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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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October Catch Up

Hello! It's me! I've been wondering if after all these months you still remember me... (cue Adele). I feel like I have been a little bit absent on the blog this month so I thought I'd do a little bit of a catch up post.

October has been a somewhat hectic month. While I was on school holidays at the start of the month I was also quite unwell and then when school kicked back in it has been non-stop since, which is partly why I have dropped the ball on the blog a little bit this month. In saying that it's still be quite an exciting month, particularly for The Life of Laura.

Sooo....I started a YouTube...

Yup, you read that right! This month I took the plunge and I started a YouTube channel. I have three videos up so far but I am hoping to keep it going soon! It has been something I have been kind of wanting to do for ages. I love watching YouTube videos and have always thought it would be kind of cool to start my own. I have been hesitant for certain (personal) reasons, but I put those aside this month and just took a risk. I have been absolutely loving it and the response (so far) from you guys has been so positive, so thank you. I will be mostly posting vlogs of events and exciting days, but I am hoping to start some other videos too. If there is anything you want to see done, please let me know! 

If you haven't checked out my YouTube yet, make sure you head over now and subscribe!



I had a moment of Real Talk over on Instagram this month as well. I have been struggling with self image for a long time now. As most of you know, I have struggled with my skin for a long time and while it's improving it will probably have problems for a while and as I discovered this month, there is actually not a whole lot I can do about it. It turns out what I assumed was acne may actually be a form of dermatitis, perioral dermatitis to be precise, which complicates things slightly as it is not the easiest thing to treat. Perioral dermatitis can look much like acne, appearing as little spots with pus around the mouth, alongside raised bumps and redness. While I can continue to use acne treatments, there is no guarantee that it will actually help. The challenge is that the best way to treat it is to wear no make up, no skincare products or anything - which is hard. I don't have the confidence to go into work, or out to the shops without make up on. I have reduced my skincare recently and am keeping things as simple as possible, but am hoping over the Christmas break I might try to reduce everything and see how that helps. Now before you all start to offer your suggestions, I have already been seeking medical advice for it and will be doing my best to follow their guidance.

The other self-image challenges I have had (which you might have read if you have seen the image about) was about my weight and body image. Again, I am now aware that there are other reasons for this, but I have battled with looking in the mirror and being happy with the way I look. With all the images in magazines and other media of these 'perfect' women it is hard to not compare yourself to that. I am slowly trying to change my perspective of myself, to be more kind and to also continue changing some lifestyle things to help with this. It's not an overnight fix - which is the hardest thing for me - but I am slowly getting there.

My skincare routine consists of only one product...

You also heard that correct....I am currently only using one skincare product as part of my routine. Before finding out more about my skin problems, but I was given a set of Biologi skincare products for my birthday from a friend and I decided to try them out. I am currently using the Face Serum, which I have been, so far, enjoying. I introduced it really slowly into my routine before stopping using all other products (aside from my cleanser). I was expecting my skin to go through a huge purge, as lots of people mentioned they faced when trying the products, but I haven't really had any of that. A couple of new spots here and there but nothing dramatic. I haven't seen massive changes in my skin yet, and we are at about the four week mark. Knowing what I now know about my skin, I am a little bit less hopeful with skincare to make dramatic changes in my skin, but we shall see!


So I did another big thing this month and that was that I actually did my first official photoshoot with 180 Degree Marketing. I was absolutely petrified about this, I hate being in front of the camera and I hate having my photo taken, but it was actually so much fun. I vlogged it over on my new YouTube channel if you were curious to see what the day entailed.

I have also been doing a couple of photo shoots for friends - taking some fashion photos for the beautiful Steph from The Nameless Blog and some Yoga posts for the beautiful Kayla from Yoga by Kayla and I have been loving it. I forgot how much I love taking photos, so getting back into doing some other photos has been the best! 

They are the four biggest things from this month, but they have been quite big things for me. It has been a really creative month for me and I am loving it, loving experimenting with new things and getting back to some old favourites too. I may be a little bit absent through the beginning of November (hopefully not, but maybe) as I am currently planning all my Christmas content which I am really excited about! I am going to let you guys know the exclusive of what is coming. This year I am hoping to go almost all out! While I know 24 days of Blogmas is so not achievable, as I discovered last year, I am going to be doing 12 days of Blogmas instead - think beauty, candles and some personal favourite aspects of the festive season. There will also be seven gift guides going up with everything from the luxe gifts to the affordable but amazing stocking stuffers. Along with this I will also have 13 giveaways going up with Sam from She Writes About It. 12 Days of Giveaway at the beginning of December with one big giveaway prize running until Christmas Eve. There are a whole array of products up for grabs - gorgeous Christmas Beauty sets, candles, make up and books. There is definitely something for everyone, so make sure you keep your eye out. It is safe to say that I cannot wait for December to come so it's socially acceptable to put the Christmas tree....


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