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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Meet Mecca Max

Mecca Max Eyes To The Max

If you have missed Mecca's latest release, they have just released their new make up range - Mecca Max. Inspired by our in-store experts, we’ve made the makeup that works harder and built in the tricks that the pros know to MAXimise your makeup bag. From one beauty junkie to another, meet our squad of smarter, faster, fabulised makeup fixes for those who need wow at warp speed. This is MECCA to the MAX!

Have you been wondering about the range? I thought it was about time I jumped on and shared my thoughts about some of the make up products I've picked up so far.

There are over 200 products in this new range, ranging in price from $5 to $45. Yes, they are pretty damn affordable! Naturally, I got super excited and bought a whole bunch of stuff within the first couple of days. Most of them were pretty good, though there have been a couple of misses as well. 

Skin Halo Diamond Dust // White Gold ($22)

I really didn't need another highlighter, but the packaging on the powders is just so beautiful that I couldn't say no! I have been really enjoying this highlighter. It is a shimmery, but not glittery finish, that gives your skin a gorgeous glow. I went for White Gold, the lightest shade, just because I prefer a lighter coloured highlighter for my pale skin and it's definitely been a winner for me. 

Mecca Max Skin Halo Diamond Dust

Game Face BB Cream SPF 30 // Light ($26)

This has been one of the very few misses I've had from the Mecca Max range. I was super excited to try it out, it sounded like exactly what I needed for those no make up days, but I do have to say, it's let me down. When I think BB creams, I tend to thick of something that is quite hydrating, but this is the polar opposite. It sits in my dry patches and goes cakey like there is no tomorrow. I even tried adding a few drops of oil to it, but it messed up the consistency. Was a bit of a regretful purchase if I'm honest...

Bring On Bright Illuminating Primer // ($20)

Probably one of my favourite products from this range. You know how I love illuminating glowing skin at the moment, and for me, illumination starts from your base. It's a smoother, slightly heavier consistency than the Mecca Cosmetica illuminating primer, but it sits on the skin really well and gives you that gorgeous, lit from within glow. It's not so shimmery or glittery that you look like a disco ball, but enough that you just have a stunning, glow to your skin! 

Mecca Max Illuminating Primer

Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder // Medium ($22)

Definitely another favourite of mine from this collection. Originally I was worried that it would be too orange (a concern I have with 90% of bronzers) but it honestly looks gorgeous on the skin and gives you a gorgeous summer glow, without having to go outside. I went for the medium shade mostly because the light shade looked super orange and I have not regretted my choice. It just works well and can be used subtly or built up into a contour as well. It's mildly shimmery, but isn't super noticeable once it's on the skin.

Gloss Boss Lip Gloss // Rude Nude ($18)

I am usually not a fan of lip glosses...I tend to avoid them wherever possible. They always seem to feel tacky and sticky and in Canberra's windy weather you end up with hair all caught in your lips. However, I absolutely love this lip gloss! It is hydrating and glossy, but doesn't feel cheap or tacky on your lips. It's pigmented and just feels so comfortable on the lips. It has honestly been my go-to lip product in the past couple of weeks. I am seriously contemplating picking up a few more shades!

Mecca Max Eyes To The Max

Eye Max Couple Mascara // ($38)

I put off buying this mascara for so long. I mean, $38 for a mascara?! That was a little too expensive for me. However, after hearing so many people rave about it I decided to pick it up. I am so glad that I did, it is honestly AMAZING! I have never used a mascara that is so easy to get fluttery, gorgeous lashes that can either look natural or full and fabulous. It has a really nice thick brush for your top lashes, and then a small, thin wand for your lower lashes. The best part?! They don't smudge AT ALL. Usually I find mascaras smudge after I've applied, usually while they are still setting, but often many will smudge throughout the day as well. Well this one doesn't do that. It doesn't smudge after I've applied and it doesn't smudge throughout the day either. I am so impressed. Definitely my new holy grail mascara!

Power Tool Sponge and Brush Shampoo // ($18)

I threw this in my cart mostly because I've been on the hunt for a good brush shampoo, not because I was particularly excited about buying it. However, after using it for the first time, I was super impressed. Using this, in conjunction with a brush cleansing board, it works so well to clean product and bacteria out of your brushes, leaving them super clean and soft. It even works well on my foundation brushes, which I typically struggle to get clean. I wasn't expecting to love this particular product, but again, I am super impressed. Also it is quite a decent size, so I expect that it will last a decent amount of time as well.

Pout Pop Lipstick // Poker Face ($20)

The raved about, 'best selling' lipsticks from the Mecca Max range! I love the packaging, it's so clever and looks beautiful as well. I picked up the shade 'Poker Face' which is a sheer pinky nude. It is a really lovely lipstick, though I do find if my lips are a little bit dry or chapped it does cling to the dry patches of my lips. Despite that, it's a nice lipstick and the shade is gorgeous and perfect for when you want a subtle lip colour, rather than a super bold one.

Mecca Max Pout Pop Lipstick

So those a just a few of the products that I have tried from the Mecca Max range (yes, there are more that I haven't included...). What products have you picked up and been loving from the Mecca Max range? xx

*These products were bought by myself, they were NOT gifted. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


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