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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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Handmade Love

With the handmade markets on in Canberra this weekend, it has reminded about my constant desire to stick it to the man and support local businesses. There are so many amazing, local businesses in Australia that made such amazing products and today I'd like to share some of my favourite stores with you! 


Renee Waters

Renee is one of the people I met and discovered at the markets this weekend, and I instantly fell in love with her jewellery. She is a Melbourne based porcelain and fine metal jeweller. She makes simple pieces that are absolutely stunning with contrasting patterns, textures and colours. I walked past her booth three times before I decided enough was enough and then spent the next 5 minutes trying to decide which colour necklace I wanted. She has a stunning range of necklaces and earrings, which are the perfect pieces to brighten up any outfit, I've already been eyeing off other necklaces and earrings that I want... If you haven't checked out her products, go now! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Instagram: @renee_waters 


I'm yet to buy anything from this next artist, but I'm pretty sure I've visited her website almost every day since I discovered her the other week! Burrowed is an Australian handmade accessories and homewares brand founded by Ree Smith. She makes earrings, rings, necklaces, scarves, a whole range of wonderful products, all of which I want to buy... She uses plastic in her earrings, making them hypoallergenic and lightweight, perfect for everyone! The simple design and handmade polymer clay beads and earrings means that every piece is individual (which I love! it's probably one of my favourite aspects about handmade products, each one is usually one of a kind). Her products are simple beautiful, and I know one I get paid I'll probably be spending a fair bit of money in her shop...

Instagram: @burrowed
Facebook: Burrowed

Coco Daydream

The creators of Coco Day dream - Camille & Georgina - had a simple philosophy: to create something of high quality that is both beautiful, handmade & luxurious with as little impact on the environment as possible, and to keep it local. They sell made-to-order candles in a range of different scents, including Mandle™, a range just for men. They also sell Smelly Balls, which are scented felt balls designed to hang in your car or wardrobe, or anywhere you want to smell better. I discovered these lovely ladies when I won a loop giveaway they were a part of. I decided that I loved the name Smelly Balls and had to have some for my car! It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm super excited to try them out, Coco Daydream has some amazing scents in their range, I honestly want to try them all! They have a scent for everybody, with the widest array of scents - your biggest challenge will be deciding which scent you want in which candle (I asked them to surprise me because I just couldn't decide!) These guys are the candle store of your dreams, seriously go check them out!

Instagram: @cocodaydream
Facebook: Coco Daydream


The fact that this lady is local to me (Canberra represent!) is only a small part of the reason I love this store. Now I have been kind of hopeless and haven't bought anything from her yet, but it is high on my list! Jazminbell is a modern and stylish range of handmade heat and cold packs. They are completely natural and perfect for relaxation, or helping heal injuries. I've had heaps of issues with back pain recently and speciality heat packs AND pouches would make it so easy to strap one of these around your waist or shoulders to help soothe pain, or just cool down/warm up! She also sells eye packs, perfect for relaxation! They come in array of pretty/bright patterns and colours, way better than those boring ones that you are used to having! I may not have bought one yet, but I'm definitely going to buy one, I think it will be perfect for my back pain

Instagram: @jazminbellau


 Lylahs Place

Another jewellery store that I can't forget to mention is Lylah's Place. Stephanie makes the most beautiful polymer clay jewellery! They are all unique and can be made to order, meaning you can choose the colours and style that you want. I recently won this beautiful necklace in a loop giveaway (the same one as Coco Daydream) and it's currently on the way, but seriously look at it! I love that I can choose the colours and design to suit me and my style. She also has beautiful key rings and makes the beads in any colour you wish! I'm so excited for my necklace to arrive, it's perfect and will make my boring work outfits so much more exciting!

Instagram: @lylahsplace

There are so many more businesses that I could include in this little segment, so many that I'm actually contemplating making this a monthly thing. I love handmade products and supporting local businesses and I've been finding so many little gems lately, so I think it would be nice to share those with you from time to time!! I have a few things coming in the mail, so I might include those in the next one! 


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