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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Time to fly away

It's finally that time! Six months of organising, waiting and anticipating I'm finally sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to be called so I can sit for another 16 hours. I promise you I'm excited (even with the prospect of having to stay awake for another 3 hours...)!!!

With the long wait and not a whole lot to do, I decided I would blog, because that's what you do when you travel right!? After the interest in my In-Flight Essentials post I thought I would share my top tips for preparing for a trip, both beauty and general travel tips.



Packing is hard work! It takes so long and I'm always so anxious about what I'm going to forget. I have a few things that I do in order to help me pack. 
  1. Create a list - start in advance, I started mine a month before I left so I could add things as I remembered them. The more time you allow yourself to create a list, the more likely you are to remember everything on it. 
  2. Rolling - I was always a folder, carefully folding all my clothes neatly and orderly. I recently discovered the art of rolling them though and oh my god my mind is blown! Such a great way to save space, but easily access items without having to worry about making a huge mess in your suitcase. 
  3. Pack light, but make sure you have all the essentials - underwear, socks, light clothes, but also something warm, even if you know the weather is going to be super hot. Often very hot cities will have the air con turned up really high inside and it's the easiest way to get sick if you don't have warm clothes too.
  4. Make sure you take any medication you might need - not just prescription! If you are unfamiliar with a place you are going it can help to pack medication just in case. Some painkillers, cold and flu tablets, and potentially antihistamines. There is nothing worse than getting sick and not knowing what drugs you should take. 


Flights can destroy your skin (not literally, but it can make your face slightly uncomfortable). I always like to treat my skin before I leave. My top two tips for getting ready for a flight?
  1. Wear a face mask and exfoliate the day before - treat your skin, get rid of anything that might be irritating your skin before you leave. Hydrating masks are great too because they will help to pump your skin with hydration before you get in the air and have none.
  2. Be gentle with your skin - especially on the day of your flight, don't test out new skincare just before your flight and try not to slather the make up as you leave. Bare faces are hard (trust me I'm sitting here knowing I look horrendous) but it will make your skin way more comfortable and will make it easier to recover once you get to your destination as well. Use gentle, but hydrating skin products on your face before you leave.

Carry On

Long hours on the plane can be hard and at times boring. I always make sure that I have a few essentials in my carry on when I travel.
  1.  A good book - lose yourself in another world while you are flying away. Nothing will distract you more than a good book! (You'll soon learn I'm a bigger book worm than I am a beauty addict...) Kindles and E-Readers are the best when travelling, take 10 books, but feeling like you're barely carrying one!
  2. Magazines - books might not be your cup of tea, or you might need another distraction, magazines are always a great thing to carry with you as well! I packed the latest copy of Suitcase Magazine because it seemed like the most fitting thing to take.
  3. Your In-Flight Essentials to keep your skin beautiful.
  4. Headphones - so you can listen to music or watch the movies and TV shows on the flight. Noise cancelling are the best option because it may help block out some noise and help you get some shut eye.

They are all fairly simple and I'm sure none of these are surprises to you and I'm sure I've missed something (please let me know in the comments!), but to me they are my essentials that I think about when preparing for a flight. 

So I killed another hour, only 2 more to go until boarding...wish me luck! xx 


  1. Have a safe flight Laura. We look forward to more hauls from you.


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