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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Feelunique Haul!!

Ever since she first started her youtube channel, I have been a hugeeee fan of Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg), and when I heard she was releasing her new 'Sweet Inspirations' beauty range I had to have it! The packaging was so cute and all the bath products!!! (*drooool*) So that's exactly what I did when it was released on Feelunique. To justify it, of course, I had to share my haul with you guys!! 

If you are interested in shopping on Feelunique and picking up the new Zoella range, if you click here (yes here!!) you can get 15% off your first order. Yes it's coming from the UK, but shipping so cheap and it comes sooo quick, it's totally worth it. (Don't forget to click HERE for 15% off!)

Zoella Beauty

I was very restrained and didn't pick up the whole range, but the few that I did pick up are amazing.

It looks like a block of white chocolate, but you break off sections and add them to water and let them fizz away to create fragrant, fizzy bath! The packaging is so cute and luxurious, with beautiful gold and pink paper wrapping. It smells divine, a mix of cacao, almond and a few other things. I'm yet to try the fizzer, but I've seen videos of it and they fizz so well and create so many bubbles! It says to drop 4 squares in to the bath, which seems like a lot (because I want to save it and make it last forever!!! haha) but it would definitely make the best, bubbly bath!

I think this was the product I was most excited about! I mean JUST LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE THE PACKAGING IS!!! It comes in a cute little milk bottle and it smells amazing. The smell. OH. MY. GOD. THE SMELL! It's incredible, I've almost been unable to put it down since I received it, thats how amazing it smells!! Enriched with nourishing sweet almond, cacao and honey, it is the best smell ever. It is super relaxing and just smells luxurious. It is a much thicker consistency than I thought it would be, much more like a jelly than a milk, but you only need a small amount for lots of bubbles. It will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated too, which in winter especially is a huge bonus. 

Again this packaging is so cute. It comes in a little cardboard box, with the granules in a little packet. It also comes with a sticker so you can do it back up once you've taken a few salt granules out. The salt itself looks a bit like Himalayan rock salt, a slight pink colouring to it. It has a similar scent to the other products, but Zoe has definitely nailed the scent with this range - it's luxurious and relaxing, but a scent that will work all year round! I'm yet to try these yet, so I will report back once I do! 

I also picked up Zoella's original Bath Fizzer Bar. It is very similar to the Le Fizz, except the cubes are slightly bigger. The scent of this one is much sweeter than her new range, but still very luxurious!

I have been so impressed with these Zoella products, the packaging is incredible, they smell amazing and are so good for the bath. At around $12 each they are super affordable too! (Plus with your 15% off it's a bargain!!)

Maybelline New York

You may or may not have seen that Maybelline is releasing a new range, so when I saw that it was in stock in the UK (of course!) I had to pick a few things up. So I picked this mascara up. I haven't bought a Maybelline mascara in ages, but the packaging was super cute, so I picked it up to try out as well! The brush is quite thin, but I think it will work perfectly for getting long lashes without making them clumpy like bigger brushes do.

I don't know if this product is in Australia or not, but I've never noticed them before, so I picked one up as well. It is basically an eyeliner, but with a nude shimmer to it. It would be perfect for making your eyes look awake and adding a little simple colour to your eyes. It is very creamy, I accidentally knocked the top of the pencil off when I put the lid back on after using it for the first time (*crying*), but it's soft and creamy and easy to spread, more like a gel than a pencil.

What was your favourite piece of my haul?! Don't forget you can get 15% off your Feelunique order by clicking here!


  1. They look so cute and amazing! If they were available in Target I'd totally pick them up.

    1. They are sooooo cute and smell amazing! I know!!! I wish they were available in Australia!!!

  2. I live under a rock, I had to look up zoella! I love the sound of bath latte, anything with latte usually seems like a good idea:)

    Lily not Louise

    1. Haha! I love watching her videos, but then again I've been watching them for years!! The bath latte is probably my favourite so far!! xx

  3. The Zoella product packaging is so cute!

    I clicked on your Zoella products link and it said that the 15% off offer was available to all UK customers over 16 years of age. Is it available to Australians too?

    1. It is adorable!

      Yes, I just checked if it would work and it does :) I think it's because the site is aimed at the UK it says that, but it appears to work for Australian orders too, I have my site set to Australia and it still discounted products!

  4. I had to look up Zoella too Lily! Hmmm, I was hoping there'd be a shower product - but the fondant looks so nice, and they way you described the fragrance Laura, I have to have it lol xxx

    1. The Bath Latte could definitely be used in the shower as well as a shower gel if you are looking for one! Plus it smells soooo good!! xx

  5. Great haul Laura!! The Zella bath products looks amazing - i love the look of the packaging.

  6. I love shopping at Feelunique! I haven't tried Zoella's products yet but that bath fizzer certainly looks edible.

  7. That Bath Latte sounds yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! The packaging is cute too.

  8. I haven't tried any of Zoella products but safe to say they're on my list now! Gorgeous packaging and bath latte sounds like it was made for me x


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