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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Why do I love skincare and make up?

It's one of those days that has ended kind of badly and I decided I needed a distraction from life, so I decided I'd write a blog post, inspired by a question I get asked a lot 'why the hell do you buy so many skincare and make up products?'

I've always kind of been heavily into both, ever since puberty started really. I was the first kid in year 5 to start getting acne and pimples and god did everyone let me know it. It sucked, having everyone point out every little spot that appeared on my face. Mum started buying me skincare products, I think to subtly try and help my acne, but none of them really worked. I tried so many different products throughout high school, all the Neutrogrena, Clean and Clean, all of those typical drugstore products, that I've since learnt probably weren't the best for my skin. So I instead tried to high the problems with whatever foundation or concealer I picked up from the store. I look back on the photos of when I first started wearing make up and I'm appalled, I seriously needed a lesson in blending and finding the right foundation colour! Towards the end of high school, about year 11 or 12 my piano teacher, who is an Arbonne consultant invited us over to sample the products. These were the first products I honestly started getting results with. It was exciting to see my acne disappearing and my skin, which I'd been so self conscious of for years (high school bullies...I tell wonder everyone hates high school), was finally getting better. 

Since finishing school and getting a job that meant I could afford to buy my own products led me to more experimentation with both make up and skincare. This is where the reasons why I love both start to differ.


I love experimenting with skin care, seeing the results that different products give, just the routine and ritual of washing and cleaning and nourishing my skin. It's meditative in a way for me. Throughout school I hated taking my make up off, to see the red, blotching and unappealing skin underneath it. Today I love it. I've stopped caring about the part underneath (probably partly because my skin is getting better and more even and less blemished) and I now enjoy removing my make up. I come home excited to go through my skincare ritual - washing my face, adding a serum and a moisturiser. It's relaxing and a great way to end the day. I get so frustrated when someone comes and disturbs me while I'm in the middle of my routine - it's my time, the time away from others and away from the drama of the day, the time just for me. I now take the time to do each stage and to have my weekly pamper session with exfoliation and face masks. I get so much enjoyment and relaxation out of it, plus it is so much fun experimenting with new products (except of course when your skin reacts badly...)

Make Up

I'm sure a lot of girls will agree with me about the reason that I love make up. Gone are the days where people think you wear make up to impress others. Of course mine started with the constant desire to cover up and hide the blemishes underneath. And it definitely is still a confidence booster, but I love that about make up, that on the days where you just can't face the world or you don't feel confident going somewhere, that you can put a little bit of make up and suddenly feel more confident. I also love experimenting with make up. I was never good at art or anything, so make up is kind of like my thing now. For events or concerts I get so excited about doing my face that I will start an hour or two before I have to leave, just because it's so much fun doing up your face.

I've also learnt to stop worrying about people making comments about you wearing too much make up, or wearing colours that are too bold. Who cares what other people think?! If you feel confident, do it! Wear that purple lipstick, rock that bright blue eye shadow! It looks damn good on you!

I've digressed slightly, but I just hope that some of you can take something from my story. Bullies in high school suck and the certainly destroyed my confidence about my skin, but it's also bought me a love of skincare and makeup (albeit an expensive love...) and something that I can do to relax and destress, something that is good for me. 

I don't know how you guys will feel about this post, my posts have been getting a lot more personal lately (don't worry, I'll do a haul post this week haha) but I want to have some different things on my blog too...

Laura over and out xx


  1. Although I never had bad skin in high school (aside from the odd hormonal pimple here & there), I can certainly relate to bullies sucking all the confidence out of you. I might open up about that one day over at my own blog, but for now, I'll remain quiet.

    My own enjoyment of beauty didn't begin until around 3 years ago. My Mum's never been one for makeup, even though she did instill in me the idea of a skincare routine. Now I'M the one giving her tips!

  2. Thanks! Bullies were a big part of why I wear my make up, but I love it now :)

    It's always the way! My mum got me into it and now I give her advice on what sorts of products she should use and help her find things that will work for her!

    Thanks for reading xx

  3. Children can be very cruel...sorry to hear about your experience. It's great that you have turned it into a positive thing now though.


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