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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Now that we have passed ANZAC day, winter is definitely coming. Mornings are getting colder, I've stopped shaving my legs, and the heaters have been turned on! Seeing as it's getting cold out I thought it was about time that I shared my winter necessities! (It'll probably be a long one! Whoops...)

Hand Warmers

I'm sure I'm not the only one who ends up with forever cold hands in winter! Well I've finally found the answer! (and's not gloves, good guess though!) As you might remember from my Handmade Love post, Jazminbell makes the most adorable and amazing heat/cold packs, including hand warmers. I picked these up a little while ago and I am in love with them. When its cold, particularly when I have to catch the bus early in the morning I heat these up and pop them in the pockets of my jackets. It is honestly the best thing ever! They are a great addition in winter and small enough that you can take them everywhere!

Check out Jazminbell on Instagram and Facebook! And pick up your own Jazminbell goodies now!

A huge big warm scarf!

What is more important in winter than a huge big warm scarf? NOTHING! I SAY! NOTHING! I picked up the biggest snood from Forever New recently and it was honestly the best purchase I've ever made. It is wool blend and so warm and cosy and like a big blanket for your neck that I wish I could nap in whenever I wear it. Not only are scarves super stylish, but also a must have to staying warm in the cold weather!


Keep your skin hydrated!

For lots of people the winter months bring more than just rosy cheeks, bringing along dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin, both on hands Turning up the heaters inside to keep the cold at bay dries out your skin. You need to up the hydration in your skincare products come winter. 

I always opt for using a face oil to supply extra hydration to your skin. There are so many face oils at the moment, from the rosehip or chia seed oil that you can buy at Priceline or your local supermarket. To the more high end oils. A couple of my favourites include:

Once you've let the oil soak in, a good quality moisturiser will give you an extra bit of moisture. You want something that is for hydration through winter. If you worry about the oiliness of your skin you can always use a matte finish moisturiser, but I find through winter the matte finish leaves my skin too dry. My current favourite is the Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream which I've talked about so much now that I won't go on about it, just to say that it provides the best hydration I've ever had in a moisturiser! I would also recommend the Franky Body Everyday Face Moisturiser if you're not wanting to spend as much. It is great for sensitive and dry skin and can help with eczema and acne as well. You can read more about it here if you're interested: #THEFRANKEFFECT.

Through winter my hands also desperately cry for hydration. I've recently discovered the Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub and it is honestly the best thing for winter. I've never found a scrub that both exfoliates my skin, while leaving it hydrated. With Sea Salt for a good exfoliation and Coconut Oil to leave your skin hydrated and refreshed, it's as easy as a simple scrub once or twice a week! You can follow with a hand cream, but if you're in a hurry or can't be bothered this scrub honestly leaves your hands hydrated enough that you don't really need to. For extra hydrated follow with the Golden Handshake Mask, you won't be disappointed!

Make Up

Keep that summer's glow!

There is nothing you want more than keep that summer glow all through winter! I know that feeling of ending up more pasty through winter than when I started...which only works badly for me when I get sick. So how do you keep that summer glow through winter? 

Well first off you need to start with a good, hydrating and highlighting primer! My primer of choice? The Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Primer. It has a slight shimmer to it and is immensely hydrating as well. It creates the perfect base to keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout a winters day.

The other big thing that you need for a glowing look is a good bronzer! My current favourite bronzer is Benefit's Hoola bronzer. It gives me a wonderful warm glow, without looking orange or like I've gone too hard on the fake tan (nothing worst than that orangy glow...) The other new Hoola products can also help you get that warm summer glow. Hoola Zero Tanlines, perfect for a quick tan, and best part? It's easy to apply with the sponge and only lasts 12 hours, so if you screw it up (like I probably would) it will wash off! Dew the Hoola, a liquid bronzer also works alongside Hoola really well, making it easy to get that 'just been on holiday look'. 

What are you winter must-haves? Is there anything I am majorly missing from my quick list?



  1. I'm a huge Lush lover, so have to try that Salted Coconut Hand Scrub, sounds so nice. I hadn't heard of it before!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. I'm pretty sure it's new, but I love it! It smells amazing and is so hydrating! Thanks for reading xx

  2. I want that snood!!! It looks so cozy and warm!

    1. Oh my gosh it is!!! It's the biggest scarf (snood) I've ever owned, but its amazing!!

  3. I'll need to change my skincare around now! My skin is already dry and winter makes it worse! A scarf is definitely a must!

    Lily not Louise

  4. Great post Laura! The Goodness oil sounds like great value for money and I'm also a huge fan of Lush. I love the Lush Oatafix and Kiehls Facial cream for winter. I love Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for my lips. Basically anything that promises to hydrate lol my nose is already suffering x Louise ~

    1. Yea it's excellent value! I haven't been using it recently as I tried something a little more pricey to help with my reaction, but I'm going to have to go back to it at some stage, its much cheaper!!

      I adore Lush, this hand scrub is my new favourite!! The Elizabeth Arden cream sounds lovely. I'm currently using the Clarins Instant Lip Comfort Oil lately too which is really hydrating as well.

      Thanks for reading!! xx


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