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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Trash Talk: June Full Size Edition

Ever since starting my blog I've been way more motivated to use up products, and I don't know if I am just noticing it more but I've started to go through a hell of a lot of products. June was a hugeeee month! I don't know why it was so big, but it was. I decided I'd split my trash talk into two: full size and samples. So without further adieu, here is the full size:

I've had this product sitting in the cupboard for so long now, and I've now finally finished it. It smells amazing, I think that is my favourite thing about OGX hair products. In saying that, this product, which is designed for hydration, really does not suit my oily hair type. If you have dry hair, I think this shampoo might be amazing, plus the smell is amazing! Will I repurchase? No, it doesn't suit my hair.

I was given this as a gift at Christmas time, and as someone who washes their hands regularly (gotta be careful when you're surround by snotty nose kids all the time), I was excited about this! It smells amazing, a mix of pomegranate and camomile. It is gentle and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean. Will I repurchase? At some stage, yea I think I will!

I bought this in an attempt to fix my dry, flaky, overly sensitised face, and at first I absolutely loved it. After a month or so, when my skin wasn't getting any better I started to question whether it was actually doing anything for my skin. Once I changed my moisturiser and saw an instant fix I was convinced that the Camellia Nut cream wasn't for me. Will I repurchase? No, probably not, if my hunch is correct, than I don't think it works for me.

I've finally finished my first tube of Fit Me Concealer and I've loved using it! I like to slather on concealer and my bank account doesn't enjoy when I do that...After changing from my high end concealer (Nars) to this, I was so impressed. It is creamy, has staying power, and covers my blemishes without feeling heavy. Will I repurchase it? I've bought 3 more already..whoops!

I've tried every blemish lotion there is to try, I swear...this one was better than most, leaving my skin hydrated but also helping relieve angriness from red spots overnight. Will I repurchase? It is currently unavailable, I don't know if it is being rebranded with their new packaging or if it has been discontinued forever. For now I won't repurchase, but if my acne gets particularly bad again I might consider it.

Less so an empty, more so a 'throw away because there is 1/3 left and my skin has started to react negatively to it'. Will I repurchase? No. When I use it now it leaves my skin with a really uncomfortable tingle/burn. Definitely not a good sign!

What do I say about this? It's a good quality cleanser, that foams like theres no tomorrow, but is it really that exciting/worth $25? No probably not....Will I repurchase? No.

QV Face Cleansing Wipes - $6.99
Not the most natural of face wipes, but my face was suffering from sensitive issues recently and these wipes were awesome for removing make up, super cheap and easy to use. Will I repurchase? Potentially, I have bucket loads of face wipes at the moment though.

Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask - from $25
Love this face mask, one of the only face masks that helps with my acne. No other words. Will I repurchase? Yes yes, a thousand times yes.

Go-To Face Hero - $45
If you have sensitive or dry skin, this stuff is AHH-MAZING! Super hydrating, smells amazing. Read more about what I thought here! Will I repurchase? When I get back to Australia, definitely will.

I really enjoyed this eye cream! It has a very thick consistency, but feels very smoothing and blurring over your eye area. My eyes aren't yet showing many signs of ageing, but I do wake up with quite puffy eyes in the morning and found that this cream helped relieve some of that puffiness. It's also the perfect way to blur your fine lines before putting make up over the top! It simply blurs them away! - See more at:


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