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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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There are so many struggles about being a pale white girl. One of them is the challenge of finding a BB Cream that is light enough for your skin tone. Anyone out there agree with me? I have, for so long, been on the hunt for a BB cream that is lightweight, but has a decent coverage and ALSO SUITS MY SKIN TONE... For so many years, I bought, and then proceeded to throw out, numerous times because they were all too damn dark. Sure, we now have lightening drops, but you want a BB Cream to be easy, not a pain. Well, as you might have worked out by now, I am writing this post because I finally found a BB Cream I can use. 

NYX BB Cream

So the NYX BB Cream is described as 'Perfection in a Tube'. That actually is what it says on the outside of the packet. It is a lightweight cream that claims to hydrate and prime for a complexion that looks perfectly beautiful. It is an oil-free formula which is designed to provide coverage while also brightening, smoothing and moisturising. It has a lot of claims, and I hadn't heard any reviews on it when I tried it, but thought I would give it a go anyway. 

I didn't love it at first, I won't lie. Probably because my skin was a little bit worse then, so I didn't get as much coverage for what I needed when my skin was blotchier and had more blemishes. Not that my skin has cleared up a bit, I absolutely love this BB Cream. 

Now, there are a few different ways you can do use this BB Cream. Either as a primer, or base to even out skin tone, then apply a foundation over the top. This works really well to create an even base. This is what I tended to use it as when I first bought it, because I really wanted more coverage over the top. It works wonders in this capacity. 

The other option, is of course as a straight BB Cream, which is what I tend to use it more as now. I mix between using a fluffy foundation brush, or a Beauty Blender to apply it, either works well. I find that it builds from a light, to almost a medium coverage. In saying that, it is so light. It honestly feels like you are wearing nothing on your face at all, yet the pigmentation is amazing!!! 

*So this is where I insert a before and after of using the BB Cream so you can all see how amazing it the coverage is!*

Amazing right! It has evened out my skintone, hidden that crater on my chin and covered most of my blemishes pretty well! There are still a couple of spots that need a little bit of concealer over the top, but I am always so impressed by how well it covers everything!
Now, the question I know you all want answered....but how well does it last? Well I'm glad you asked! Amazingly. I find that when I put it on in the morning it is more of a matte finish. Not the matte that makes you look dry and flat though, a good matte. By the end of the day my skin does go a little bit shiny, especially if I don't set it, but not over the top shiny. I have normal/combination skin type, so I don't have super oily skin, and can't comment on that. But look, when I say it is a little shiny, it's not a huge amount of shiny, just the natural amount you get after a day of wearing a foundation. 

 What I am trying to say is that I am super impressed with this. For $19.95 (unless you grab it in the Priceline sale at the moment!) it is so affordable and works so well!  I am have been nothing except impressed with this BB Cream! 

 What is your go to BB Cream or foundation for a 'make up free' day? xx


  1. Yes I totally agree with the pale girl finding matching foundation problems haha - I often tan but when I can't be bothered I've often struggled - also didn't think about using BB Cream as a primer I generally just use it as a base but intrigued to try it that way - I do find the essence Matt foundation in the lightest shade is a pretty good match though.

    Amy //

    1. I always struggle with it! I have foundations that suit my skin perfectly, but had never found a BB Cream that suited my skin type until this one! xx

  2. As a pale gal... i need this haha!

  3. My mum needs this! She's paled skin

  4. Not sure if I missed it, but what undertone does it have? It really looks and sounds perfect and I think I need this in my collection, haha.

    Michelle Morchella

  5. This product has more coverage then I thought it would. It looks great in you.

  6. ahahah love the title of this post and always love a good BB for those days at uni when I don't want to look like I have been up all night

  7. Oh man. Finally someone who understands the process (buy BB cream, try, throw out o/ give away x infinity)

    I am still struggling to find a foundation that effortlessly blends into my skin at the right colour, and stays there for most of the day.. but had completely give up on BB/CC creams! Will give this one a shot


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