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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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How to Propose to your Bridesmaids

For those of you who haven't heard, I GOT ENGAGED!!! Yes, he is a nice boy and I am so excited. I have already bought about 10 wedding magazines, and done way too much organising, but hey I guess I'm just excited or something...As I am not getting married until next year, I thought I would do a series of wedding themed posts (probably one a month) about all the things I am planning! (Do let me know if there is anything you'd love to see over the next year and a bit).

Today's post is all about some fun ways to propose to the lovely ladies you want in your bridal party. Some of your will read this and be thinking 'why the hell do I need to go to so much effort?! Can't you just ask them?' and yes, you can. My fiancé did just that, very casually while making lunch. But that's just what worked for him. I am a sentimental kind of girl and I wanted to do something a bit different. Also I'm not great with words (umm Laura, you're a blogger, you write three blog posts a week what?!), well with words in a verbal context! So I want to share what I did, along with a few other ideas so if you want to do something a bit different to ask!


For my bridesmaids, I wanted to do a little 'secret' message kind of thing. Something they had to open, or unwind, with a message hidden inside somewhere. So of course I jumped on to Etsy for options.


I found an adorable Message in a Bottle from the Etsy store CaptureMyArt. Essentially, you decide what you want your message says and choose the charm on the outside and they arrive in an adorable bag already to be gifted to whomever you choose. For my two bridesmaids and my maid of honour, I had one of these made and then popped it in a box with a gorgeous candle and some chocolates. I loved watching them all open them, and the moment they realised what they were reading when they opened it. 

A couple of other options I looked into were spools, where they either unravelled the message, or it was actually engraved on the spool, like this option from laceandtwig.

I love the ability to make them all so personalised and make it as big and extravagant, or as small and meaningful as you would like. You can also do candles, scratch cards, wine or even the Emergency Bridesmaid Kit. I love the scratch cards too, if I didn't want to do a little 'care' box, I would have totally done a scratch card as my options.

Image courtesy of 3EggsDesign

Image courtesy of sweettalkdesigns

Flower Girl

I also wanted to do a little gift for my flower girls. As a young girl, I as super excited to be apart of my sisters wedding, so I wanted to have my two nieces (one from my side, one from Dave's) apart of my special day as well and I wanted to ask them in a special way.While you could do similar things as the bridesmaids, I wanted to something a little different, particularly because both my flower girls are a little bit younger, so wine was probably (most definitely) not appropriate. For me, there was only one option for how to ask and it through these gorgeous necklaces I had made for them from JulietCharms. I went with this option because I could get a lovely personalised card that said 'Will you be my flower girl?' Granted, I had to prompt both girls to read the card (clearly too distracted by the gorgeous necklace!) but they were both super excited by the prospect of being a flower girl. 

While I've included a couple of options, there are so many options out there and best of all, is that so many of them can easily be DIY'd. While I had mine made, you can easily make your own to make it even more sentimental! 

You'll be glad to know that they all said yes as well.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! I love these options, it just makes it all the more special and fun. I hope you have a beautiful wedding!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. Aw congratulations! I'm newly engaged too but I've got another 3 years before I need to start planning (phew!) I'll be stealing some of your ideas though - the flower girl necklaces are adorable xo

  3. This is such great DIY ideas! I'm sooo excited for you to post some more wedding stuff!

    Rochelle |

  4. Congratulations! These are such cute ideas! My sister is getting married in a few months and I'm a bridesmaid. She gave us personalised candles with the question written on them which was very sweet!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. Congratulations Laura and oh my God - you're so creative! Normally people just ask, but this is 100000000...times better! :D


  6. These are such good ideas! I love how you personalised each invite.

    Lubz ||

  7. Love this post!im so excited for you! I love the little notes it a bottle and flower girl idea as well! So sweet❤

    Stacey x

  8. Oh this is such a cute idea! I love it :)

    xx Lisa

  9. Congrats Laura, very exciting! I love the messages in a bottle & the flower girl idea as well - I never would've thought about stuff like that! (Then again, I'm not getting married any time soon!) Weddings are so personalised these days & I think it's really wonderful.

  10. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you <3
    I love the idea of the bottles, it's super cute!

  11. What a wonderful idea, I bet your bridesmaids and flower girls feel really special

  12. Woo hoo! Heaps of congrats Laura - long may you both love ♥
    What gorgeous gifts you chose, and such a special way of "asking" all your attendants. Looking forward to your monthly reports on the wedding planning progress xxx

  13. This is such as sweet idea! I know my best friends are such an important part of my life that it makes sense to include them in a special occasion like this. Personally I am a candle fiend so I love the idea of a 'will you be my bridesmaid' candle.


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