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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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10 Ways to Get Festive!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 5!! There is a week to go until Christmas and if you are not in the festive mood, it is time to get your festive on! Here are my top ten ways to get in that festive mood ready for Christmas day.

1. Christmas Carols 

Probably the easiest way to get your festivity on is to whack on some Christmas carols and sing along as loud as you can. This is definitely my favourite to get into a Christmas mood. There are so many playlists on Spotify and Apple Music that will give you Christmas carols for hours. If all else fails, just turn on Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You.

2. Decorate Your Home

Look if you haven't put your Christmas tree yet, it's no wonder you're not feeling festive. The Christmas tree is the key to festivity. Step it up even more and decorate your home. Candles, pine cones, smaller trees, or just little Christmas decorations scattered everywhere. If you're stuck for ideas visit Kmart, I promise you will find something there!

3. Go Christmas Shopping

It's time. Go Christmas shopping my friend! Listen to the carols playing in the shops, visit Santa. It is amazing how buying presents, or just Christmas goodies can make you feel festive. I bought my Christmas a month ago, so it's no wonder I'm excited for Christmas! Think about other ways to give to people as well, maybe you chuck an extra gift in your cart to put under a giving tree.

4. Buy a leg of ham!

I apologise to my vegetarian followers, but one of my favourite things about Christmas is the leg of Ham we get every year. I knew it was almost Christmas when Dad sat me down and went 'alright Laura, where will we get our Ham from this year'. 

5. Wrap your presents

It sounds silly, but go out and buy a bunch of nice wrapping paper, some ribbon and gift tags and wrap all those gifts you bought. Spend some time to doing, dedicate an hour or two and do it well. Make sure the Christmas carols are playing in the background too.

6. Get an Advent Calendar

Look it's probably too late for your now, but for future reference: get an advent calendar!! Whether it's a chocolate one, or make up or even wine, they are the best way to get excited for Christmas. 

7. Go see some Christmas Lights

I am yet to do this, but it is another favourite of mine at Christmas time. I don't know about your town, but Canberra typically goes all out. There are some families in Canberra that do it every year and it is amazing. There are tunnels, cookies, Santa, everything you could possibly need.

8. Buy a whole stack of Christmas Chocolate

There are two times a year when Chocolate is better than usual - Easter and Christmas. Buy a whole stack of it, maybe don't eat it all at once, but definitely eat it. The limited edition Favourites boxes, Cadbury's Chocolate Santa's and Popping Candy Elves. Mmmm.... *wanders off to eat more of her Christmas chocolate, forgetting completely about her current blog writing*

9. Watch Vlogmas and Read Blogmas

I love watching and reading all the Christmas posts that come out during December. One of my favourites is of course Zoella, her 24 Days of Vlogmas and 24 Days of Zoella are amazing and always make me want to go out and buy Christmas sweaters.

10. Cook some Christmas goodies

Now is the time to have a go at baking those Gingerbread cookies you've always wanted to try, or that Peppermint Hot Chocolate! Experiment with some different recipes. I made star shaped cookies dipped in chocolate the other day, delicious! 

What is your favourite way to get into the Christmas spirit? Mine is definitely the Christmas Carols, as soon as they start playing I am ready!


  1. I haven't had a tree for a number of years (we always get a fresh one, but we haven't been at home the last few Christmases), but I always enjoy decorating it when we do. I swear next year I'm going to score myself a beauty advent calendar of some description!

  2. Oh I love this! I'm constantly trying to find things to make me feel a little more festive! I forgot to get myself an advent calendar this year and I'm gutted


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