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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Trash Talk: February Edition

Yet another month of 2017 has come any gone. So it is time for another empties. I remember at the end of last year I said I would probably do bimonthly empties. Well turns out I get through way too many products for that and if I left it for two months I would probably spend a month writing the blog post. But enough of that, lets just get into it.

Make Up

I never really go through a huge amount of make up products. I really need to try to get through a few more if I'm honest... but I got through two this time around.

1. Nude By Nature Air Brush Primer (Deluxe Sample) - I received this little primer out of my Splendour, 12 Days of Christmas, Advent Calendar. Look it was a lovely primer, hydrating and smelt lovely, but I didn't feel like it did a whole lot for me, so I probably wouldn't purchase another.

2. NYX BB Cream - This is a miracle worker. I totally agree with it's tag line, it is perfection in a tube. I am planning on doing a blog post on this in the next few weeks, so I won't give too much away, except that I love it and have already bought another.


Skincare is always a little bit bigger, especially as I try to get through  at least a few samples every month. Finished some favourites and had some big misses this month as well.

3. Wot Not Facial Wipes* - Simple, easy to use face wipes. Plus they won't cost you an arm and a leg. These are probably some of my favourite face wipes at the moment. Definitely need to re stock.

4. Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash (Deluxe Sample)* - Another super gentle face wash, that had a lovely subtle rose scent. It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean as well. I don't know that I will repurchase this one, mainly because I already have some strong HG cleansers.

5. Kosmea Rescue Body Cream (Deluxe Sample)* - If you're looking for a super thick, hydrating body cream, then this is what you want in your life. I think this would be the perfect winter moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. I probably won't repurchase this either though.

7. Dermalogica Breakout Control* - This one was a miss for me. Don't get me wrong, I love Dermalogica and have had lots of success with their products, however this one didn't do it for me. I didn't see any change in my skin or any improvement to my acne and for the price I would've hoped to...

8. Philosophy Purity Cleanser (Sample) - I love this cleanser. It's simple and gentle and does such a fantastic job of cleansing the skin. I really need to buy a full size bottle of this to have in the cupboard...

9. Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser (Sample) - Again, I really want to love this cleanser but I haven't used enough to know whether I love or hate it. I should just bite the bullet and get a full size tube...

10. 16 Brand Lip and Eye Make Up Remover - So $15 for an Eye Make Up Remover is a little pricey, but I do have to say I loved this a lot and would definitely buy another one. It was less oily then the equivalents I get at Priceline and did a much thorough job. 

11. Mecca Cosmetica Lip De Luscious Treatment - My all time favourite lip balm. They are a little pricey, but they are honestly the only Lip products that continuously keep my lips hydrated all the time

12. Belle Botanicals Cream Cleanser* - I really need to do a Belle Botanicals order, because I am in love with everything I've used from them and I'm almost completely out. This cleanser is so gentle and does such a good job. I absolutely love it.


13. bhave Hydrator Shampoo* - You should all know by now the love I have for bhave. While the Rescue shampoo is my favourite shampoo from them, this hydrating shampoo is another love, one that leaves my hair feeling silky soft and hydrated. 


14. Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume - Marc Jacobs perfumes are my love and my life and I have loved every single one I've owned. Dot is one of my favourites, so it's definitely on my repurchase list.

Face Masks

15. Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask - It's an interesting two-component mask, combining a clay and and a gel to create a really cooling, foaming mask. I actually really enjoyed it. It's quite fiddly to do, as you have to apply the mask and then massage in the gel, but it is really cooling and leaves your skin feeling refreshed again. I don't know if I'd repurchase, mainly due to the fiddliness, but they'd be amazing throughout summer.

16. Trefiel Moisturising Mask* - I love the lace and the packaging, however my skin didn't love this mask and was left with a bit of a reaction post-use. I wanted to love these and specifically was using them to look at acne scarring, but my skin said no...

17. reCLAYm Rejuvenating Pink Aussie Clay Mask* - I love these and the pots they come with. I think it is such a genius idea. I really want to try more from the brand. You can read all my thoughts in the blog post I did on them!

18. ThankyouFarmer True Water Deep Cotton Mask* - After my allergic reaction I needed something to soothe and bring hydration back to my skin, so I thought I'd give this face mask a whirl. Safe to say it did wonders and definitely helped. I will be doing a full review on this and the other masks I received from Nudie Glow soon!

19. Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask (Deluxe Sample) - This is my second sample of this and I still love it. I find it absolutely perfect whenever there is a little bit of redness or irritation in my skin. It helps to instantly soothe and care for it overnight. If it wasn't so expensive I'd invest in a full size jar.

20. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin (Sample) - I would love to tell you how amazing this is, but truth is I don't know whether I love it yet or not. I didn't notice any immediate results from the first use, but I want to try it again...


21. Lush Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar - One of my favourite bubble bars. It's just so cute and makes the water so beautiful. Plus being on the stick, it's super easy to use a little and then save the rest for later.

22. Zoella Bath Latte - One of my ALL time favourite bath products. It smells absolutely amazing. I don't think you can get it online at Feel Unique anymore though, which I'm super disappointed about...I don't know how I'll be able to stock up :'(

23. ecopure Moisturising Bath Soak - Just some simple bath salts. I don't love or hate these, but I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase them.

So there it is folks, another empties wrap up! I honestly thought it was going to be bigger, maybe because my Trash Talk box was over flowing with huge products this time around. 23 is still quite a huge effort though! I can't wait to see all your empties for February too!!

*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


  1. BHAVE products have been so good for my hair! I really liked the Wot Not wipes can never have enough!

    1. bhave is amazing!! I am so in love with their products!!!

  2. Shame about the trefiel mask, I loved it. Oh the lush bath I really want to try now.

    1. Yea, it was so disappointing, they seem to work so well for others! Yes!! Definitely try the Lush bath!

  3. Those WotNot wipes are my favourite! Also love the look of that Nude by Nature primer !!

    Amy //

    1. I am such a huge fan of the WotNot!!! They are so gentle and easy to use!

  4. I'm getting interested in the NYX BB cream now!

  5. Hey Laura, sorry to hear your face didn't love our masks :( I thought you had tried ours before and it was totally fine? How disappointing :(

  6. 23 products is amazing! I only seem to hit about 8-10 per month, but I'm hoarding all the sheet masks & other soothing-type masks I have until the cooler weather hits.

    I've just started using bhave's shampoos & conditioners again & man is my hair loving me for it! My hair is definitely softer & silkier - even in my poor balayaged mid-lengths & ends I've noticed a small difference. Also love me some WOTNOT facial wipes too.

  7. I can't wait to check out your review of the NYX BB Cream!

  8. Ooh I want to try the NYX BB Cream, can't wait for your review! Sounds amazing :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  9. That perfume bottle is so cute!

  10. There's so many products I could gush about here, and I've found so many more goodies to try soon :)

  11. Great Products babe...looks awesome...Kisses, Neha

  12. That NYX BB cream sounds awesome!!! I neeeeeeed to try it now haha :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  13. How good are those Triefel masks.. LOVE THEM and these are all great products

  14. You did a fab job finishing all of those off haha! I decided to cut my empties posts down to quarterly but honestly my storage solutions are hating me cause I didn't realise how many products I'd have after three months haha!


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