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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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bhave Hair

Do you hate having gross, unruly hair?! I completely understand your pain! My hair is something I usually hate dealing with - it's thick, boring and just a bit blah. I never knew what to do with it, it was either always oily, or just flat. I was super excited to put the bhave haircare products to the test. bhave was the one brand I had been eyeing off basically since it came out. I never knew what it was, but they looked amazing and I had to try them out. The time (thanks to the ever so generous, amazing Vicki!) had come, and in my mailbox there was a vast array of haircare products that promised to get my hair back to it's crowning glory. 

bhave is a proud Australian brand with a vision and commitment to ethical hair health uncompromising standards and strong branding. They are a results driven salon professional hair care system that is free of nasties including formaldehyde, parabens and sulphates (win!!!) as well as sodium chloride. bhave instead uses revolutionary raw natural keratin technology to rebuild, revive and restore dry and damaged hair from the inside out, as well as certified organic argan oil and aloe vera, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B to deliver long lasting conditioning and protection. It all sounds pretty amazing to me. So after that huge chunk of info, it's time for me to tell you what I think of some of their products!

Shampoos and Conditioners

I think I'll start with the shampoos and conditioners (because this is what we generally use before we put all the other products in right?) I have been trying a whole array (like 3...but still feels like an array...) of shampoos and conditioners from bhave. 

The very first products I tried (out of all of them) were the Rescue Shampoo* and Conditioner*. These use the natural raw keratin to repair, restore and rejuvenate. It is designed to repair while also strengthening your hair to prevent future damage as well. Can I just say, this stuff smells INCREDIBLE! Not only that, but it left my hair feel soft and light and clean like it has never felt before. Seriously, I was amazed by the results I noticed after just one wash. My hair is usually oily and flat, also heavy because I have so much hair), but it was now light and incredible, I honestly couldn't stop touching it for two straight days. I was also impressed with how long my hair lasted between washes with these two as well. Usually I have to wash desperately by the end of day after, but my hair now lasts up to three days between cleans!

Next I moved on to the Hydrator Shampoo* and Conditioner*. I usually steer clear of hydrating shampoos because I feel like my hair is quite oily, so it doesn't need hydration. In saying that I do tend to have a dry scalp and I find that these two have helped that quite a bit as well. It didn't weigh my hair down with moisture like other hydrating hair products that I'd tried. It gave my hair a healthy feeling without the excess oil that I usually notice as well. Plus that dry brittle feeling has gone from the ends of my hair.

I also got sent the Bombshell Blonde Shampooto try out as well. Out of all of them this was the one I noticed the least results with. It did leave my hair feeling soft and super clean, but I can't say I noticed any other changes. It may just be because I don't have dyed blonde hair, I'm not sure, but this is the only product of all of them that didn't work. However I'd still use it, it leaves my hair feeling super nice!

There was also one final conditioner - the Damage Control Deep Conditioning Masque*. I don't tend to use a lot of hair masks (which is silly, because damn do I love face masks...) so this was a new experiment. I use this in replacement of my conditioner once a week. I usually put it in while I shave my legs, so for two or so minutes. I was so impressed with this product too. My hair had a shine I didn't know it could have and was still so soft (Laura stop going on about how damn soft your hair is...BUT IT IS SO SOFT!) I'd highly recommend this one if you have damaged hair or you think your hair just needs little more TLC. It definitely does an amazing job. Also the scent - another incredible one. I still can't quite pick what it is, some days it smells like caramel, other days like bubblegum. You'll have to try it yourself and tell me which one it is.

Styling Products

I am honestly the laziest person when it comes to my hair. I usually shampoo, condition, straighten and then go. Well I have no longer been doing that, I've now been putting in some effort! Straight after getting out of the shower I now put some Leave In-Crémewhich helps to provide extra conditioning, prevent breakage, promote cell growth and also provide thermal protection. It is super light weight and also smells good. Actually all of the bhave products smell good. I'm going to stop repeating that now, because they nailed that aspect. Moving on... This product is an easy to use, you only need a small amount - no more than a ten cent piece - and you just massage it a little between your hands and then apply to the ends. I find that my hair doesn't get as tangled when I blow dry it and it has a really nice shine after straightening as well.

The Riot Oilis perfect if you have any frizz or hair that doesn't want to sit flat. I never use a lot, but I find a tiny bit is perfect for the little bits of hair that go all frizzy, especially after blow drying. I'm always nervous about using oil, because of my typical oily hair, but it gave a really nice shine, controlling those little annoying hairs, without the heavy, oily feeling that oils usually have (if that makes sense? I could've used oil less in that sentence...)

This product was probably the funnest to test out. With the Gunpowder Dust* you literally apply to your hair like you're shooting a gun (well I do, you could just push the top normally too though...) If you need extra volume, this is AMAZING. I was nervous when I first used it because it did leave my hair feeling a little sticky, but I got the hang of it and boy does it work a treat. Spray a little bit in - LESS IS MORE MY FRIENDS - and then give your hair a bit of a scrunch and boom. Volume!

I apologise for the long blog post, but if you have read this far - thank you. I saved my favourite product for last. The Fresh Ends*! I use this after I have straightened, or blow dried my hair, depending on how I'm going to style it. I have found it works on my ends. Gone are the days of dry, brittle ends destroyed by my hair straightener. They now look glorious, feel healthy and I have noticed less split ends. I also love the packaging. These air tight (is that what they are called? Someone help me out, I love them but I don't know what they are called!) containers, where you push and it comes out the top, super easy to use with no mess!

Alrighty folks, we made it to the end. Safe to same I am in love with the bhave range. They have worked wonders on my hair and it has never looked, felt or smelt better. I really want to try the Super Nova leave-in elixir next. It has such a long list of amazing benefits that I need. So that is now on the top of my 'to buy' list. A huge thank you for Vicki for sending these through for me to try and for bringing back to it's crowning glory that I didn't know it was capable of. 

*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


  1. My hair is the bane of my life at the moment, I'll definitely be checking out some of these products!

  2. Oh these products sound amazing! Need to try them out x

  3. You always have such interesting products! I know what kinda of container you mean but not sure what they are called either 😂😂!!

    Stacey White

  4. Love me some bhave hair products! The Rescue shampoo & conditioner really do make your hair oh-so-soft don't they? My hairdresser comments on how soft my hair is every single time I visit the salon. I've used the mask, leave-in creme, magnify shampoo & riot control oil before & they're all great/smell gorgeous, but the leave-in creme was a bit heavy for my fine-but-heaps-of-it hair & the magnify shampoo didn't really give me volume where I need it the most (my roots). I use the oil occasionally if my hair feels dry after using the mask, but only on my mid-lengths & ends. I'm itching to try the gun powder!

    I've almost finished my shampoos + conditioner & although I'm kinda done with using them & want to move on, I'm scared my hair won't feel as good if I switch to something else!

  5. These products sound amazing. I love the packaging too. The Deep Conditioning mask sounds like product ill be keeping an eye out for. X

    Bec |

  6. I love bhanve! I'm a huge fan of the Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the in-salon Smoothe Treatment.

  7. Great post hun! I have never tried bhave and feel that I don't do enough to look after my hair!

  8. Thanks for a fab post! The Gunpowder Dust sounds amazing, I will definitely have to give it a go so I can give my hair some life :) x

  9. I have never tried Bhave, but their products looks awesome. I have problem free hair, so never thought of trying something new.

  10. Love the Rescue range Laura - I haven't been able to buy any bhave products because of my location, but that will change soon, and I'll be back into them in a flash xxx

  11. Never heard of this brand before, but it sounds fantastic! Thinking about hair care reminds me that I need to get the split ends cut... :-P

  12. ok, I promise this is my last comment - I don't mean to spam you. If there is one feature that I take good care of it's my hair but I just use whatever shampoo and condition that is on sale. I' m keen to try these products though and see if they will do wonders for me as they did for you <3



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