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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Easy on the Eye(Brows)

As Rimmel says, you don't need to be brave in order to be bold! The challenge for me has always been actually creating the bold look. That has never been an easy task for me, especially when it comes to eyeliner, which I am hopeless at! Rimmel has released some newbies to help make it easier to get that poppin, bold we all want. I have been using these three products everyday for the past week and thought I would some of my thoughts on them and whether they are worth pick up or not!

Scandal'Eyes Bold Liquid Liner*

It has been long time since I have tried a Rimmel eye liner, mainly because the last one I tried wasn't great - it just wasn't black enough, or long lasting - and then I bought my HG Stila one and haven't looked back. So, I was rather skeptical about this, mainly because of the felt tip one that I used and hated. This Scandal'Eyes is completely different though. It is not like any other eyeliner I have ever seen or tried. Why? Because it has a ball-tip applicator. This is supposed to help create an enhanced eye look.

First things first, the applicator is so different. I made a royal mess the first time I used it, mostly because I am used to the precision I get from the felt tip point, so the ball-tip is completely different. In saying that it was difficult, I actually got used to it really quickly. It was easy to get a precise, bold line. I wouldn't wear choose this eyeliner if I wanted a thin line, but it is great for those bold eye looks. As someone who isn't good at a wing, I found the ball tip made it even harder to create a wing, so I would still stick with my felt tip if that was the look I was going for. I was also so impressed with how black it was, and also the lasting power. It was quite a wet liner, so I thought it would take forever to set, and also smudge easily throughout the day, but it did none of that! It set quickly, last all day with NO smudging.I think it is such an innovative eyeliner that is surprisingly easy to use and I actually really enjoy using this!

Scandal'Eyes Reloaded Waterproof Mascara*

Rimmel bought out the original Reloaded mascara a little while ago, and has just released the waterproof version of it. I had heard great reviews about the original mascara, so I was excited to try this one. In saying that, I have hated EVERY drug store mascara I have used in the past few years for a number of reasons. First, the always smudge under my eyes, never lasting all day and leaving me looking like a bit of a panda. Also because they tend to be a lot clumpier than other mascaras I've used, and don't create the more natural look I love. 

So what did I think? Look I'm in love. All those things I just said about hating drug store mascaras went away with this one. I don't think it will beat my HG mascara, as I do find it a little tricky to apply, but I have been loving how my lashes look when I wear this! When I apply this mascara, I tend to wipe the wand through a tissue. Some of you will say 'WHY?! That is such a waste of product!' But I find it helps to reduce clumping as I applying the mascara. I have noticed that the mascara takes a long time to dry and set on my lashes, which makes it rather messy. I end up with lots of black under my eyes after application, and also some on my eyelids, which I have never come across before. Aside from that, I haven't noticed any smudging through the day, which I found even more surprising! It can create gorgeous bold, voluptuous lashes, or more natural, pulled back lashes. So yes, it is safe to say that this is slowly becoming my every day mascara, it is definitely what I've been reaching for lately! It is probably my favourite product out of all three.

Brow This Way*

Brow gels are all the rage at the moment! The perfect way to easily tame your brows, without too much effort. Rimmel has brought back their iconic Brow This Way but now have added Argan Oil to the formula to help condition, smooth and visibly improve the appearance of your brows. 

I have been using the light brown shade, which is almost a perfect match for my brow colour. I also think this is the most pigmented, creamy brow gel I have ever used! I am usually not a fan of brow gels, because they don't have a lot of pigmentation, so don't make my brows look any fuller, or more tame than usual.

Look, it's not what I would use to do my brows every day, but for an easy, 'make up free' day it is perfect. You can tame your brows, with that added look of fullness that still makes it look like you actually put efforts into your eyebrows. I have also noticed my brows have been looking more luscious (if that's possible...). 

For someone who, a few months ago, was a bit of a drugstore make up snob, I am sooo impressed with these three. I didn't expect to like them as well as I did. They are definitely good, basic make up items that everyone should have in their collection. Especially that mascara! If you only can get one product, go the mascara for sure!!!

*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


  1. Oooh reading this has made me more eager to try them all. I am intrigued by the applicator of the liner. That's going to be interesting!

    1. I hope you enjoy them! The applicator is so interesting, I was almost put off when I first saw it, but I am finally getting used to using it and really enjoying it! xx

  2. I agree that brow gels tend too be super pigmented, but I welcome that because I have skimpy brows. I want to try this one. Do you think the brush is too big for fine brows?

    1. I think it would work, you would just have to get used to the angle, which I had to as well. But I think it's definitely worth a try! xx

  3. I can't do waterproof mascara as I lose way too many lashes when I remove it; but I love the bold blue shade they chose for this mascara.

    Lubz ||

  4. I made such a huge mess when I first tried this liner too. I really wasn't a fan but you have inspired me to give it another go. Great post :)

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  5. Interesting read! I love the sound of those brow gels.

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

  6. I got these too! Cant wait to try them xxx

  7. I adore the mascara! I haven't gotten used to the liquid eyeliner just yet haha! I made a huge mess as well hehe

  8. I really like using brow gels to set mine, I should give this one a look!

  9. I really love this mascara would really like to try the liner it sounds good.


  10. Ahhhh that ball tip applicator freaked me out! I just couldn't use it at all - and when I was able to use it finally, I never went for the wing. I just can't see it giving me a good wing ever. Haha great post as always!

  11. I love some drugstore things but I haven't found anything that matches up to my abh products yet :)

  12. This post really made me want to try this!! Will let you know

  13. I love the Rimmer Reloaded Mascara! I am yet to try the liner yet, the ball made me a little scared coz I am also used to the felt tip but I am excited to give it a go :) x

  14. I'm loving this mascara too!


  15. Rimmel mascara is some of my fave

  16. That eyeliner applicator looks so different! I'm intrigued to try!

    Amy //

  17. I'm really into brows now too. But, I don't have patience for anything like a pomade so I love the brow gels too! :D

  18. Always love reading your thoughts and experiences with products Laura - might give the mascara a go now that they've released the waterproof formula. I can't be bothered with non-waterproof mascara as I blink so much, it usually smudges before I've even left the house! xxx

  19. I have clear Brow This Way and am obsessed with it! It is so affordable and yet so nice. Big fan here! Thanks for the inspo Laura!

    Naya //


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