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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Blogmas Day 6: Decorating the Tree!

It wouldn't be Blogmas if I didn't talk about my brand new Christmas Tree and how I decorated it! Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favourite things about Christmas each and every year.

As Mr. TLOL and I just moved in together will be having our first Christmas together we had to buy a tree and I was very excited about this opportunity. Mr TLOL and I spent a good amount of time looking at a few different trees to find the perfect one. We didn't want anything too bare. We wanted it to be a nice green colour and have some differing bristles. Essentially, we wanted it to look as real as possible. We looked at some budget options, checking out Kmart, Aldi and Target. However, we ended up splurging just a little bit and purchased a tree from Myer. Our tree is a Vue Deluxe Reno Pine Tree, in a whopping 210cm. 

Next thing we did (well actually I did this before we got our tree) was lights. There are so many different light options now, and so many things to consider as well. Do you want coloured lights? White lights? Should they flash or not? I originally picked up some twinkle lights from Typo, but quickly realised that these were not what I wanted and also not long enough, so I instead grabbed some lights from Aldi. I picked up the 300 LED Low Voltage Fairy Lights which have 8 functions. I got them in a warm white shade.

As for decorations I wanted to keep some what of a theme together, going with a traditional sort of look with a base of rose gold/gold baubles and then some other decorations (mostly white, red and wood). I picked up two very simple sets of baubles with some plain and glittery rose gold and gold toned decorations. I picked one set of 36, 4cm baubles up from Kmart for $5. These already had the strings attached too, which was a bonus. I also grabbed a second set from Myer. Picking up the 24 pack of Vue Champagne 4.8cm baubles for $22.99.

After I had my basics done it was time to organise a couple of other decorations. I am going to talk about these in two categories. The first category is 'traditional decorations' and the second will be 'fun decorations'.

Traditional Decorations

I call these traditional not because there boring but they are they type of decorations you would traditionally see on a tree. I stocked up on a whole variety of decorations from Bed Bath N Table (which still currently has 30% off Christmas stock!!)

Wooden Moose /

Probably one of my favourite decorations on our tree. He is a lovely hanging wooden moose with a little red scarf and just looks so cute hanging on the tree! 

Felt Penguin /

Another strong contender for my favourite decoration. It is so cute and I just want a massive one to put on my bed so I can cuddle it. I mean, just look at him! How could you not want one of these on your tree?!

Woodland Forest Friends /

A lovely little glass decoration with some cute little forest friends on the inside - a deer, squirrel and some Christmas trees. 

Hand Painted Nutcracker /

I picked up a set of three Nutcrackers as well because they were really cute and reminded me of some of the traditional decorations I had on my tree growing up.

Then I picked up two little sets from IKEA as well. 

Vinter Santa Claus /

I saw these when I was buying a few furniture pieces at IKEA and I could not say no to a massive Santa head with knitted hat. It is just so cute! They come in a pack of two.

Fun Decorations

Knowing Mr TLOL and I, we couldn't do a Christmas tree without some fun and ridiculous decorations as well. I picked all of these up from Typo (which currently has 50% off Christmas guys!! get onto it!!) Unfortunately I think most of these are now sold out :(

Party Pug /

A little fun pug. I mean, could I have a tree without finding a way to include dogs on the tree? Nope. Definitely not. I mean, he's so cute with his little Christmas hat!

Sushi Sloth /

I also picked up this little sloth as well, however I think it might be sold out now. It's just a cute little sloth sushi roll!

Jellyfish /

Mr TLOL loves Jellyfish, so when I saw this I HAD to grab it! It just looks so delicate and lovely on the tree. I didn't think I would absolutely love it, but it's actually another favourite of mine!

Panda Pudding / 

Another little bit of fun. I mean who does't love a panda that looks like a Christmas pudding?

Tree Topper

I had a really hard time finding a tree topper. I knew I wanted a star, but I found them all way too gimicky or cheap, or just not what I wanted. We ended up finding one that Mr TLOL and I didn't mind, and best of all it fits in with our gold/rose gold theme!!

We picked up this Tinsel Star Tree Topper, which is a gorgeous rose gold colour and looks nice and glittery on top of the tree.

So that is my Christmas tree and it's decorations. I have a couple of other decorations that I was given as gifts from friends, but I am thinking I might share those on Instagram, so you'll have to make sure you're following me to see those ones.


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