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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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So you have eczema? Now what?

Earlier on this year I got advised by my doctor that I was suffering from eczema, which explained my constant desire to scratch my skin raw. I wanted to share some of my top eczema products and tips for helping to manage the itch.

What is Eczema?

First things first, what is eczema? Eczema is general term for an inflammatory process on the skin which results in redness, itchiness, crusty and oozing skin and can later result in pigmentation. There is no cure for eczema, but it can be managed very easily. 

The symptoms of eczema are completely different for each and every person. The rash will look different and affect you different to how it affects myself, or anyone else. Generally people with eczema will suffer from dry, sensitive skin which can cause an intense itch. The itch can be so intense that you scratch it until it bleeds, making the rash worse. This is caused the itch-scratch cycle and the aim of eczema management is to get back to basics to stop this itch-scratch cycle.

My eczema is fairly mild, though I do get intense itching on my legs, the inside of my elbows and occasionally my wrists. I get it worst on my legs, where I itch until I end up with scratches all over my legs, particularly when I'm stressed, or sleeping or distracted with lots of things. 

Use calming products

It is so important that you go back to basics - i.e. go back to simple skincare, using products designed for sensitive skin. It is also useful to switch to a sensitive washing detergent for your clothes and sheets. By using a sensitive detergent you are getting rid of anything that might start up or encourage a rash or itch on your skin. Almost every range of detergent has a sensitive range, organic detergents are also a good way to go as well.

Find a good quality skin care routine that is designed for sensitive skin. There are so many options for using skincare designed sensitive skin. I highly recommend finding natural products that are free of fragrances, soaps and parabens - things that are going to irritate your skin. It's also super important to patch test, test a small amount on your skin to see whether your skin will agree with the product or not, then you can try on the rest of your face.

Also - see a doctor if you are worried about the itch. They will be able to prescribe you a medicated cream that will help to heal any raw skin. It is the best management for eczema. They will also be able to provide you guidance into medication, such as antihistamines that can help reduce the urge to itch.

My Skin Care Recommendations

The first is one I'm sure you will have all heard of before. QV Skin Care is one of the leading skin care ranges in Australia for sensitive skin. They are completely free of fragrances, soaps and other common irritants, it is designed to work in harmony with your skin. They basically have a product for every part of your body, from bath oils and lotions, to face creams and shampoo and conditioner. They have a range for babies and for sport. If you have eczema, no matter how intense you need to have some QV in your cupboard. Even if you don't use it every day, it is good to use when your skin is particularly bad as it will instantly calm and sooth irritated skin. The bonus is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to many other skincare products. You can get QV at most leading chemists. My favourite QV products are:
  • QV Gentle Wash - I have a 1 litre bottle sitting in the shower. I use it whenever my skin is itchy or particularly dry. It hydrates my skin, while soothing any irritation. Definitely a must have!
  • QV Face Moisturising Day Cream - this is a such a great face cream for anyone with sensitive or even dry skin. It is so hydrating and does not irritate the skin at all. It also has SPF in it. which is even more of a bonus! There is an oil free version now as well if you have oilier skin and want a moisturiser with a matte finish.
  • QV Cream - Amazing for hydrating dry, irritated skin. Super simple and basic and exactly what you need with eczema.
A product I find excellent for dry, flaky, irritated skin is the Weleda Skin Food. It is a really thick cream that is super hydrating. I use this at night on any irritated patches of skin and I find that it can be a natural way to calm and hydrate the skin.

Bioderma also have a great range out - Atoderm - which is designed to help dry, irritated skin. I'm yet to try it, but I've heard it works wonders for eczema suffers, helping to both sooth and hydrate, without irritating the skin. This range is on my next list of products to try!

If you are looking for something a little bit different that can also target blemishes or that is just a little bit different, I actually love using the Frank Body products as well. Frank is great for sensitive skin, particularly eczema sufferers. I have talked about Frank a fair bit now, as I'm sure you're all familiar with my #THEFRANKEFFECT post (if not you can read about all the products in more detail there). I had absolutely no issue with irritation while I was using Frank skincare, and if I started to notice any itchiness, I would just jump in the shower and have a good scrub with the Frank Original Coffee Scrub and my skin was all soothed again. All the products are great for soothing eczema, while also helping with acne and evening out skin tone. I have recently changed all my skin care routines, but honestly once I've used my moisturiser, I am going to be going back to using Frank. In saying that I've had the cleanser for almost 6 months now and I swear it is still half full...This brand is honestly amazing! (Sneaky hint: I am actually planning on giving away some Frank products in a giveaway keep your eyes peeled!)

All in all, my biggest recommendation is to listen to your skin. If your skin is drying out or feeling irritated stop using whatever may be causing the irritation, and go back to basics. Also, it's super obvious, but try not to scratch. If you are constantly scratching you will only make the irritation worse. You need to stop the itch-scratch cycle and this can only be done if you feed your skin things that are not going to irritate it. 

**DISCLAIMER: All opinions are based on personal experience and are not backed by medical research or medical guidance. thelifeoflaura is no liable for any recommendations, therefore try at your own risk.


  1. Great advice to listen to your skin! I think I have also experienced mild eczema... I can relate to those symptoms. I use natural products that are kinder on my skin and it really helps to keep my skin happy and healthy.


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