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Welcome beautiful people! I am Laura, a beauty lover and chocolate addict. I love to share my thoughts on the best (and of course the worst) of all things beauty related.

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The Cutest Essentials Ever / AD

The most exciting Bali Body release ever?! I think yes! Available from today is the brand new Bali Body Essentials range is a new collection of every day products that everyone needs in their bathroom. Including a body wash, scrub and oil, a deodorant and shampoo and conditioner, this range has everything that anyone needs in a bathroom. And it looks so damn cute. 

So let me introduce you to the range.

Body Wash

An invigorating cleansing gel that gently banishes grime and provides a beautiful alternative to conventional soap. If you want a body wash that feels and smells bougie without the luxurious price tag, look no further. The first thing I noticed when I opened this was just how heavenly it smells. Think luxe day spa, formulated with essential oils to give you a refresh at the end of a long day. It is a smooth body wash that lathers beautifully and is gentle on the skin. I honestly never want to use another body wash again…

Shower Oil

I am never that excited about body oils, because I don’t tend to use them. But this is a game changer. It is a nourishing body oil containing coconut, jojoba and rosehip oil to hydrate the skin. Best part, for me though, is you use it in the shower. Massage some into the skin, rinse it off and you are left with silky soft skin. This has become my go to shower product for after I shave. It’s gentle and calming, but leaves my skin feeling so soft and luscious.  

Body Scrub

A highly moisturizing blend with virgin coconut oil and Moroccan rose that leaves skin hydrated, soft, and lightly scented with coconut and rose petals. The perfect scrub for pre tan, or just when you want soft, smooth skin (aka all the time??). It is a beautifully creamy scrub that contains natural sugar to remove dead skin, while Pink French Clay, which is rich in Silica, helps to improve skin elasticity & cell renewal. It isn’t drying at all, instead leaving your skin feeling smooth and nourished. My recommendation? Follow with the shower oil. You’ll thank me later!


The newest natural deodorant on the market, containing nourishing plant oils to minimise odour while also helping to soothe the underarm area. I always find trying deodorants challenging because I do have a very sensitive underarm and so many irritate that area for me. It contains Kaolin Clay, which helps to absorb moisture while also detoxifying the skin. It also contains Rose Flower Oil, which gives it the most beautiful soft floral scent, while also containing antibacterial properties. Tea Tree oil also helps to eliminate bacteria. It’s been so lovely to use and without any irritation.

Hydrating Shampoo

I tend to be very picky about my shampoo’s. Having an oilier scalp, I want something that is going to give me a really good cleanse to help refresh, but I don’t want it to dry my hair out either. The Hydrating Shampoo is gently, calm and caring on my hair and I love it. It has a gentle lather that freshens and leaves my hair feeling so clean and soft, while also helping to keep my hair hydrated and nourished.

Hydrating Conditioner

Creamy and hydrating, this is so beautiful to use. It is a deeply hydrating, hair-loving conditioner, an absolute staple in any routine. It provides moisture to the hair while also strengthening and protecting hair. I love how silky soft and fresh my hair feels after I’ve been using this. It gives me that post salon shine in the comfort of my own home. 

So there’s the range. Literally everything you need to deck your bathroom out in the cutest pink essentials. The whole range is available to shop now online at Bali Body!

AD: This post has been sponsored by Bali Body


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