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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Peony Parcel | The Embrace Edition

Peony Parcel The Embrace Edition
"Me" time is something we all want more of. That half an hour, or more of time away from anyone else, to just relax and unwind from the busyness of day to day life. Peony Parcel*, a new Australian subscription box, aims to deliver you 3 to 5 full size or deluxe sample beauty, bath, lifestyle and wellness products to help you enjoy some "me" time.  It is a bi-monthly subscription which aims to help you unwind.

A single box costs $59.95, but if you sign up for 6 months you get much better value, plus if you follow their Instagram they always run specials, like the 10% off offer I used when I subscribed ("peonymetime"). I resubscribed for another 6 months recently because I knew I could not live without this box in my life, it's such a good little reminder to have this turn up in your mail box every two months. This month's edition is The Embrace Edition and another amazing it is. So what is inside this month? The first thing was a beautiful pink scarf (not pictured) that I think will come in handy in this winter weather, and will also be very stylish.

Charlie's Cookies // Raspberry Mini Melting Moments

Established in 1995, Charlie’s has grown from a much-loved local shop selling home-baked cookies to an innovative producer of seriously delicious gourmet treats – both for the food service industry and for consumers to take home and enjoy.

One box of delicious cookies to help me get through the first week of my placement. Definitely a much needed snack. I've been wanting to try Charlie's Cookies for ages, they look so delicious, so I am super excited to try these out.

Peony Parcel The Embrace Edition Charlie's Cookies
Peony Parcel The Embrace Edition Hop and Cotton

Hop and Cotton // The Lip Guard

hop & cotton was born out of a personal struggle. For a long time Ee Ting, the founder, battled extremely sensitive and reactive skin. It made her uncomfortably self-conscious and deprived of self-confidence. She formulated a range of gentle skin care to work for her difficult skin.

While it's called the lip guard, it is a super versatile balm that can be used not only on the lips but other dry skin too, include cuticles. It doesn't really have a scent or flavour and is super hydrating. It went straight on my dry lips and so far I'm loving how soft it is leaving my lips. 

I've never of this brand before, but now I am super intrigued by it's origins and how it works well for someone with difficult skin (just like me!). Also the simple packaging is gorgeous, so now I really want to try more. Definitely adding it to the 'to try' list.

Nina Bailey // Lavender Pillow Mist

Nina Bailey is an eco-luxury home fragrance and body care studio based in Perth, Western Australia. They believe in making the best there is, and doing it locally. Each product in their beautiful range is personally hand-made with intention and love.

I am a big fan of pillow mists and using essential oils as a way to relax. I have used a number of different lavender mists that you spray on your pillow before bed. As you roll around and lie on the pillow you will get a nose full of lavender to help calm and relax you to sleep. In the super anxious state I'm currently in, anything that helps relax or calm me is a big winner for me. I have been loving this one a lot. It's not a super strong lavender, but a gorgeous subtle one that I have found really calming. If you love lavender or are looking for a pillow spray, definitely check this one out. Plus it's huge!!!


Peony Parcel The Embrace Edition Nina Bailey

Freya's Nourishment // Rose Hand Scrub

At Freya's Nourishment we believe everyone deserves to be surrounded by natural beauty - not just today, but every day. Our holistic approach to health and beauty, and our desire for excellence, is at the core of everything we create. So try Freya's Nourishment and treat yourself everyday.

After running out of my favourite hand scrub last month I was in the market for a new hand scrub. I know I know, I could just use a body scrub, but I like to have a dedicated one as a little reminder to scrub and take care of my hands a little more often. This one smells amazing (and matches my rose hand cream!) and is extremely hydrating. It has numerous different oils in it that will leave your hands feeling hydrating even after you wash the scrub off. I actually didn't feel like I needed to apply a hand cream after I scrubbed, that's how hydrating it was.

Peony Parcel The Embrace Edition Freya's Nourishment
Peony Parcel The Embrace Edition Freya's Nourishment

Sowkh // Soul Mate Bath Bomb

Pronounced 'soak', Sowkh is inspired by natures mind, body and soul healing wonders, sowkh combines the use of earth derived skin loving ingredients only. With therapeutic, herbal and botanical goodness, sowkh excludes any potentially harmful and toxic nasties such as SLS, artificial colours, artificial fragrance oils or synthetic formulation enhancers. Know that when when you're bathing in sowkh, your experience will be of pure, relaxing, detoxifying, cleansing, skin softening and therapeutic nature.

I was going to say that I saved my favourite for last, but I have honestly loved every product in this box. But, you know I love my baths so this was an exciting product for me! It is a simple, but beautiful bath bomb that leaves your bath smelling amazing and was really relaxing to use. With rose petals dispersed throughout the bath as it fizzes away it also feels almost romantic to use. I loved this bath bomb and now want to buy ten more from's beautiful.

Peony Parcel The Embrace Edition Sowkh

Peony Parcel The Embrace Edition Sowkh

Another amazing box from Peony Parcel, they just never cease to impress me. If you are in the market for a new Subscription Box, I cannot recommend Peony Parcel enough. It is a simple reminder to take some time for yourself, all while introducing you to a number of different Australian brands. I love it!



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