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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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My Skincare Journey || QV Skincare + GIVEAWAY {CLOSED}

Today we are going to go on a bit of a personal journey, all about why skincare is so important to me. Also make sure you keep reading to find out how you could win some of your own QV products!

We are going to go all the way back to high school, Year 9 to be precise. That is where the story about my skincare regime started. During Year 9 I had the worst reaction on my face to a drugstore foundation I had bought. My face dried out like crazy and became so itchy, to the point where I was tearing off skin because it was that bad. Year 9 is hard enough with confidence and self esteem, without having a face that is red and flaky. It was during this time that I started using the QV Face Range. After finally admitting to mum that I needed to see a doctor, I was told that I needed to use the QV Face range, alongside some medicine, to calm the angry and sore reaction. It took a while, but eventually my skin calmed down and returned to normal. In the subsequent years, I had a number of other reactions in my skin to different skincare and make up products. Every single time that happened I returned to using QV, because I knew it was the one range that would never irritate my skin.

My skin has now calmed down a lot and is now where near as sensitive as it was during that time. I also know how to tell when my skin isn't agreeing with something - dryness, intense stinging and itchiness. However, a few years ago I got an awful itchy sensation on the inside of my elbows. I soon discovered this was eczema. Again, my doctor told me to start using QV again to not irritate my skin.

Moral of the story is that so many products that we use have harmful ingredients, or elements that irritate the skin. For me, it is important to have simple ingredients that are kind to the skin and don't irritate it. This is why QV has been such an important brand for me to use all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love to try new things (as you all know) and branch out, but I always have some QV stocked up in the cupboard for my eczema is particularly bad (typically during high stress times) or when I have a reaction to something, because I know that I can trust it no matter what.

I thought I would also share some of my favourite QV products to have in the cupboard in case you're looking for some gentle skincare to stock up. 

1. Rescue Gel - This is a must for me. I find it's the perfect product to apply if I am particularly irritated. It helps to instantly soothe my skin and hydrate the dryness I get from both eczema and irritation.

2. Ultra Calming Moisturiser* - This is a new one from QV, but already a favourite for me. Everyone needs a good, gentle moisturiser and this one is one of the best I've tried. 

3. Gentle Wash* -  It is hydrating to use and so gentle. I find that body washes often irritates my eczema, so I always reach for gentle body washes. It's definitely a staple I recommend for sensitive skin, or eczema sufferers!

4. Skin Lotion* - My legs are the part of my body that is most sensitive. They react to everything I swear. The QV Skin Lotion is honestly my go-to body lotion to keep my legs hydrated, but not irritated.

Now I want to hear your skincare story. I have teamed up with QV to giveaway away a QV Hamper to someone who shares their skincare journey and why gentle skincare is so important to you (bonus points if it's about QV!!). Make sure to either include a social media handle (Twitter or Instagram, please specify) or an email so I can contact you if you are the winner! Head over to my other social media channels for an extra entry as well! The hamper includes the following products:

  • QV Skin Lotion
  • QV Face Gentle Cleanser
  • QV Face Ultra Calming Moisturiser
  • QV Face Night Cream
  • QV Face Revitalising Eye Cream

Giveaway is open to AUS Residents and will close on 4th June 2017. To enter, share your Skincare Story and why QV skincare is important to you. One winner will be contacted on the 5th June 2017. Competition also being run across my social media channels. 


*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice. I honestly just love QV, so this story is an honest reflection of my skincare journey and why QV products are so important to me.


  1. I love QV also love the ambassador Kate. Was lovely to meet her at the QV breaky x

  2. That is such a nice journey, so happy that your skin is better and calm now. I had almost the same journey as yours when i had acne/congestion all over my cheek and chin area. I went to dermatologist's and it would get better until i am on prescription and then again it would come back. I was so torn and it effected my confidence at one point. Then i went into researching about skin care and ingredients after which my skin has really been co-operative with what i put on it. I made some changes to my diet and it is better now with occasional hormonal breakouts.

  3. I've used a few products from this brand before, in act the current shower gel I use is by them, and I love their stuff :)

    Amy //

  4. I totally feel you Laura - I had a very similar situation. When I was in high school I was prone to eczema and rosacea. The rosacea in particular was very bad in Year 8 - it actually hurt so bad that if a teacher turned the heater on in the class room (as you do haha) I would often end up having to go to the sick room and put an ice pack on my face because it was burning so badly. To this day I still avoid unnatural heat as much as possible but fortunately I don't get it anywhere near as badly these days. At the time I also had that type of acne where I had lots of bumps on the surface of my skin - lots of really ugly white heads that you couldn't hide. I couldn't use harsh products because of the other irritations going on in my skin, so I used QV then too. It's consequently always been my go-to when my skin is being a bit sensitive. It happens less often these days after some medications (and fortunately just growing out of it it seems) but it's always nice to know there's something I can go to when it happens!

  5. Maybe I should try this. My skin just flared up really bad with an allergic reaction yet again. I think it was from a makeup item though, rather than skincare. It can be very frustrating though. Great post :)

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  6. I personally have never used them before but so glad they helped you clear up your skin issues over the years!!

  7. The eye cream and the calming moisturiser sound amazing! I would love to try them out. I'm very much like you, having sensitive and dry skin when I was younger it has bleed a lot into my adult life and influences how careful I am about the products that I put on my skin. I think we have all relate to having that one skincare brand that we know an trust and turn to when our skin is just having a bad day!

    Rochelle ||

  8. I've never tried QV, but I've heard so many amazing things about it calming skin down! I'm glad it worked so well for you!

    Sharni //

  9. I went through my teen years battling really severe eczema that covered my legs, arms and my chest. It was so bad that it would weep and my clothing especially my bras would stick to my skin and then I would have to soak in a bath with my clothing on so I could get my clothes off without pulling my skin off. It was itchy and very painful. Painful physically but also emotionally. I felt crushed when it started on my eyelids as well. For a young teen to be battling with these issues was just horrible. I battled for years and tried many medications from the Doctors. Some helped and some made things worse. My poor Mum tried everything she could think of for me along with homeopathic treatments. It became something that I managed rather then dealt with.
    My teenage years are now far behind me and I now have children of my own ...the youngest is now 20. When she was in her teens she suddenly started having issues with eczema. Thankfully it was no where near as bad as what I had battled with and still had issues with but even so I knew how distressing this could be for a teen. We visited the Doctor and she was given medications which calmed things a little but the moment she stopped using them it would flare up again. Like my Mother had done with me...I tried everything. My daughter was also getting it on her eye area.
    QV products came into our lives as an act of desperation. It was worth a try. The Gentle creamy cleanser is just that....Gentle and creamy and Ive found its very calming on my roseaca and I have had no negative reaction at all. My daughter likewise has had no negative reaction and the eczema issues she had on her face have completely gone as have the areas on her hands she had issues with.
    After this success I decided to try the Gentle wash and can proudly say all issues on various parts of my body with eczema have 100% vanished.
    I added in the QV hand cream which is not a cream that you would use if you were after an indulgent type experience as it has no smell but its often the fragrance in products that can cause issues but I found this cream to do its job as far as offering my skin moisture and I have had no issues with itchy sore hands at all.

    I have not tried the other products you have mentioned in the range but I certainly would like to.

    Twitter @meedee64

    1. Congrats Fawn! I love your story, and you are the lucky winner of the gift pack! I will send you a message on Twitter to organise to get your prize pack to you xx

    2. Just wanted to say another Thank you and let you know that my wonderful pack of QV goodies arrived early this morning. I woke up at 7am and it was waiting for me so goodness knows what time it was delivered. I cant wait to try out the products that are new to me. Thank you and thank you to QV as well :)

    3. Yay! So glad to hear it arrived safe and sound xx

  10. So glad you found something that works! I dealt with adult acne for a while and it took me so long to figure what worked and what didn't. But I know that feeling of relief when you know something will work for sure.

  11. I love QV's range of products! My whole family uses it.

  12. When I was in my late teens, I noticed a cluster of red, itchy bumps forming on the pointy part of my left elbow. Within a day or two the individual bumps merged to form a single 10 cent size of red, itchy flare. I didn't know what it was so I turned to my family for answers. They were unsure so I went online and found the flare symptoms matched a few possibilities such as ringworm and something called jock itch or tinea cruris. Reading all the possibilities made me feel icky and itchy all over so I went to the pharmacy and bought a tube of anti-fungal cream. To my relief, the flare dried up and disappeared soon after. However, within a month it came back on the same spot and then went away again within a week and a half but then came back again. I was confused because I felt the anti-fungal cream should have cleared up whatever was going on with the skin on my elbow.

    Finally, I did what I should have done earlier, which is to visit my GP who took one look at the flare and prescribed an ointment for eczema flares. He also advised me to preserve my skins moisture by switching to a soap-free body wash and suggested the QV range. I did as he advised and my elbow eczema flare dried up and disappeared, never to come back on the same spot again. Now, I avoid harsh soaps and use the QV wash to minimize moisture loss in my skin. After my shower, I apply QV lotion on my body from head to toe while my skin is still damp to replenish and create a moisture barrier for my skin. I love how gentle and effective the QV products are on my dry, and sensitive skin. The QV products and the prescription ointment have kept my eczema under control and I rarely get a flare but when I do get a flare, I now have the right combination of products to deal with the itchy madness.

    BH: Gilded
    IG: jyotiic_

  13. My skin has always been relatively okay - not fab but not bad. When I hit my late teens/early adult years, my sister and I both came down with a horrible case of absesis. We were getting them left right and centre and sometimes in not so flattering places. Mine got so bad I was admitted to hospital with possible blood poisoning as the infection had spread. My sister and I both used QV body wash after our hospital admissions (yep she had to go in too!) and to this day our skin has remained happy! Well, happy ish. We still get the occasional breakout but it's so manageable!

  14. I'm glad you discovered your 'go-to' skincare brand for when your skin is irritated early on! It's so good once you know what you can always rely on!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  15. I haven't tried anything from this brand before but I'm glad you have found something that works for you. My husband has dry skin too and I'm always in hunt of finding good products for him.i will check this out.

    Ash |

  16. I've actually never tried any of QV's products but have always heard that they're amazing for sensitive and irritated skin. My skin isn't particularly sensitive, but it's definitely prone to acne and acne scarring - so I use skincare targeted towards that. My body however can definitely get irritated and I can often get rashes during the winter. I might have to give the body lotion a try then!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  17. Wow, my journey isn't anywhere near as dramatic (just annoying). I'm still on the path to finding an appropriate solution to these not-so-lovely bumps that arise all over my thighs and sometimes my calves. My shins seem to remain bump free as do my knees but my legs get bumpy and itchy, and in turn (when itched) they become irritated, red, sore, sometimes they weep, and then raised lumps appear that take weeks to heal.

    My first course of action was to replace all loofahs and exfoliating gloves with new gear, checked my razors (I hardly shave anyway because I hate it) and look at my soaps. I also use all natural cleaning products in the bathroom so I knew that wasn't it. I tend to go for Lush or natural (market-based) soaps so perhaps it was the fragrance, however the irritation was isolated only to my legs. I am using a fragrance free olive oil soap at present in conjunction with a fragrance free body moisturiser by Dermal Therapy called Very Dry Skin Lotion. The lotion works well insofar that it is an excellent moisturiser. The itch returns in approximately twelve hours.

    For me, the next step is seeing a doctor and also looking at skincare alternatives. I don't typically have sensitive skin. If anything, I only have sensitive olfactory receptors! If a scent is too strong, intense or not to my liking, it can trigger a headache! I have never used QV and am open to anything. Now that we are going into winter, the thought of wearing jeans against my bumpy legs (and exacerbating the itch) is enough to make me want to 1) scratch, and 2) wear leggings for life! There has to be a better way to live than this.

    TUD x

    1. Apologies, I forgot to put in my Instagram handle: @cuttingshapes

      TUD x

  18. Your photos are amazing!!! And secondly, I love QV! Their body products are so gentle and hydrating on the skin.

  19. My Skincare Journey: I suffered with Eczema when I was a baby when I was roughly 5 years old I didn't have eczema anymore It changed to contact dermatitis. I would constantly get rashes on my hands, neck and face all through primary and high school. I still get rashes and irritation frequently because of my contact dermatitis anything I touch or use that doesn't agree with my skin I will come up in horrible sore, red and itchy uncomfortable rashes generally on my hands, face and neck. Also in the last few months I have spent so much money just on makeup only having to give them to my mum or sister because I would come up in a reaction. I have to careful with soaps, makeup, skincare, detergent and cleaning chemicals or I come up in rash. My Mum started using QV skincare on me when I was young and it was the only product line that worked on my severely sensitive skin. I have gone through lots of gentle washes and moisturisers from QV. I have now run out of my QV products and can't afford to repurchase at the moment so I would love the opportunity to win! I also love their face mask, cleanser, wash and moisturisers!

    Instagram: sari.grosse

  20. I'm so lucky that my skin has always given me a pretty easy time! I usually just use micellar water, H20 and rosehip oil!

  21. My youngest daughter has very dry skin, particularly on her legs. If I had to describe how her skin feels, I would say that it is almost like running your hand along sandpaper; dry and rough.
    I usually bath her, as opposed to showering her, and have tried quite a few different brands of washes (many targeted at babies/children), but haven't come across anything that softens her skin much at all. I have also tried a few different creams with minimal results as well.
    Your post has encouraged me to research QV. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that QV is Australian made and owned (I always prefer to buy Australian made), and that a chemist created the product that has become QV's popular bath oil (QV stands for Queen Victoria - the hospital in Melbourne that originally requested the product). How interesting! I also love that the QV range are free from soap and fragrance. The products sound fantastic, and I would love to be able to try these on my daughter. Thank you for the opportunity.
    My instagram is inthegoodbooksblog

  22. I want to share a skincare journey that's indirectly associated to me, but still affects me. I have a younger (aged wise) friend who has a serious skin condition so bad, at times, where he wakes up he's in a pool of blood in bed from all the itching from the night before. He told me he's tried everything, every products and even medications but it doesn't fix anything. He has his moments, of course, where he'll be a bit better, depending on what he eats and the weather as well. His skin peels a lot, causing scars, and itching and a lot of times bleeding. He told me one time he tried using QV and it actually worked for him, but he can't afford it long time cause of the cost, so he feels a bit hopeless about finding something that works long-term. I would like to win this for him, and give him hope that he can recover as well. Give him the encouragement that someone is thinking about him, and actually genuinely cares about his health and well-being.

    Instagram: @suzannedang

  23. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories! I loved reading them and it was so choose from the list! But congrats to Fawn who is the lucky winner! Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future xx


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