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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Hydrated Skin = Happy Skin : Cleansers

Winter is well and truly upon us and if your skin is anything like mine, I'm sure it's already suffering. As someone with naturally dry skin, I have to seriously step up my hydration when winter comes, otherwise it's flaky and gross and I'm just a mess. Hence my three part series (starting today!) that includes all my winter essentials. So if you are in need of some good, hydrating skincare then you've come to the right place! Today's post is all about my top cleansers for winter. Thursday's will include my top picks for hydrating serums and oils. Concluding on Sunday with my favourite moisturisers and hydrating masks to keep your skin happy through winter.

What is it that I look for in cleansers through winter? I want something that is going to be super gentle on my skin and preferably something that is going to be somewhat hydrating.  I want my skin to feel clean, but not stripped. I lean towards three types of cleansers: Cleansing Balms/Oils, Cream Cleansers (though I might add one that isn't a cream...) and Micellar Water (but only ever as a second cleanse). I'll also add some of my favourite scrubs at the end too!

Cleansing Balms and Oils

I love using cleansing balms and oils to remove my make up and cleanse my skin. I find them to be really gentle and hydrating, leaving my skin feeling soft and fresh afterwards. It's just like my make up and the day's grime just melts away! My top picks?

Dermalogica PreCleanse* // Nourishing Olive, Apricot and Kukui Nut oils cut through make-up, sunscreens and oil-based debris, readying them for easy removal. I take one to two pumps and massage it over dry skin to work away make up, then wet my hands and continue massaging to form a milky emulsion. Then I either use a face washer or wipe to wipe it all off. Hydrating and the perfect start to your cleansing routine.

The Body Shop Camomile Scrumptious Cleansing Butter // Probably my favourite cleansing balm. Containing Community Trade Camomile and natural olive oil transforms into a soft, cushioning oil upon contact with skin to effectively and thoroughly remove all make-up, grime and other impurities from the skin. Massage onto dry skin to wash it all away. Again, use a face washer or wipe to remove and follow on with your skincare routine.

Resibo Cleansing Oil* // This is a newer oil in my collection and one that I am loving as well. The oil nourishes dry skin, moisturises it and provides the missing nutrients. My skin always feel so soft after using it, and the cloth that comes with this cleanser makes it so easy to remove.

Cream Cleansers

I am a big fan of cream cleansers. After removing make up with an oil, there is something so relaxing about massaging a cream cleanser into your skin at the end of the day. Cream cleansers are hydrating and perfect for dry or irritated skin. 

RoseHip PLUS Daily Cream Cleanser // (not pictured) Containing Rosehip Oil and Sea Buckthorn to remove make up and maintain the skins perfect moisture balance for optimum comfort and radiance. This is probably one of my favourite cream cleanser ever. Whenever I use this cleanser I am so impressed by how soft my skin feels afterwards. You can read more about it here.

Dr. Roebuck's Cream Cleanser* // Another newbie in the cleanser collection, but one I've been really enjoying. The super natural smell took a little bit of getting used to, but now that I am used to it, it doesn't really bother me. It is a really calming cleanser and I love to use it when my skin is a little bit irritated, just to help reduce irritation and re-hydrate my skin.

Bioderma Sensibo Foaming Gel* // I know, I know, this isn't a cream cleanser! It is a foaming cleanser, which I usually don't like. I'm actually not a fan (usually) of foaming cleansers. HOWEVER, this one has been really gentle and has been really helping to calm my skin (in the short time I've been using it, if you want a full review after I've tried it for a while, let me know!). I think this foaming gel might actually change my opinion on foaming cleansers.

Micellar Water

Micellar Water is big at the moment, and I am a big fan of it. I typically use it as my second cleanse, not as my make up remover. I think Micellar Water is a great way to ensure your face is squeaky clean before the rest of your skincare.

Bioderma Sensibo Micellar Water* // The only micellar water I will ever use (well unless something amazing comes along that can really beat this...). It is gentle on the skin and I love that it is alcohol free, because I do not need that in my skincare! 


I don't think that we should be afraid of exfoliating through winter. If anything, I step up my exfoliation through winter, probably because I get really dry, flaky skin and exfoliating once a week helps to keep that at bay as much as possible.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant // I didn't think I expect to love this as much as I do. I never really liked the microfoliant, it didn't do much for me. The Superfoliant, on the other hand leaves my skin feeling so soft!! It is a really gentle exfoliant that doesn't even feel like you are exfoliating!

Hydroskin Salt Scrub* //  If you want something a little bit coarser, this is a fantastic scrub and can almost double as a mask (you can leave it on for a minute or two before washing it off). It detoxifies the skin of pollutants and toxins and encourages the body to produce new skin cells. The deep cleanse also smoothes and brightens skin, keeping pores from becoming clogged and giving skin a healthy glow.

Those are my top cleansers through winter, have I missed any that you absolutely love using through winter? Also stay tuned for part 2: serums on Thursday!

*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for me to trial and review, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. The Life of Laura is not by a professional or expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


  1. I've found that the best thing for my skin is doing hardly anything! A little rosehip micellar water to remove makeup and rosehip oil to moisturise does the trick for me :)

    1. I would say that for mine too, but I get the flakiest skin which does not cope well aha xx

  2. These products all look so amazing, definitely will have to try some ☺️ Did you have an number 1 favourite out of all of them?

    1. The Camomile Cleansing Butter is probably my HG cleanser! xx

  3. All the products sound so good. I might try some of them soon. thanks for a great review x

  4. I love that little baby bottle of micellar - it's SO cute!!

    Sharni //

    1. Isn't adorable! perfect for travelling!!! xx

  5. I have little minis of the Bioderma micellar water which i use when I travel...I have never tried the Bioderma cleansers as I have worried that they would upset my skin. You have now sparked my interest.

    1. Yes!! They are absolutely perfect for travelling! I really like the sensibo one, because it is designed to calm skin. I wish they had smaller sizes that you could try though, because they aren't cheap! xx

  6. I'm such a Dermalogica fan so that cleanser looks great! I'm also loving the Bioderma cleanser!

    Amy //

    1. It is such a nice way to remove make up - light but hydrating!! I am loving that one too, so nice to use! xx

  7. Omggg this is sooo good! I love the way u review - its so honest n I really benefit from it! Thanks dear- i was looking for a cleanser, and i have found one (thanks to u) xx

    Ankita || || Fashion & Beauty

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed it! I can't wait to hear which one you're going to try!! xx

  8. Great review, they all sound great. I love the hurts bees foam cleaners

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I wasn't a huge fan of that one, but I amyet to find a foam cleanser I do like... xx

  9. What a lovely post Laura. I love hydrating gentle cleansers. Need to try Dermalogica one. Absolutely love the bodyshop one.

    Ash |

    1. I absolutely love the body shop one as well, probably my holy grail cleanser! xx

  10. Currently loving the DHC cleansing oil for my dry skin, but the Bioderma Micellar water is always in the mix for me!

    1. Oh that sounds lovely! Yes, Micellar Water is always needed too! xx

  11. Such a nice collection of cleansers, i really want to try the dermologica one. I usually prefer balm cleansers for winters.

    1. So many of my favourites!! I love them!! xx


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