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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Sunday Pamper Sessions

After a busy week there is nothing a better then a good pamper session. Although Sunday tends to be only free day during the week, which I usually have to use to catch up on uni work, I always try to fit in a pamper session. 

Pamper sessions or 'me time' are so important. Self-care is so important in a world where we are constantly having to do things for other people and stressing out to meet deadlines or worrying about general life. They help you to relax and to clear your mind. Good self-care can prevent or reduce many health problems, including mental health problems. A healthy diet and regular exercise are all important, but self-care is also about pampering yourself from time to time.  My definition of self care is letting yourself do whatever you want, listen to your body and choose whatever it is that works to help you relax - yoga, meditation, whatever it may be, just pick something that works for you.

I love having a super relaxing bath to pamper myself and putting on a face mask and just relaxing. I try to wear a face mask at least once a week to help deeply cleanse my skin and leave it looking soft and fresh. I usually dedicate some time on Sunday for face masks, which is exactly what I did today!

I ran myself a lovely bath with The Body Shop Spa of the World Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath Salts and a sprinkle of Lush's Unicorn Horn, crushed up. 

My mask of choice for today was actually a sample of the Dermalogica's Charcoal Rescue Masque. I was pleasantly surprised with this mask. At first I wasn't a huge fan of the smell, but I pushed through it. This mask is quite a grainy, making it a perfect mask AND exfoliant (perfect for the lazy times when you can't be bothered to wear a mask and exfoliate, because it's basically 2-in-1!). It left my skin so soft and has greatly helped to get rid of the last little bit of dry, flaky skin from my allergic reaction. I think I need to get myself a whole tube of this stuff..

The mask is also really easy to remove, you just massage it on the skin, to help the exfoliation process. I used a little bit of The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter to help cleanse my skin and make sure I removed all of the mask. This mask is definitely my favourite to use. Massaging the cleansing butter into my skin is perfect for pampering. I always feel very luxurious using this cleanser, it is so gentle on the skin and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean and soft.

I also used a the Arbonne Seasource Foaming Scrub and Rescue Wash to exfoliate the rest of my body as well. This range is my absolute go to for pampering. The scent reminds me of going to a spa, it is super luxurious and fresh. 

Pampering is one of my favourite things to do, what is your favourite way to pamper yourself? Do you have any amazing products that you love to use when you're having a pamper session?



  1. The Egyptian milk & honey bath salt sounds great! Great products & they are so relaxing and refreshing.. I love to be pampered once in a while when time permits..

  2. My favourite pampering routine usually involves Lush bath bombs, I love them! I enjoy using face masks too, and probably should use them more often :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. I love using Lush bathbombs! I really need to restock my Lush bath bomb collection! They just realised some amazing looking mothers day ones that I really want to try too :)

  3. I usually like to pamper myself with a full facial routine. I haven't got a mask atm, so I haven't been able to do it for a while...I should rectify that! Love a good bath too.

    1. Yes! You'll definitely have to rectify that, I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

  4. What a wonderful way to pamper yourself! I'm currently using the LonVitalite face masks for 30 minutes of relaxing me-time once a week. Inspired by you I might have to combine this with a bath.

    1. You definitely won't be disappointed by combining it with a bath ;) I can promise that!

  5. Hi Laura, my bath is a giant spa that uses a gazillion gallons of water so I never use it, but I do pamper myself fairly regularly with cloth masks, both the face and eye variety. Definitely time well spent - your session sounds delightful xxx

  6. nothing like a good pamper session and looks like yours was perfect Laura! The bath salts sound divine! I love giving myself a facial at the weekend and I do this regularly x


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