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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Clarisonic 3 Week Challenge - Week 2

When Myer has a sale on Clarisonic that means you can save $50 you can't say no right?! I had been advised by people for months that I should try the Clarisonic, that it might help my stubborn acne and at this stage I was honestly ready to give anything a try. A lot of people have started to notice big changes in their skin within three weeks of starting to use a Clarisonic device so I decided I would document my three weeks to see if there were any big changes and whether it is actually worth all the dollars! If you missed week 1 of this challenge you can read all about it here.

Week 2

Week 2 now - after cutting back to using my Clarisonic once a day, I've decided to step it back up to twice a day now that my skin has seemed to be getting used to my Mia 2 now. 

Day 8

My skin has been doing pretty good so I started using it in the morning again. It seems fine so far. Still no big changes in my skin, but keeping everything crossed.

Day 10

My skin was a little tender after using it in the morning, but I think that might have been because I had a few pimples that decided to pop this morning (damnit pimples you suck). I kept my skincare really calming and it seems to have calmed down now. I've started applying the cleanser onto the brush head, filling the centre of the brush head. I do find that I need to apply a little more after I've done my forehead and nose area, but that may just be the cleanser I'm using.

Day 11

Another day without any improvement in my skin. However my skin is feeling remarkably soft after I cleanse still. I thought it would wear off after the first wash, but it didn't! My skin is still soft!

Day 13
I am finally seeing an improvement in my skin. There are less spots, less redness and I've only had one or two new blemishes appear this week (which is a win for me!). Fingers crossed it keeps on improving, because so far so good! 

While to some this might not look like a whole lot of improvement from last week, but pretty much all redness in my skin has gone, and the little red blemishes still left behind are basically just the last bit of the pimples as they start to disappear (I don't know what to call it exactly....). We are slowly getting there! Now I just need something to help with the acne scarring...

Top tips from week two

I tried I few different things this week, so I have some tips that I hope you might find useful in your Clarisonic journey.

1. I find that it is easier to apply the cleanser directly to your face rather than the brush. If you apply it on the brush I found I had to keep putting more cleanser on as I moved to each new section of my face, where as I could just go if I already had cleanser everywhere on my face.
2. Keep your eyes closed...nothing is worse than the cleanser splashing into your eyes...
3. Be aware of the delicate areas of your face - i.e. around your eyes, and for me around my mouth as well. These areas may need a little less cleansing  and may need to be treated a little more gently, so just be careful. It is these areas that I've had the most pain or sensitivity with when using my Clarisonic, but now that I'm aware of them I spend less time there and press a little lighter.

One more week to go, I'm hope that my skin keeps on improving, because so far so good! 


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