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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Firenze, mi amore!

I'm in love. Completely and utterly head over heels. I'm not even ashamed to admit it. Florence, I love you.

It has finally come time for my time in Florence to come to an end and it has honestly been some of the best three weeks of my life. It is one of the most beautiful cities and easily became like home for me. I'm so sad to not be there anymore. Time for the cheesy title I avoided - Florence: 25 reasons why!

1. The Duomo - The heart of Florence. I will miss waking up to see this outside my window everyday. 

2. Italian food - Florence knows how to do food. I never had a bad meal in Florence. You will always be chasing that Italian taste once you leave.

3. Piazzale Michelangelo - Perfect for that panoramic shot of Florence.

4. Forte di Belvedere - A great spot to see all of Florence, plus it has a super cool art exhibition on at the moment!! (Side note: Kim and Kayne got married here).

5. Pino's Sandwiches - The best sandwiches from the nicest guy in Florence. He will feel like the Italian father you never had! I miss you already Pino.

6. Piazza della Signoria - Neptune, fake David, concerts amongst the statues, the golden turtle and the dude measuring the clouds. It's a place of beauty.

7. Gelateria dei Neri - My other favourite place for gelato. They do the best grantias (slushies) you could ever try!

8. Top of the Duomo - Climb to the top and know what it feels like to be standing on top of the middle of Florence! My top tip, book your time at the museum or ticket office to avoid waiting two hours in line.

9. Nightlife - I'm not a big night owl, but the nightlife in Florence is huge. It's basically the city that never sleeps (because everyone is drinking and having a good time!)

10. The carousel in Piazza della Republica - Who doesn't love a merry-go-round?!

11. Boboli Gardens - Pay the 10 euro to go visit this garden. It is incredible and you could spend hours exploring it. It is one of my favourite places in Florence. I could honestly do a whole blog post on this beautiful place. 

12. Waking up to church bells - This is something I will miss so dearly. Living across from the Duomo meant that you heard the bells ring every hour, sometimes more frequently. It is a sound you won't get bored of.

13.  Strega Nocciola - My absolute favourite gelato place. There is good gelato everywhere in Florence, but this is one of my favourites.

14. Ponte Vecchio - All the beautiful jewellery you could want! So many people, but it's beautiful.

15. Mercato Centrale - The perfect place to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese! It is such a fun environment and has some of the best produce. Plus, walk outside straight into the leather market.

16. Buskers - They are honestly everywhere, you can't walk anywhere around the Duomo without hearing some beautiful music somewhere. The brass band that played jazz one night, you guys are my favourite and I want a jazz band to play for me every Sunday evening.!

17. David - How could we forget David's beautiful butt?  

18. Living in history - It is like travelling back in time. You are literally exploring a city that is thousands of years old.

19. Shopping - So many places to spend you money! Plus you have all the high end stores. Spend to your hearts content!

20. The inability to get lost - Look, don't trust me with this one, but as long as I could find the Duomo I always knew how to find my way home.

21. The Museums - There are some of the best museums in Florence, visit them all, they will all have something new and beautiful to show you.

22. Palazzo Pitti - Whether you visit the museum or go to a concert or opera, don't forget to stop by this beautiful palace. Oh and if you do go to the museum, make sure you wait at the table to visit the original kitchen, it is usually closed to the public, but can be accessed a few times throughout the day.

23. The Secret Bakery - Open from the early morning, they are one of the best things about Florence night (early morning) life. You can basically smell your way to them.

24. A boat trip down the River Arno - Florence from a different angle, still as beautiful as ever.

25. The people, the place, everything - Florence stole my heart and I can't wait until I'm back.

Florence it is not goodbye, simply see you soon. I miss you already x


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