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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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New Year, New Me?

Hey guys, guess what! Yup, you guessed right, it's now 2018 (I need to get harder guessing games...) and it's that time of year for the resolutions to come out, so naturally I have to jump on this bandwagon too!

Isn't that how the saying goes - new year, new me? While we can't necessarily start with a clean slate, I do see the New Year as a time to turn over a new leaf, start a new chapter, or whatever other fancy metaphor you want to use. I wasn't unhappy with how I was in 2017 at all. If anything I feel that 2017 was a time where I worked out who I was, what I was doing and what was important to me. In 2017 I finished uni, got an awesome job (which I am super excited to start in 2018) and really started to put myself first. I stopped caring about numbers on Instagram and really just starting to find my groove and enjoy blogging again. It was a big year, but one that, looking back on, I really enjoyed and saw myself grow in. So no, it's not 'New Year, New Me' in 2018, but I did want to share some of the goals I have for myself this year.

In 2018, I would see my overarching aim as learning to put myself first. If there is anything I have learnt from 2017, it's that not doing this can be detrimental to my physical and emotional health. With my first year of teaching about to start, it could end up being an extremely stressful and hard year, so I want to learn how to put myself first so that I know when I need to take a break, when I need to say no and when I just need to get a glass of wine and watch some trashy TV. I think that can be one of the hardest lessons in life, learning when it's ok to put yourself first. I am going to try and be less hard on myself when it comes to my blog. Learning to be flexible and knowing that it's ok if I am not posting regularly, or if I just can't be bothered to post at all for a while. Learning how to leave work at work, and being able to come home and relax, put my feet up and be present with Mr TLOL, rather then letting my mind be focussed elsewhere. Little things like that. 

I do have some smaller resolutions as well, that I have put in place to help a little bit with my overarching goal, but also to just help me in general.

1. Exercise at least 52 times this year 

I think I put something about exercise in my resolutions every year, but I never seem to stick to it. This year I tried to be a bit more reasonable with my resolution. 52 times equates to at least once a week and seeing as I have basketball once a week for 30 times a year, it shouldn't be hard to achieve this. There is also a lovely path that Mr TLOL and I enjoy walking on, so trying to do that every so often would be nice to. If I do more then one work out a week, then that's awesome! However, I didn't want to pressure myself into aiming for at least one workout, or form of exercise a week, because let's be real - life happens. I might be sick, I might have a tonne of reports to write, or I just might not be feeling it and that's ok. I just want to try and encourage myself to be more active 

2. Practice more self care

This is directly linked to my main goal - putting myself first. I was also inspired to create this goal when I saw The Daily Catchup's Self Love Challenge. Her challenge consists of 31 days of self love, but you could pick and choose as you wish as well. I am going to try and do each and every one throughout January. I want to try and practice self care in someway each week. I am planning on starting to journal again. I used to do it all the time, just in a random notebook, writing down all the random thoughts I had, the good things that happened, bad things, and the things I was grateful for in each day. I want to get back into this again this year. But self care can be anything. From having switching of devices and having a pamper session, or getting in the bath, hanging out with a friend I haven't seen in ages, doing my make up even though I don't have anywhere to go. I just want to find something each week that is just me-time, without anyone else around or anyone interrupting, something that lifts me up and lets me recharge. 

3. Hit 10k on Instagram

I know, I know. Earlier I said I didn't really care about numbers on Instagram anymore, but I think it's always nice to have a goal. I am almost at 7k now, so it's not too far to go, and I have 12 months. Mostly I want to focus on creating content that I both enjoy and am really happy with. In 2017 I feel like I churned out too much stuff that I didn't really care about because I felt pressure from brands and people. This year I want it to come back to my roots a little bit more and to create content that I love. I hope that by creating content that I enjoy creating, it will in turn help increase my following (I mean, a girl can dream!)

4. Read 52 books this year

Another week based goal....I am really into this weekly thing with my resolutions this year. About halfway through 2017 I seemed to stop reading, I was getting through a book maybe once a month. Anyone who knows me knows that I typically read a book every couple of days when I am on a roll, but for some reason (probably due to being so busy) I just stopped reading. In 2018, I want to get back into enjoying reading. I currently have so many good books to read and I really want to get involved with Sharni (A Girl & Grey) book club, which I have looked at every month and then not participated in. I used to read every night before bed. It was my time to switch off devices and just prepare my mind for going to sleep and I desperately want to get back into that habit. So 2018 is going to be the year of reading! If you want to keep up with my progress, I have cleaned out and restored my Goodreads account, so you can come over and see what I am currently reading, what my thoughts on books have been and what is on my 'To Be Read' shelf. 

5. Get my savings up!

2018 is going to be a slightly more expensive year for me. I mean, we are getting married, so naturally I am going to be spending a bit of money. However, I really wanted to put a goal in to actually save up some money this year and to try and be a little bit more disciplined with my purchases. I do have a value goal in mind, but I am going to keep that to myself, mostly because I don't want the internet to know how much money I have. I have put myself on a more restrained spending ban. I am currently, only allowing myself to buy things when I have run out of something, when there is a new release I have been dying to get my hands on, or when there is a dynamite sale (where I would basically be making money!). I have enough stuff that I really don't need to be buying so many material items in 2018. I am going to aim to put 50% of each pay check into my savings account and try not to touch that each month. No, I won't always be able to do that. There will be weeks when we have bills or when things are broken, but it's because of those things that I want to try to save a little bit more this year. 

Those are my five goals for this year. I have tried to be a bit more practical and reasonable with my resolutions this year, so that I can maybe, actually achieve them. Have you set any New Years Resolutions this year? I'd love to hear what your goals for 2018 are xx


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