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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

There has been a lot of interest around the Too Faced Born This Way. Lots of people love the full coverage foundation, but I was always hesitant that it would end up cakey on my skin. However, I was excited when Mecca finally released the Born This Way Concealer because I had also heard good things about this concealer. I've been using it for about a month now and thought it was about time I shared my views with you guys!

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

The Born This Way Concealer is designed to be the perfect pair for the foundation, an undetectable, complete coverage concealer for the ultimate #iwokeuplikethis finish. It claims to instantly cover blemishes, dark circles and redness for a flawless finish. It is also meant to help keep moisture in your skin. But does it really do what it claims to do? Well you're here now, so you might as well read on and find out!


  • It sure is a creamy concealer. It is very lightweight and not heavy on your skin like some concealers can be.
  • If you have dry skin, this concealer would be amazing for you. It is very hydrating and stays that way all day, it doesn't dry out your skin at all.
  • A really pigmented concealer that is easy to blend in the skin - this makes it great to even out skincare and does cover dark circles well.


  • It is so lightweight that it doesn't cover blemishes that well. Sure, if you have a couple of small pimples it will probably do the trick. However if you have more or large ones it is a little harder to use. It tends to wear off the blemish rather than sticking to it.
  • It is great for covering dark circles, but if you have creases under your eyes it will sit in the cracks instead. 

The Verdict:

I had big expectations for this concealer and I have to say I was a little let down. As someone who suffers from acne and likes to have a good quality concealer to cover them and this doesn't really do that for me. As soon as I try to gently blend it in around the blemish it wears off straight away. I compare it to the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer which is much the same consistency. I now only use this under my eyes, but I have to be careful that I don't apply too much otherwise it creases. I don't rate this concealer for the $40 it costs, it's not up there with the Nars concealer and I think there are far better and cheaper concealers out there. 

In saying all that, if you have dry skin I think this concealer would be great for you. It is hydrating and doesn't cake or dry out the skin throughout the day. Also if you need something to help cover redness this concealer is great! 

I hope that helped you decide whether you want to purchase this concealer or not. While it did not necessarily work for me, it may work for you! 


  1. When this concealer came out, I wanted to try it, but after reading your review and others I think I'm gonna save my money and invest them in something different. :)


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