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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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HELP! How do I not smell?!

Last year Dave and I made the decision to switch out a lot of our disposable products for reusable. We tried to shift our living to be focused on more natural and organic options. One thing I really wanted to change over was my deodorant, but I discovered that it didn’t really work for me...

The news and media is littered with ‘deodorant gives you cancer!’, ‘using it can lead to alzheimers!’, and honestly, that’s enough to scare anyone into using a natural deodorant. But is it just scare tactics? (From the articles I’ve read - yes, these are scare tactics and not completely factual). Truth be told, I am no scientist and I don’t have all of the evidence about why. I am in no way going to claim that this is a scientific post about why you should or shouldn’t choose natural deodorants, but why I have chosen to make the change.

It was actually Dave that inspired me into this change. He read an article about the benefits of natural deodorant and all about the ecosystem that is your arm pits. Using ‘normal’ or mainstream deodorants can lead to toxic ingredients into your system. This can lead to an imbalance in your armpits and cause a build of bad bacteria (which can lead to more issues with sweating and odour). It can also lead to hormonal imbalances. The same as using skincare on your face that contains a some non-natural ingredients can lead to issues on your face, non-natural deodorants can do the same to your pits.

ANYWAY, long story short (because let’s be honest, I am no scientist and I am going to leave that up to the experts), I made the change and, as all my other attempts, struggled with the constant smell. So I decided to do an armpit detox. I used (and this is not sponsored OR gifted in anyway) the Kind-ly Armpit Detox, which is a 7-day detox to help your armpits make the change to natural deodorant. It contains activated charcoal, Australian bentonite clay and colloidal silver to help draw out impurities. Basically, it draws out the impurities that may have built up from using your original deodorant, while reducing odour caused by the bacteria and help reduce irritation as you move to a natural deodorant. It is designed to be used every day for 7-14 days OR as needed.

If you are anything like me, when you made the change to natural deodorant it was HELL! I STANK 24/7 and I hated it. I hate smelling like sweat and that was the reason I had always been put off by natural deodorants. So I decided to put this mask to the test for 10 days to see if it would reduce the odour that I was battling with since making the change. I applied it (almost) every day for 10-15 minutes and kept a ‘diary’ of sorts for how it went. Here we go:

Day 1: And so it begins. I jumped into the bath and sat like a bit of a robot while it dried. It was pretty easy to apply and you really don’t need a huge amount to get a thick layer. I did notice that it started to crumble a bit as I moved (so my advice, from day 1, would be to probably sit still and don’t wear it with clothing). I had a few larger chunks that balled up and didn’t dry too well. Hopefully that doesn’t affect the effectiveness too much.

Day 2: Used it first thing in the morning before my shower. Can say, it was a MESS! Little clumps of charcoal mask allllll over the floor.... Almost not even worth it...kind of wishing I had an old jumper at this point to wear so I can catch some of the mess. I didn’t feel like I battled odour as much today though, which is a big win!

Day 3: Used it in the bath again and left it on for close to 20 minutes. It dried really well this time and I didn’t loose as much. Another day where I didn’t notice my smell as much today either.

Day 4: First day back in the office. Forgot to use the mask day and, oh my lord, I STANK! By the time I took my jumper off at 9am, I was sooo smelly and sooo self conscious. I had to duck out at lunch to buy another deodorant and perfume to make it through (thank god for social distancing at this point...). This natural deodorant business is so bloody long do I have to put up with this...?!?

Day 5: I think I’ve finally go the hang of this - less is definitely more. I found that if I applied a slightly smaller/thinner amount it worked a lot better and had a lot less crumble. It also dries faster. I left it for about 20 minutes today.

Day 6: Definitely felt like I noticed a difference in my odour levels today - wasn’t as noticeable when I got to work, however I did still feel like I had to reapply when I got to work (well at 9am anyway).  Masked again tonight before my shower. I do hate having to stand around while I’ve got it on, but it’s just messy if I move....but also, forced stillness for 10 minutes is annoying?! (Ha!)

Day 7: She forgot again today...whoops! Ran a bunch of errands but didn’t reapply deodorant, which was nice. I felt like my odour was off by the end of the day, but not as noticeable. I wasn’t sweating like crazy though, and I didn’t work out (though I feel like grocery shopping should count as working out...)

Day 8: Worked out this morning and reapplied my deodorant three times during the workout....also used some of the Kind-ly deodorant wipes, which did really help (these are growing on me, I kind of want some for my gym bag...). Reapplied the mask in the bath and shaved today. Don’t really know how the hairiness of my pits affects my smell, but it is what it is. I just can’t wait for when natural deodorant just works....

Day 9 and 10: So I didn’t write these down at the time, but something happened in these two days that was magical. I went from really struggling with my body odour to it suddenly not being too much of a thing in the space of two days. It was like the mask had just finally worked it’s magic...

Just like that it worked....I came into this whole experiment as an optimist, but was not sure that it really would work. It did and a month later, I am happily using natural deodorant without many problems. No, it is not as long lasting as my old deodorant, as I do find I need to reapply once throughout the day, or after working out, but not in a bad way. I am currently using the matching Kind-ly deodorant, which works well. I am excited to start branching out with natural deodorants now.

So, my final verdict on the mask - I would recommend it! It made the transition to using natural deodorants SOOO much easier. I still use the mask maybe once a week when I am finding the odour a challenge, and this works well to maintain the balance in my armpits. I might even go as far as saying it’s a game changer for natural deodorant. I am a convert!!! I would recommend wearing an old T-Shirt or jumper while you have it on so you don’t make a huge mess!

You asked for my opinion, and as long winded as it is, here it is! Hopefully it gave you some insight into what may help with transitioning into natural deodorant. It definitely worked for me.

Would love to hear about your experiences though! Let me know in the comments below xx


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