almost like honey suckle.
  • Finally was a dash of Marie Brizard - to give it a dash of colour and a little bit of blackberry flavour.
I know what you're thinking now, how the hell does this relate to perfume? Well this was where Dimitri came in. We unpacked the Martini in order for us to understand how a perfume is created. Different? Yes, but so interesting. Making a Martini follows much the same process as constructing a perfume.
So what goes into making a good perfume? It needs taste, a scent (or the perfume) and most importantly, just like our Martini, a dash of alcohol.

First, again, we start with the gin. The Generous Gin was made up of a number of scents, but has a strong undertone of Juniper Berries, which have an earthy and musky fragrance to them. A perfume that has this scent as a major note is Prada's Luna Rossa. The Generous Gin also had notes of Peppercorn, which can be found in Chanel's Chance.
Much like constructing a Martini, putting together a perfume is like a pyramid, with base, heart and head notes. We have the base notes from our gin and now need to move on to the heart notes. The St. Germain has a strong undertone of Elderflower, a very complex scent. I think the elderflower was probably my favourite scent of all the ones we smelt, it reminded me of clean clothes and was so delicious. The elderflower scent is made up of hundreds of scented molecules, with a little bit of jasmine, rose and orange blossom.

Another essential component of a perfume comes from Cassis Essence, a grassy, green and fresh scent. If you are wanting to know a perfume that smells a bit like this, Lancome's La Vie Belle is made up of 40% cassis essence. I think I need this perfume now, I loved this scent...

Finally was our head notes, which come from the Dolin Vermouth. The Dolin is a very complex component, with more than 50 ingredients, all of which are used in perfume. Two major ones are pepper and rose. These two give a woody base to your perfume. 

So what was the final perfume that best matches our Bastille Day inspired Martini? Goldfield and Banks White Sandalwood, which we all got to take a sample of with us. Sandalwood is an ingredient that is made completely in Australia. At the heart of this fragrance is the rose and pepper undertones. 

It was a very interesting and enriching experience to understand the process of making both a Martini and perfume and how similar these are. I now know what perfume I will where if I want to have a drink of the Generous Gin or Dolin Vermouth. Thank you to both Phillip Jones and Dimitri Weber for their wonderful insight into this process.

There are two more master classes on this weekend if you would like to get involved:

Saturday 16th July - Minimalist Beauty and Lifestyle Masterclass 11am - 12pm
Unveiling Eleanor Pendleton's expert advice
 for living a beautiful life, Eleanor’s beauty masterclass will include a ‘no makeup’ makeup tutorial on a model, how she switches off from social media, her secrets to finding the perfect work/life balance, plus Eleanor will share the makeup tricks she swears by for special occasions. 

Sunday 17th July - Natural Beauty and Nutrition Masterclass 11am - 12pm
Take notes as Lola Berry shares insight into her wholistic approach to beauty and her top secrets for what you should be eating for a flawless complexion. In addition to her inner/outer beauty recipes, Lola will divulge the products she loves and uses in her daily regimen for glowing skin. 


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