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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Peony Parcel - The Lumieré Edition

"Me" time is something we all want more of. That half an hour, or more of time away from anyone else, to just relax and unwind from the busyness of day to day life. Peony Parcel, a new Australian subscription box, aims to deliver you 3 to 5 full size or deluxe sample beauty, bath, lifestyle and wellness products to help you enjoy some "me" time.  It is a bi-monthly subscription which aims to help you unwind. A single box costs $59.95, but if you sign up for 6 months you get much better value, plus if you follow their Instagram they always run specials, like the 10% off offer I used when I subscribed.

I signed up to Peony Parcel about three months ago, when I noticed a 10% off deal on their Instagram. So I signed up for a six month subscription. Every two months, I receive a gorgeous box of products to use for some "me" time. I just received my second box - The Lumieré Edition - and I was so impressed, I wanted to share it with you guys.

This month I received six products, including cosmetics and stationary (I love stationary, so receiving stationary in subscription boxes really excites me). Each box also comes with a couple of coupons for the brands involved as well, so you can stock up on anything you love! My favourite part about the boxes? The hand written note I have received in each box. I am a sucker for handwritten, personalised things. It feels 1000 times more personal and I have a strong connection to that sort of thing. So the handwritten note gets me every time! So what did I get? I know you all want to know! 'Shut up Laura, stop rambling! Just tell us already!!' Ok, ok, I will! 

1. Loho Stationary: The first item in my box was a gorgeous Loho notebook. I am a sucker for cute notebooks, I always want more. The gorgeous design and gold foil font is just stunning. 


2. A Little Bite of Love: Next was a lovely little card from A Little Bit of Love. After having a look through their Etsy shop, I am in love with the adorable little designs. I don't want to send this card to anyone! It's too cute, I want to keep it.

3. Rose Gold Make Up Brushes: You know how I'm a sucker for Rose Gold? Well there are Rose Gold brushes in this box and I'm so excited and in love with them! I am not completely sure where they are from, but they are so soft and lovely. There is a foundation brush and a blending brush. So gorgeous! 

4. Luma Cosmetics: A natural beauty range founded by Jess Hart designed to enhance your own beauty. In the Peony Parcel there was a cream highlighter. A soft, gentle highlighter that looks like it gives a really nice natural glow. I haven't tried anything from Luma yet, so I am looking forward to trying this out!

5. Salt+Glow Rose and Cucumber Toner: Another love of mine is discovering new Australian brands and Salt+Glow is exactly that. I have always wanted  to try this brand so again, I was excited about finding this product in the box (look, I am excited about everything). It smells so refreshing and seems like it would be the perfect way to refresh and hydrate the skin.

6. These are a Few of My Favourite Things Bath Tea: The last item in the box was a gorgeous looking bath tea from These are a A Few of Favourite Things. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a bath, so I so excited to give this a go! It has a reuseable muslin cloth that you put a small amount of the bath salts in and then dunk in the bath like a tea bag. After the bath you just empty it out, give it a rinse and it's ready to go for next time. Very clever, excited to try this!

I did a little calculation of all these products and came to about a total value of $100. Seeing as I paid around $140 for 3 boxes, that is pretty good value if you ask me. Plus, the products are all amazing and come from Australia companies (which I love). If you are looking for a nice box to remind yourself to have some 'me' time every so often, or just a nice gift for a relative or friend, I would definitely recommend this box. I have been nothing but impressed with my two boxes so far. 

Are you a part of Peony Parcel? What have been some of your favourite items?



  1. WOW ! What a beautiful box! I have actually never purchased a subscription box. Need to check this out : ) Lovely photos!!


    1. It is fantastic! I've been apart of a few, some aren't great, but this one is definitely one of my favourites! thanks lovely xx

  2. Do they ship worldwide or is it Australia only? This box looks so gorgeous! x

    1. In all honesty I'm not sure! I know they do free shipping for Aus, but I'm not sure if that means they don't ship overseas! x

  3. Oh gotta love a pretty rose gold makeup brush!

    xx Lisa

  4. Everything looks great but that notebook! OMG it's so cute! Stationary is my weakness!

  5. I just picked mine up from the post office, cannot wait to bust it open!

  6. So many gorgeous products in the one subscription box. I haven't seen one this good for a while 😊

  7. Very tempting Laura - such a lovely selection of goodies too, no wonder you signed up!

  8. Seriously girl, you are going to have me broke! I want to try everything!


  9. This looks like such an amazing subscription box. However, the $59.95 price tag is a bit too steep for my liking! Will have to keep an eye out for a discount code.


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