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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Holiday Haul - Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko is an Italian cosmetics brand founded in 1997. Their motto 'Be What You Want to Be' sums up their vision of beauty, which is designed around you being who you are, a motto that I love. I hadn't tried or even heard of the brand before I came to Italy and at first I was skeptical of the quality seeing as the price was so low. My American roommate convinced me otherwise and now I can't walk past without going in! They design luxury quality products at an affordable price.

I decided I couldn't include all my Kiko purchases in my Holiday Haul post (coming soon!), there were far to many. So instead they get their own dedicated post! Being on sale, I barely spent anything on these products, I think all up they probably cost me $50-$60 Australian dollars? Not much at all!

The first two things I bought were the HUGE Fusion 01 Powder Brush and the Blending Wave Multicolour Blush in Artistic Pink. The brush is huge and bulky, but I find it's light and perfect for my setting powder, the perfect size to easily get all over my face. It is a huge brush though.

The blush is soooo pigmented, I kept putting way too much on when I first started using it. It is kind of weird have the two different tones in the compact and I'm never quite sure whether to swirl them together or take them separately, but they sit on the skin really well and are honestly a high quality blush! For less than $10, it is a bargain buy!

I got a little excited about the cheap eye make up products as well. Start with the base - my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer is starting to run out so I picked up the Eye Base primer for just under $10. It is super creamy and has the consistency and look of concealer. I'm yet to try it, but I'm excited to see how it goes.

I always look at eye pencils and think that they are such a good idea, so quick and easy. I picked up the 01 Butter and Taupe Limited Edition In The Shade Eyeshadow pencil 90% because it was rose gold. However it is a great product! The darker colour is a shimmery purple colour and the light colour is a light pink, verging on white, which is so thick! They are both really pigmented too and easy to use on the days where you want a nice eye look without the hassle.

I also picked a nude coloured Eyeshadow in colour 130, nude beige, because my Stila one is almost gone and I needed one. For $3 it is great, not the most pigmented eye shadow ever, but it does the job.

My eye liner dried out while I was away, so picked up the Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner which is a liquid eyeliner but it super black and long lasting. I'm super picky about my eye liners, but so far this one passes the test.

Finally is the Smart Lip Pencil in the colour 712, Rose Mauve and I have been wearing it almost every day as my lip colour. It is a pinky/red/nude that gives you a nice subtle bit of colour, I love it. It's long lasting, but not drying like lots of lip pencils that I've tried. For $3 it's a bargain!

There in ends my Kiko Cosmetics haul! I'm been absolutely loving this brand and it is sooo cheap! Australia you need to get a store...



  1. Wow, very inexpensive! The blush looks lovely and I reckon the rose gold eyeshadow pencil would look really flattering. I love rose gold!

  2. Thanks for an awesome post and review. I am always on the look out for new brands and products to try (especially when overseas) and this one sounds and looks like a winner :) x

  3. What a great bargain priced haul! I love the shade of your lip pencil! And I wouldn't have been able to walk past the rose gold eye shadow pencil either!

  4. kiko is Italian?! I have seen a lot of kiko products on insta and I have no idea why but I always thought it was Japanese!

    Lily not Louise

    1. I thought the same thing when I first saw it too!! But it's actually based in Milan :)

  5. Love finding out about brands that are new to me, and especially ones that are such terrific value, so thanks a bunch Laura. I MUST have that lip pencil!!!!!

  6. I love the look of that blush! Even though it looks too pink on me, I'd buy it just because it looks so pretty! lubz from

    1. That's basically why I bought it haha I don't really wear blush, but it looked so nice!!!

  7. I've always wanted to try Kiko products! Why they no ship to Australia :(. Oh well, I will live through you, lol.


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