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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Epilation || Braun Silk-épil 9

I know hair removal is something we start to forget about during Winter, when we can layer on the pants and not have to worry about having hairy legs. At least until Spring comes and it's warm enough that pants no longer work. But how satisfying is it to have silky smooth legs? Don't you want that all year round? I know I do....

Epilation is becoming the new way to get rid of unwanted hair - on your legs, your face, under your eyes, or even from you know where. An epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out, much like waxing. Imagine a spinning device that has lots of tiny tweezers that pull the hairs out. Braun has released a number of Epilators over the year, and for the past month I have been trying their Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa* as my hair removal technique. 

The Epilator Head

Let's have a little chat about the Silk-épil 9 first, before we discuss results. With 4 -in-1 epilation, exfoliation and massaging technology, the new Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa is the perfect pampering package. It comes with 12 added extras! But we'll get to those in a second. So why choose the Silk-épil 9 over other epilators? Well there are a couple of unique features:

  • The Silk-épil 9 has a 40% wider head removing a lot more hair in one stroke for a faster epilation, removing hairs efficiently from the root for lasting smoothness. 
  • It has a pivoting head to adapt to your body contour as you epilator. 
  • It is 100% waterproof, meaning it can be used both wet and dry, depending on what works best for you.
  • The epilator head has a high frequency massage system with pulsating active vibrations for an extra gentle epilation. 
  • There is a smart light, which helps you to better see the hairs.
  • There are two speed settings on this epilator - speed 1 for gentle epilation and 2 for efficient epilation.

The Exfoliation Brush
All the extras fit inside a hand carry bag

In addition to these features, there are 12 added extras that come with this particular epilator as well to really give you a device that is versatile for a number of reasons. What you get when you purchase this epilator is the device itself, plus:

  • A Deep Massage Pad - which helps to improve skin appearance
  • Two exfoliation brushes - a normal, and a gentle brush - these brushes help to reduce ingrown hair and gently refine the skin.
  • Two hygiene caps for these brushes, to keep them clean and hygienic at all times.
  • A high frequency massage cap - to make epilating gentler and more comfortable.
  • A skin contact cap
  • A facial cap - for when you want to epilator your face
  • A beauty pouch - that amazingly fits all of these added extras!
  • A facial cleansing brush, including three cleansing brushes - A normal brush, an exfoliating brush and the extra sensitive brush.
So at $299, while pricey, you definitely get a lot of added bonuses with this one, which definitely makes it worth the price. 

The Deep Massage Pad

The verdict from an epilation newbie?

I had never tried an epilator before receiving this one and honestly had no idea what to expect. I have also never waxed, I am just a shaver through and through, because it's pain free, quick and easy to do. I see the appeal of waxing, but was always terrified about the pain. Now, everyone terrified me about epilating before I used it, informing of how much it was going to hurt and how much I would cry (thanks for your support guys), which of course made me absolutely terrified to try this out. So I put it off and put it off (for a few days, at least to let my hairs grow enough for it to be effective) before deciding to bite the bullet and try it out in the bath one evening. While prefer to use it in the bath when my skin is wet rather than dry, I know that I will get better results by using it dry. I would recommend using it in the bath or shower, while your skin is wet, for your first use, as soaking helps to just open up the hair follicles (or something like that) which helps to encourage those pesky buggers to come out with the epilator and makes it mildly less painful.

The Gentle Exfoliation Brush
So a little soak, and it was time. I was terrified, so scared to put that horrifying sounding device against my skin. After much putting off, I finally pressed it against my skin, starting with the back of my leg first, which will hurt less as it isn't as close to the bone. I was honestly surprised - it didn't hurt as much as I expected it to hurt. I won't lie to you. It does hurt, and I found my second use hurt more than the first. After my first couple of uses, I did get lots of little red spots all over my legs, that were a little sensitive. I always epilate before bed and apply a gentle moisturiser. Come morning, any sign of irritation has basically disappeared.

I've been using it once a week and have found I do have to go over my legs a couple of times to get it even close to being even close to as smooth as I would get by shaving (if you have a tip for getting smoother legs faster with epilating, please do let me know!!). I haven't found it to be as smooth or as quick as shaving, that's for sure. In saying that, the long term results are far better than they are with shaving. Talking to people who regularly use epilators, they say that they notice a reduction in how thick the hairs are, and how frequently the hairs reappear.

So my final verdict? It wasn't as bad as I expected. Did it produce the results I was expecting? Look, not really. My legs aren't quite as smooth after I use this as I would like, but through winter I don't really mind. As for the smoothness, there may be a number reasons it isn't as smooth - not getting as close to the skin as I can, not using it for long enough, or using it when my skin is wet. It will get better the more I use it I'm sure! I guess it's more how long it takes to remove majority of the hairs though. It does take a decent amount of time - I usually give myself at least 10 to 15 minutes to use it. I did notice a huge reduction in the amount of hairiness I had though, even just by looking in the bath tub after using it. I am going to continue using the Silk-épil 9 to see what the results are like, saving my razor for when I'm desperate. The fact that I am willing to keep using it is enough of a sign that it does a decent job, even if it's not what I expected. I love the additions to this epilator as well, the exfoliation brushes definitely come in handy before using the epilator, and I find the massage pad great for post sport when my muscles are sore as well! 

All in all, I am impressed with the epilator and all that it has to offer. It probably won't be my go to for if I need a super smooth finish (hello date night!!) but I am going to try and use it for a longer period of time to see what the results of prolonged use are, also to try and get used to the pain. 

Have you used an epilator before? Do you have any tips for me? Or would you love to try an epilator?

*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


  1. I'm like you - I stick to shaving because I've done some waxing at home before but that shit hurts, not to mention leaves my skin irritated, though it's certainly smooth. I've heard people talking so much about these devices lately but I think for now I'm going to be sticking to my classic shaving haha.

    Amy //

    1. Haha yea I am torn between it, I see the benefits of the epilator, but I also see the ease of shaving haha xx

  2. Great item to prevent future growth has worked for my mum

    1. I am hoping that I will get some long term assistance from it in reducing hair growth! xx

  3. I usually just shave. I'd be scared ha ha, but seems good. Il have to give it a try

    1. Me too, but I have found this works really well! xx

  4. Thank you for your honest review! I've always been hesitant about epilators. But as a waxer I think I could handle it! I'll have to have a look into getting one.

    1. I definitely think you could, it will definitely take a little practice for me to get completely used to it haha xx

  5. I used to have an epilator! & omg it hurt!!!! But it did work really well for hair removal!

    Sharni //

    1. Oh it is painful, that's for sure haha but I do see the appeal as well! xx

  6. Okay I am so glad I'm not the only one who isn't getting a super smooth result from this! I'm keen to keep going in hopes of that smooth finish though!

    1. Me too!! But I didn't, I'm so glad it's not just me!! xx

  7. I am not an epilator girl..I know the feeling of pain will put me off from getting smooth skin. I would rather shave my You did a great job by writing a detailed review of this Laura.

    Ash |

    1. Hahaha I know what you mean! I want the feeling and ease of shaving with the long term results of the epilator! xx


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