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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Chase Life

By David

Mantras annoy me. They really do. I physically react against them. My eye will twitch, my fingers tense up, and I shut my mouth as hard as I possibly can to prevent any jokes from escaping the dark crevices of my twisted sense of humour.

Unfortunately, Im a total hypocrite: I hate them but I use them.

There are times when having a four-word phrase keeps me focussed and helps me push through whatever obstacle is in my path. It might be about my


my relationships,

my health,

my work


Some mantras I only use for a season, or for a specific issue in my world and then the season changes, the issue resolves and I let that mantra go. But there is one mantra that I just cant let go, it sticks in my mind and I carry it with me wherever I am:

Chase what you love.

I once worked in a large accounting firm. I met newly graduated accountants who were so excited to finally be experiencing what they had studied for so long, only to discover one devastating thing

they hated accounting.

Some went back to university to study what they were actually passionate about - physiotherapy, biology, history; others started working in museums and galleries, finally chasing their artistic dreams; others still went adventuring around the world, they chased the sunset.

I promised myself that I would skip this heartache and I would use four words to help me:

Chase what you love.

So I chased my passions, even when they didnt make sense. Sure, sometimes it was tough (like when I had no money and had to couch-surf for a few months in Sydney) but its always worked out eventually. I now get paid to do amazing things that help others; I am surrounded by talented, creative and beautiful people; and I am where I am because I never stop chasing.

All I want for people is to live their own chase. So choose today, choose to chase.

Chase with passion.

Chase with fire.

Chase with focus.

Chase with love.

Chase with perseverance.

Chase with hope.

You are your best, your most honest, your most open, and your most loving when you are in your own chase.

Nothing feels better than chasing what you love.

So chase life.

A bit about the author:
David is my beautiful fiancé, and he asked me one day if he would be able to share some posts on my blog, which I was absolutely over the moon about! He is a quiet soul who I don't talk about a lot (or at all) on my blog, but I promise he does exist! He is so good at articulating about these positive mindset/wellbeing topics that I knew it would be the perfect extension to my blog. I am hoping that we can make this a regular thing and that he will want to share some more 'motivational' type posts in the future (please say yes David). Thank again David for letting me share this xx



  1. Aw this is lovely! I feel kind of the same way about mantras but totally use them as well. Can't wait to read more by David!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I am really hoping he will be willing to share some more!! xx

  2. Excellent post from David! I'm not real big on the mantras thing myself, but occasionally I have chanted 1 or 2 in my brain over & over until I felt it. I do have a thing for inspirational quotes though. Bring on more motivational/inspirational posts!

    1. It is sometimes good to have a mantra, no matter how annoying or stupid they seem! They can be so useful xx

  3. This is such a beautiful post, so inspiring, and even though it might make you cringe ;) - so motivating also!

    Amy //

    1. Thank you Amy! So glad you enjoyed it xx

  4. Lovely post! I had to chuckle at that opening line. I have the same reaction to a lot of motivational quotes, and yet I use them all the time too.

    1. Haha it's always the way! I see them printed on things and go 'that's so stupid!' but then use it myself xx

  5. I loved reading this! Some great advice, can't wait to read more from David :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  6. I absolutely loved this post 😊

  7. Love this! I actually love mantras and affirmations.
    I think chasing life is incredible!

    Shannon x.

  8. Mantras are not really my thing either!

    Maddie |

  9. Yes yes yes!! I love this, he's really good at this. Girl, I feel so inspired, I love these kind of posts. Those post that make you look where you are and where you are heading; the ones that make you think twice. I have to admit I love mantras, there's just so much wisdom on them that you gotta love them. Chasing life is an incredible thing to do.

    Brenda Brooks | Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up

  10. This is a beautiful post Laura. I was forced to study Business and Finance even though my heart was not in it. I hardly use what I studied; except for a tiny portion. But luckily, life's twists and turns had me ending up where I am now... So I can't complain.

    Lubz || LUBZSAYS

  11. OMG mantras annoy me... really love this post


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