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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Exclusive Brand Sneak Peek : Royal La Perle

We are going to do something a bit different today, I am going to give you an exclusive sneak peek of some super exciting products that will be released in Australia very soon! Let me introduce you to Royal La Perle.

This is a super exciting exclusive, because I am bringing this to you before the products have even hit shelves in Australia and their website is still being finalised, but I just couldn't wait to share about them!

Royal la Perle is a high quality, innovative, dynamic Australian cosmetic company. They are committed to providing skin care and cosmeceutical products of the highest quality,
formulated to gently repair, and effectively restore a youthful appearance
for the skin of women worldwide.
Each product is the result of many years of continuous research and extensive evaluation by a team of advanced skincare specialists. Royal la Perle is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and developing technologically advanced, highly effective skincare products and treatments. Their products are made in Australia but will soon be available worldwide.

They have their original, iconic range - Liona - but today I will be talking about their brand new skincare range that they are just about to launch!

Inspired by the lustrous beauty of the pearl, Royal La Perle Rosa combines the best of nature and science to fight the signs of ageing, while brightening and hydrating your skin.  The potent age-control formula includes Pearl Powder, a powerful antioxidant cocktail (including Resveratrol, Vitamin C & E), Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate and Rosa Botanical Oils which combine to penetrate deeply and quickly to hydrate, revive, brighten and protect your face against fine lines, uneven skin tone, dehydration and inflammation from ageing.

Please bear in mind that I am not doing a full review of these products, I have only had them for a short amount of time, so I will just be introducing the products and giving some first impressions. These products are designed to help with fine lines and wrinkles, which is not a concern of time and not something that I would see results in during the short period of time either, so I will not be discussing these aspects in my review. 


Rosa Vitality Serum

Rosa Vitality Serum is a luxurious anti-aging nectar that combines Pearl Powder, a dynamic combination of anti-oxidants with a potent concentration of actives to brighten, soothe and protect your skin. It is designed to help firm and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve radiance and even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of pores.

Ok, can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging?! I mean, first it's rose gold so that is a win before we even get to the product, but it reminded me almost of a big needle/vial and it's beautiful. So luxurious! 

The serum itself has almost a opalescent finish to it and is really lightweight. To get the product out, you simply press the clicker on the end of the pen and the product will come out. I found the first use I had to press a number of times, but now one or two clicks is all I need. After cleansing you apply this onto the face and neck in gentle tapping movements to help infuse the product deep into your skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated without any oily residue left on the skin. 

Rosa Eye Cream*

Rosa Eye Cream is an enhancing eye cream for wide-awake, beautiful eyes.The combination of anti-oxidants, collagen and jojoba oil work to replenish moisture levels and reduce puffiness, leaving skin revitalized and the appearance of fine lines diminished. It provides revitalizing nourishment to reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduces puffiness for wide-awake eyes and helps the skin around your eye to appear brighter.

This is eye cream is only 15g, but it honestly feels like the biggest eye cream I have ever owned and as I am finding that I only need one pump, I can see this being something that will last me a long time! 

It comes in a pump bottle, which I love - so many eye creams come in jars and I am just not a fan of that - and like I said earlier, one pump is enough to cover both of my eyes. I just massage it gently into the skin and my eyes feel immediately hydrated. It is a lightweight eye cream and doesn't feel heavy once applied, but I am really enjoying how hydrated it leaves my eyes feeling, which is something I usually struggle with in lightweight eye creams (I am assuming the Jojoba Oil in this is what is helping with that). I am excited to see how this goes after some more long term use.

Rosa Deep Hydrating Face Cream

Rosa Deep Hydrating Face Cream is the ideal renewing care for dry skin to brighten, moisturize and protect against the visible signs of aging. It is designed to nourish the skin for deep moisture, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help to reduce the appearance of pigmentation so your skin and complexion appears brighter. 

When you think the packaging can't get any more luxe, then you see this jar with the diamond lid and I have never been so happy in my life.  

This moisturiser has quite a thick texture to it and is definitely one that I find I am massaging in quite a lot, however it leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and extremely hydrated after application (I could see this being a beautiful winter moisturiser, especially for oilier skin). I do find that the tiniest bit will go a long way with this cream. My dry skin is already loving how hydrated it leaves my skin feeling, so I can't wait to see how it goes with helping some of my pigmentation.

They also have two sheet masks, which I am yet to try, but they sound amazing and I can't wait to test them out. Let me tell you a little bit about them anyway. I am sure you will see some #FaceMaskFriday reviews of these really soon anyway!

Rosa Brightening Mask*

The Rosa Brightening Mask is the perfect solution to achieve glowing skin, while diminishing the appearance of dark spots. These serum drenched sheet masks are packed with antioxidants including Kakadu Plum (a naturally sourced Australian super-fruit with the highest known source of Vitamin C) and potent botanical oils (Geranium, Rosa Rugosa)- after use, skin appears bright, refreshed and moisturized. It helps to soothe damaged skin with moisture, helping it to appear more radiant and helps to reduce the appear of dark spots or uneven skin tone.

Rosa Hydrating Mask

This ultra-nourishing sheet mask will quench thirsty skin, boosting hydration levels in just one application. The Rosa Hydrating Mask delivers a powerful dose of free-radical fighting anti-oxidants (bilberry, resveratrol, vitamin E) and deep moisture, leaving skin feeling supple, hydrated, plump and refreshed. It will help boost moisture levels, restore radiance, refresh and soothe skin while giving them a powerful boost of antixodiants to fight free radicals.

For only using these products for a short period of time, I am already really impressed with them. I mean, the packaging is an absolute winner! They are the definition of luxe, not only in how they look, but how they feel on the skin too. I am so excited to see how they go over extended use and will definitely touch back with more information about where you can pick this range up, and the results, very soon! 


*DISCLAIMER – Products with * have been sent for trial/review purposes. Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.  


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