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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Clarisonic 3 Week Challenge - Week 3

When Myer has a sale on Clarisonic that means you can save $50 you can't say no right?! I had been advised by people for months that I should try the Clarisonic, that it might help my stubborn acne and at this stage I was honestly ready to give anything a try. A lot of people have started to notice big changes in their skin within three weeks of starting to use a Clarisonic device so I decided I would document my three weeks to see if there were any big changes and whether it is actually worth all the dollars! If you missed week 1 of this challenge you can read all about it here and if you missed week 2 you can find it here.

Week 3

For those who read last weeks post will know that my skin was starting to improve. Acne going away and my skin was looking clearer and feeling softer. Will it keep improving? Read on to find out!

Day 15

My skin, while still a little red and blotchy, is still starting to look clearer. No new spots have formed and my skin is feeling good! I still have some dryness on my nose and near my eyes, but it's slowly going away.

Day 16

Oh my gosh. My skin feels so soft. I was lying in bed last night feeling my face, that's how good it feels. I've started to notice that my moisturiser and skincare have been sinking in to my skin better and my foundation is also sitting better on my skin. So far it's a winner! I've also decided to use the Mia 2 at night mainly and then if I shower in the morning I use it in the morning as well.

Day 18

Dryness is going away, skin is feeling soft still....This is going well!

Day 20

My skin is looking amazing. Sure it's not perfect, but in the three weeks of using it I've gone from having red, acne riddled skin to just acne scarring and pigmentation. My skin is soft, any areas of dryness have gone away and I'm feeling good!

The Verdict

Three weeks of using the Mia 2 and I have to say I'm a fan. At the end of week 1 and early week 2 I had started to think that I'd made a bad mistake and that I was just making my skin worse, but then it started to improve. I soon learnt that sometimes your skin has to get a little worse in order to improve.

When I started using the Mia 2 I was at my wits end. I've suffered from acne for years but it was getting worse and it was affecting my confidence and mental health as well. I hated looking in the mirror to see my skin riddled with pimples. I have never wanted to take medication to fix my skin, but I was ready to. This was my last shot to improve it. And in all honesty it has helped. I've only had a few new pimples come up since I started and they have gone away pretty quickly. Now I'm just left with acne scarring and a little bit of pigmentation, but that is easier for me to deal with than constant bumps and whiteheads. 

I'm not saying in any way that the Mia 2 is completely responsible for my new clear skin, but the new cleansing routine has helped to ensure that I don't still have make up and gunk cloggy my pores at the end of the day, which helps my skincare products do their work more efficiently. 

Yes it's a lot of money, but I won't look back now. I am a huge fan and so is my skin. 1 minute a day (or 2 if you do it twice) is an easy pay off for clear skin in my books. I can't comment on cheaper versions of the Clarisonic as I haven't used them, but the sonic vibrations don't pull at the skin, but simply clean it, where as I've noticed the vibrations of other cleansing devices do pull at your skin, which is not what you want! (Unless you want wrinkles of course...)

I need to stop because this is becoming an essay (which is what I should actually be doing!) but it's clear to say I'm a huge fan of my Clarisonic Mia 2 and it will be hanging around for a long time now!!


  1. I'm glad you're seeing results and your skin is improving! I've thought about getting a Clarisonic but haven't got around to it yet. So good it's working for you :)


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