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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Travel Journal

Seeing as I have been away and I don't yet have a beauty post ready for you all, I decided it might be more suiting to do a travel post. In particularly I wanted to take you through one of my favourite things to do while travelling - journalling. It's just a great way to document your trip and also let any of your pent up emotions, that may arise on your trip, out. I just wanted to share some of my favourite things to include in my travel journal, and also some snapshots from my current journal. 

My top tip for when it comes to what to write in your travel journal? Anything and everything. Don't feel you need to be constrained to what you write in your journal. That's the best thing about it, you can write whatever comes to your mind - if you seeing someone doing something stupid, write about it. If you feel terrified about flying, write about it. It can be a great way to vent or to clear your head when you're away, but it's also the best way to document your memories on paper. If I go on a tour, I try to document some of the facts that our tour guide shares with us, especially the interesting ones. Something that I might look back on later when I'm sharing stories with friends and family. 

One of my favourite things I like to add to my journal are polaroids. They are a solid picture that I can take in one moment and save in my journal forever. Also I love polaroid photos! I was so disappointed, my polaroid camera broke while I was away, so I had to pick up a new one (so worth it!) 

I also stick any tickets or business cards or any little paper document that I can fit into my journal to document tours or museums that I visited. I've started picking up postcards as well to stick in to give a petter snapshot of wear I am. I've noticed some really cute hand drawn postcards around Italy, so I've been picking those up for my trip. 

I sometimes get creative and draw little pictures in, but I'm not very good at drawing, so that doesn't happen very often...

Hope you enjoyed seeing inside my travel journal!! 

Ciao from Florence!



  1. Loved this post Laura! I used to journal on all my holidays but now I only do a couple of days and forget haha! But like you I am obsessed with Polaroid pictures so I think I will give this a go on my upcoming trip to Bali! It looks so good and I love your hand drawn doodles too - it gives it character and a personal touch :) x

    1. I never knew what to do with all the polaroids I took haha and then I was like 'why not stick them in my journals...?' and it's been a love love relationship ever since haha

  2. I journal when I'm on holidays too! I do it at home as well, but not that often these days. Half the time I just take my normal diary with me, but for my upcoming trip I've got a dedicated journal just for that. Mine's all words & recollections of the day & events etc - I'm nowhere near as detailed as you are with photos & the like! Btw, you have lovely handwriting Laura. :o)

    1. Oh thank you!! Most of it's just hurried scrawl haha xx

  3. Loving your travel journal and the polaroid pictures are the perfect instant photo and size to add!

  4. Loved having a sneak peak into your journal. I use to journal years ago, and stick things in there, but I don't anymore. I have a Polaroid, so I'll definitely be keen to do a travel journal next time I travel. Yours looks so cool.

  5. what a great idea!! I really want a polaroid camera to quickly document things in my life. Love this post :)

    all these products are new to me! But i'm slowly easing more towards natural skincare - I went to a DIY workshop recently and it's ridiculously easy

    Lily not Louise

  6. I love journalling when I'm on holidays and it has to be a written journal as opposed to a digital journal! It creates such a lovely momento from the holiday which when I read back to myself later transports me right back to that time on holidays!

  7. Maybe because I'm a writer in my day job, I just don't have the patience or inclination to journal when travelling. Luckily the hubster does it instead, it's amazing how quickly you forget where you did things.

  8. I love it! I've always wanted to create a travel journal on my holidays but I never get the time and I worry it won't look good enough! Yours looks fabulous :)

  9. Ahh Firenze! I have such fond memories ♥ Wish there'd been an internet when I did all my travelling - this is such a beaut idea Laura ♥


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