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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Beauty Redefined | Minimalist Beauty Masterclass with Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty editor and founder of online magazine and blog Gritty Pretty, Eleanor Pendleton takes a minimalist approach to beauty and style. She is a wealth of beauty know-how, and her website is a go-to for tips, tricks and product recommendations.

Unveiling her expert advice
 for living a beautiful life, Eleanor's beauty masterclass will include a ‘no makeup’ makeup tutorial on a model, how she switches off from social media, her secrets to finding the perfect work/life balance, plus Eleanor will share the makeup tricks she swears by for special occasions.
Eleanor Pendleton Masterclass Canberra Centre

To celebrate the opening of the Monaro Mall at Canberra Centre there were a series of master classes run in the beautiful new precinct. I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Eleanor Pendleton master class all about minimalist beauty.

Eleanor was taking all about illuminated skin and how to enhance your natural beauty, rather than masking it. This was one of the first things that Eleanor mentioned in her Q&A/Tutorial, was all about how foundations and make up is not designed to cover your skin, but enhance how it looks. I don't know exactly why this resonated so strongly with me, but it could have a little to do with the morning I had.

Let's rewind a little bit to the morning prior to Eleanor's master class. I was a bit lazy getting up, and didn't give myself quite as long to get ready as I probably should have. It all went downhill from there. Long story short, I may have applied and then removed my foundation three times. There were tears and frustration and it really wasn't one of my best mornings. I hated how my skin looked, even with foundation on and I just couldn't cover all the imperfections that I could see in the mirror. I have been having a few bad skin days lately - spotty and blemish covered, and my forehead is being annoying again, all dry and flaky. And of course it was the worst day to have a bad skin day. I was going to a beauty master class, I need to look good for a beauty master class! Yes, I was feeling the pressure to look good. 

As social media influencers we are always under pressure to look good and present well, at least I feel like I am. The funny thing, my skin is so up and down that at least half the time I hate what my skin looks like. Something that Eleanor made me consider today was all about trying to enhance beauty rather than mask it. In considering this concept, I wanted to set myself a goal of 'less is more'. Encouraging myself to wear less. I tend to want to pile on the concealer to cover those spots that leave me feeling self conscious. As Eleanor said, when you pile it on it just sits in the dry patches of your face and ends up looking awful. You only need to apply foundation and concealer in the places that your skin needs a little bit more coverage - under your eyes, spots, maybe your t-zone. Then just blend it out (don't let it sit heavy on the skin) and away you go.

Eleanor Pendleton Masterclass Canberra Centre

Eleanor Pendleton Masterclass Canberra Centre

Eleanor Pendleton Masterclass Canberra Centre

So now that I am going for the less is more look, I also want to keep my skin looking a little bit more glowy and illuminised (the whole focus of the master class today). Eleanor had a number of amazing product suggestions and tips to give yourself a natural glow. She suggested to start your make up by apply some liquid illuminiser to the high points of your face (ie cheekbones, your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose and your cupid's bow). Her recommendation was the Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminser. When it comes to foundation, if you mix a little bit of your face oil into your foundation BEFORE applying, it can help to leave your skin looking glowy and hydrated throughout the day. This is definitely a tip I'm going to take on through winter. Next you go onto your bronzer, Eleanor of course suggests the cult favourite Nars Laguna Bronzer because it's a gorgeous, universal bronzing colour, that is also matte, making it perfect for a gorgeous bronzed look, or for contouring. If you want more illuminsation, you'd of course add another highlighter over your high points again. To finish off, however, she only used two more products - a nice, simple mascara, such as the Stila Mile High Lashes Mascara, and something to keep your lips hydrated, such as the Hourglass No.28 Lip Treatment Oil, which I seriously want to try. 

Eleanor seemed beautiful, inside and out and it was so good hearing what she had to say about all things beauty and working in the beauty industry. I am so glad that I happened to have my bad skin day today, and then go hear her talk. It made me feel a little bit more confident about myself, even while hating how my skin was looking and being super self conscious. If I can get you to take anything from this, it would be that natural beauty is ok. Don't feel like you need to cover everything up. Spots and skin problems are a natural part of life and we all have bad skin days. As much as I hate it, I want to try and be a little bit more confident in how I look and feel about my skin and will definitely be taking on some of her tips for glowing, natural beauty. If you want to hear more of Eleanor's beauty tips, make sure you head over to Gritty Pretty!

Don't forget that there is one more master class on today, which I will be at, and can't wait for. For more information:

Sunday 17th July - Natural Beauty and Nutrition Masterclass 11am - 12pm
Take notes as Lola Berry shares insight into her wholistic approach to beauty and her top secrets for what you should be eating for a flawless complexion. In addition to her inner/outer beauty recipes, Lola will divulge the products she loves and uses in her daily regimen for glowing skin.


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