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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Bali Body’s NEW Gradual Face Tan // AD

Gone are the days of sun tanning, today we are all about safe tanning practices and that is where fake tan comes in! I have been using Bali Body fake tan for a few years now and have always loved how natural, but gorgeous their tans look, and they have just released a brand new product to make it even easier!

Let me introduce you to Bali Body’s brand new Gradual Face Tan. This is a new multi-tasking face cream that combines your daily moisturiser with self tan to keep you looking radiant and bronzed all the time. It contains antioxidants and natural moisturising ingredients to help with hydrating and soothing the skin, as well as providing anti-ageing benefits. It’s designed to make moisturising and tanning super easy.

Key Ingredients: Aloe vera extract • Cacao butter • Shea butter • Coconut oil • Sweet almond • Natural DHA.

I have been using the gradual tanner for a few weeks now and I love it. When I am using the Bali Body Self Tan, this is the perfect companion. The packaging design, with the airless pump, makes it super easy to use. To use, I simply cleanse my face and then apply one to two pumps all over my face. It is a tan, so I would recommend making sure you are massaging the moisturiser into the skin really well and also taking it down to the décolletage and blending it into the hairline (I did find the first couple of goes, that it was noticeable in my hairline, so take it from me!) To build up to a level that matches my tan, I would apply this morning and night for two to three days. However, if you are going for a super dark tan, you might like to apply for a little longer. Then I just apply it every other day, as needed, to maintain the glow. 

Now, I’m not a huge tanner, but this has become a staple in my routine. I love it for many reasons. First off, it’s a lightweight moisturiser. It’s not oily or thick on the skin and is the perfect consistency that a dry skin type can get away with this because of the cacao and shea butter and still feel hydrated, but it would also work for an oily skin type, without feeling too heavy. Because it contains Aloe Vera, it’s not irritating and I did find that it even helped to calm some of my angry breakouts and eczema on my face. Whenever I am tanning, I also find that my tan ALWAYS wears off my face first, due to regularly washing my face, or using exfoliant that remove my tan. This little cream has been  the perfect way to maintain my tan, without having to reapply an actual tan every other night. The colour is BEAUTIFUL! The perfect bronze glow - not orange in anyway. It’s also just SO easy to use. I am hopeless at tanning…no matter how many times I do it, I seem to mess up somewhere, and this works seamlessly - no streaking, uneven patches or build up anywhere, even in my dry patches. When I’m not tanning, I have still been using this to keep a bit of bronze glow in my skin, because it’s versatile enough that one application isn’t going to leave you looking too tanned. It’s great to maintain a glowy complexion all year round, without necessarily the effort of a full tan. The Gradual Face Tan is also vegan and cruelty free, and free from parabens and sulphates.

Honestly, I feel like this has changed the game for me. Never before did I think that I would need to have a face tanner, but now that I have one, I don’t want to let it go… 

The Gradual Face Tan is available to purchase now from the Bali Body. If you’re after a new Self Tan as well, I would highly recommend thiers


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