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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Sunday Riley

I had heard a lot of good reviews on Sunday Riley's products and had always been dying to try Good Genes. After hearing an amazing review on Luna by Zoella, I was even more desperate to try them. So in January I splurged and treated myself to both Good Genes and Luna. After hunting around, I found them on Net-A-Porter for far cheaper than my usual store.

First things first, we need to take a moment to appreciate the amazing packaging that Net-A-Porter sends your parcel in! I'm a sucker for beautiful packing and Net-A-Porter sure knows how to make it feel like you are receiving the most high end and classy products ever (which in truth you kinda are...) That sexy black box is just classy as and it was such a joy to open something so well packaged.


Good Genes 
 " Sunday Riley's corrective serum is designed to give you the flawless look of having "good genes." This multi-tasking treatment plumps fine lines, improves circulation, brightens and evens tone, and helps to restore damaged skin - it can even be used as a mask." - NET-A-PORTER
Good Genes is said to do all sorts of things to your skin - plump, brighten and restore. It claims to do big things, but does it live up to its name?I have suffered from quite bad acne and I am also so self conscious of how my skin looks. I bought these products with the high hopes that they would help to clear my skin up and even out my skin tone. 

I use this product in the morning before I moisturise, after cleansing. In most directions, it says to use 2-3 pumps of the product on the skin. Me being the type of person that wants her products to last as long as possible, so I only use one and that one certainly goes a long way. After just the first application I saw results - my skin was more hydrated and looked brighter. A month later and it's still doing the job, my skin hydrated and my skin tone is no longer as red as it once was. 

Will I re-buy this product? It's hard to say yet. I will have to wait until I finish my first bottle, but so far so good. It is a pricey product - $125 on Net-A-Porter - so if you have the budget, I'd highly recommend this, but if not, it's probably not a necessity to your skin care regime. 

"Looking to step up your anti-aging beauty routine? Sunday Riley's 'Luna Sleeping Night Oil' is formulated with a derivative of trans-retinoic acid to minimize the appearance of pores, loss of elasticity and slow the development of wrinkles. Its standout ingredient is inky Blue Tansy which has antibacterial, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin and minimize redness. Apply this treatment every night for visibly firmer and clearer complexion by morning." - NET-A-PORTER
Out of the two products, Luna has to be my favourite. I'd recently heard people talking about how having a retinol product in your skin care range was highly important (What is retinol? Check our Oprah's description to learn about some myths) and I didn't have retinol in my regime, so I decided to try Luna. I have not looked back since purchasing this product. It really helps with my acne and the redness in skin practically overnight! 

This product is designed to be used at night only, it will make your skin more sensitive to the sun if you use it during the day, or so I've been told. I put it on as the very last step in my night time routine, patting a small amount onto my skin, particularly focussing on my T-Zone and any problem areas - where those pesky red spots are. You will end up looking a bit blue at the end, but it will soak into your skin, don't stress! Be careful with your pillow though, mine has gone slightly blue on the side since I started using Luna.

I got amazing results in my first week of using Luna, it helped to relieve my red angry spots over one or two nights and my skin has never looked so clear. The redness has been reduced almost entirely. I have never found a product that was able to do that, so I was excited that my splurge had paid off. This helped to increase my confidence in my appearance and I now find that I am using less make up when I wear it as I have less to cover up. At $113 it is an expensive product, but I know that I will definitely buy it again, I love it!  

How you used Luna or Good Genes or other Sunday Riley Products? I'd love to hear your opinion on Sunday Riley's products too. I'm hoping to get my hands on Blue Moon Tranquillity Cleansing Balm at some stage, so if you know anywhere in Australia where I can get my hands on it, let me know!


  1. Awesome post! I am very interested in trying both as well :) x

    1. Thanks! I'd highly recommend them, pricey, but they certainly work! x


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